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Essays on Nigeria

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The Problems Surrounding Tribalism in Africa

Tribalism is the attitude and practice of harboring such a strong feeling of loyalty or bonds to one’s tribe that one excludes or even demonizes those ‘others’ who do not belong to that group” (Nothwehr, 2008, p. 5). Tribalism thus prompts one to have a …

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The Peak Milk Brand

The art of storytelling is one of total universality. Stories transcend time, place and, ethnic origin and creed. Storytelling permeates all cultures, communities, and tribes. Stories carry meaning which are traditionally passed down in order for intrinsic cultural and fundamental values to survive. Likewise, most …

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The Construction Industry in Nigeria

In Nigeria, like most developing countries, the construction industry plays a role in meeting the needs of infrastructural and economic activities of the country. According to Olowo-Okere (1988) the construction industry accounts for about 60 percent of the Nation’s capital investment and 30 percent of …

Construction IndustryInfrastructureNigeriaTax
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The Impact of ICT on Productivity within the Nigerian Banking Sector

Introduction Background The Banking industry is considerably one of the largest industries in Nigeria providing employment for an estimated twenty two thousand people nationwide and generating 9% of the annual GDP of the country. Nigeria is considered to be one of the fastest growing telecommunications …

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Government Regulatory and Legislative Organs

Introduction In the previous chapter, the researcher’s interview with Shell’s regional manager for environmental affairs was presented. In this chapter I will firstly present my interviews with representatives of the three regulatory agencies in the Nigerian oil industry, namely; the Department of Petroleum Studies, the …

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The Nigerian Petroleum Industry Bill

Nigeria is the sixth largest producer of oil in the world. The Nigerian oil industry is troubled by scandal and corruption, lack of transparency in interaction between the players and a confusing complexity. Of these issues, lack of transparency is particularly problematic, although the others …

CorruptionNigeriaPetroleumPetroleum Industry
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An evaluation of the possible methods of water provision in Northern Nigeria.

Introduction Preliminary from the analysis already held by most academic that water should be regarded as an economically and socially significant. This report presents some of the accounts undertaken by a group of both international and local academicians for the possible methods of water provision …

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Focus On Shell In Nigeria

1.0 INTRODUCTION Nigeria has long been a paradox of poverty amidst plenty (Ite, 2007). With over 70% of the population living below the poverty line (Smith, 2010), countless coup d’etats and political assassinations (Frynas, 2010), hostage-taking by rogue militant groups (Smith, 2010), endemic corruption (Akani, …

Essay ExamplesNigeria
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Oil Theft and Sabotage Within Nigeria

Abstract The project looks to assess the level of oil theft/ sabotage in Nigeria and how such has impacted on investment in the sector and the attractiveness of future investments, especially in a period of lower global oil & gas prices. Through a case study …

Essay ExamplesInvestmentNigeriaPetroleum
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The HRM of Lois Cosmetics Nigeria Ltd

The Human Resource function within each organisation varies and unique to the attainment of its corporate goal. The quality of workers an organisation employed determines whether the organisation will attain its goal faster, as one with poor quality of worker is tend will pass through …

CosmeticHuman Resource ManagementNigeria
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An Action Research Study of Nigeria LNG Limited

Critical Success Factors for Project Success in an International LNG Company Operating in a Developing Country: An Action Research Study of Nigeria LNG Limited Abstract Critical success factors in project management tend to vary from industry to industry and also tend to vary between countries. …

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An Evaluation of the Business and Financial Performance of a Business Organization in Nigeria

In analyzing the management and financial performance of a Nigerian company- First Bank of Nigeria Plc, in the last three years covering year 2008 to 2010, this analysis intend to give a brief overview of the Nigerian economy during the period and with a focus …

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Stress level among nurses that work in ER department in Nigeria and their work life balance.

Abstract It is undeniable that stress within the nursing profession has become increasingly concerning over the years, which is why is it is imperative to understand the effects this can have upon nurses. Accordingly, stress not only affects nurses mentally but it can also have …

LIFENigeriaWork Life Balance
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Mobile Phones For Agricultural And Rural Developments

Introduction Over the past few years, there has been a substantial improvement in the development of ICT in Africa. Mobile communications technology, in particular, has become the most powerful way to servicing millions of people and extending economic opportunities in Africa. In Nigeria, the diffusion …

DevelopmentsLiteracyMobile PhoneNigeriaTelephone
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Clientelism, Corruption & Catastrophe

Introduction Africa with an average annual GDP/capita amounting to $1,560 is the poorest continent in the world, as Appendix 1 demonstrates (World Bank, 2012). Most countries of the region struggle with a number of socio-economic problems. African states are economically underdeveloped. They are characterized by …

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What is Nigeria known for?
Nigeria is home to the largest number of black nations on Earth. It is home to Africa's second-largest film and technology industry. Nigerians can be recognized for their positive, creative energy and their willingness to share it with the world.
What do you love about Nigeria?
Nigeria is undoubtedly a beautiful land. Travelers who frequent Nigeria will confirm this fact. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many tourist attractions. We have waterfalls. There are also caves.
Why is Nigeria called Nigeria?
Etymology. The Niger River runs through Nigeria. This is how the name Nigeria was derived. This name was given to Nigeria by Flora Shaw a British journalist. Lord Lugard is a British colonial administrator. The Niger neighbour takes its name from the river.
How did Nigeria became a country?
The modern Nigeria date back to 1914, when both the British Protectorates and Northern Nigeria were joined. The country became an independent nation on October 1, 1960. A republican constitution was adopted in 1963. However, the country voted to remain a Commonwealth Member.

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