Essays on European Union

Essays on European Union

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European Union Laws

“…judicial and legislative developments *have+ made the *infringement+ procedure [come] of age- from a rarely used, opaque and policy-driven procedure, it has now become a common, fairly transparent and highly technical procedure. ” Prete & Smuldres “The coming of age of infringement proceedings” (2010) 47 …

European UnionGovernmentLaw
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Pages 5
Polaroid Case Analysis

Synopsis: Polaroid Corporation, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was a company marketed a wide variety of instant photographic products for consumers and industries. After the deregulation of US motor industry consolidation of the warehouses in US took place, which resulted in an improved service level and …

Business ProcessEuropean UnionWarehouse
Words 1206
Pages 5
Why did Harold Wilson win the 1964 Election

In 1951 Winston Churchill’s Conservative party, won the general election, and this would be the start of 13 years of Conservative rule spanning three prime ministers. This rule was ended in 1964 by Harold Wilson’s reunited Labour party. In this essay, I will look at …

European UnionGovernmentPolitics
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Pages 1
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Tony Blair’s Foreign Policies

Abstract Blair era foreign policy can be characterised as simultaneously Europeanist and Liberal-interventionist. Based on globalist, third-way ideas revolving around universal culpability and cooperation. Success in Europe was defined as increasing British influence and changing the institutions to promote security and sustainability whilst serving the …

European UnionHuman NaturePolitics
Words 1352
Pages 5
European Union Law Coursework

Below are the Instructions for the completion and submission of the coursework as well as for receiving feedback. These are also available on StudySpace (In the folder ‘assignments’). l. Coursework Instructions Answer the following question: “It follows that the evolutionary nature of the doctrine of …

European UnionLaw
Words 531
Pages 2
Rubik’s Cube Loses EU Trademark Fight Over Its Shape

Rubik's Cube, a multicolored three-dimensional puzzle, lost a trademark battle on Thursday after Europe's top court said its shape was not sufficient to grant it protection against copycats.The toy, invented in 1974 by Hungarian Erno Rubik, is popular among young and old, with more than …

European UnionIntellectual PropertyLaw
Words 509
Pages 2
Direct Effect of European Union Law

Introduction Direct effect seeks to ensure that the rights of individuals are being protected under EU Law[1]. This is not always achievable since EU Law is generally only directly effective against national authorities. As such, individuals cannot usually invoke EU Law against other individuals unless …

European UnionJustice
Words 1587
Pages 6
Notes on the European Union

1) Key theoretical approaches to the European Integration Background – Intellectual context -­? to understand the theories of European integration, it is important to consider the intellectual context from which the idea of European integration emerged Federalism – Altiero Spinelli -­? -­? -­? -­? -­? …

European UnionFederalism
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Where Are The Americans?

In spite of the fact that the American Government Led NATO against Serbia and that the American military is here, and their largest military base outside the United States is in Kosova, Kosovars are still asking: “Where Are The Americans? ” Of course, a more …

European UnionInternational RelationsPolitics
Words 1172
Pages 5
European Union Dissertation Topics: Integration, History, Framework & Law

1. Introduction This guide is designed to give suggestions and insights about possible topics related to the study of the European Union (EU). In general, the study of the EU can be separated in several areas – history, theory, economic integration, enlargement, law, policies, institutional …

European UnionHistory
Words 594
Pages 3
Procter and Gamble

Environmental Factors that affect Global and Domestic Marketing Decisions:- Every company global or domestic has external factors that exist that eventually have an effect on the company’s operations. Some of these external factors can be controlled but a larger portion is uncontrollable and yet they …

European UnionMarketingSafety
Words 617
Pages 3
Completion of EU Accession to the ECHR

Introduction Essentially there can be no doubt as to the significance that Member States and the Treaties attach to fundamental rights. It is declared that the Union is founded inter alia on “the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms”. It also provides that the …

European UnionHuman RightsPolitics
Words 2959
Pages 11
Relationship between russian and the european union

Russia stretches over a vast expanse of Europe and Asia with an area of 17,075,200 square kilometres making it the largest country in the world in terms of land mass. This country  shares land borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, …

European Union
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Pages 1
Expansion of NATO

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed on 4th April 1949 after the Second World War as a realization of the importance of close ties between United States of America and Europe for the stability and security of world [1]. It was a watershed event …

Cold WarEuropean UnionUnited States
Words 2021
Pages 8
European Union

This creative clothing line is for men and woman and hopefully toddlers. Although there are a lot of the same clothing styles in the urban industry but this one is a difference. Objectives Is to make a difference in the Urban community with art, ideas, …

AfricaClothingEuropean UnionPovertyTrade
Words 462
Pages 2
Euroscepticism In the United Kingdom

Abstract There are a number of different factors that have caused British political parties to change their policies on the EU, yet it is often very difficult to determine what these are. Whilst some may suggest that it is down to a change in public …

European UnionInternational RelationsPolitics
Words 1294
Pages 5
Lobbying in the European Union

The European Commission has four main rules: 1. Proposing new legislations to the Parliament and the Court. It is important that these proposals are aimed to defend the interest of the Union and its citizens, and not only for specific countries or industries. 2. It …

EuropeEuropean UnionJustice
Words 1051
Pages 4
EU and NAFTA: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

EU and NAFTA: Dispute Resolution Mechanisms             The European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are international organizations that emerged out of the necessity for the formation of regionalist, inter-state initiatives in the response to security issues and conflict resolution. One …

Alternative Dispute ResolutionConflict ResolutionEuropean Union
Words 179
Pages 1
The Services Directive Proposal: EU Market

Of  course  the  fundamental  freedoms  set  out  in  the  Treaty  of  European  Union  are  central  to  the  success  and  functioning  of  the  EU  Internal  Market. Two  of  these  were  of  great  importance  for  the  Internal  Market:  freedom  of  establishment  (Article  43)  and  the  freedom  to  …

European UnionGovernmentJustice
Words 941
Pages 4
Sources and Scope of European Union Law

Introduction The extent to which EU legal rules and principles, concerning commercial activities, are enforceable within member states will be critically assessed in this essay. This will be done by reviewing certain aspects of EU law and considering the extent to which EU law can …

European UnionJustice
Words 1627
Pages 6
A Single European Currency

The questioner has 14 questions where the first two questions looked at what kind of memory was prevalent among the participants focusing on the dates immediately to the new euro introduction. Then the other questions try to find out how the participants remembered the prices, …

European UnionInflationTrade
Words 1864
Pages 7
Mckinsey Report July 2012

The dynamics of the global banking sector have been in flux since the beginning of the 2008. Irate creditors everywhere have called for more stringent regulation to ensure that that the interests of financial institutions are more closely aligned with those of their customers and …

BankBusinessEmploymentEuropean Union
Words 968
Pages 4
Enlargement is the main challenge for the European Union

1. Enlargement is the main challenge for the European Union. How will this affect the political and economic future of the European Union? In May 2004 the European Union will welcome 10 new member states: Slovenia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Estonia, …

ChallengesCompetitionEuropeEuropean UnionMonopoly
Words 1972
Pages 8
Belgium & European Union

When you want to talk about Belgium, you don’t know where to begin. From the welcoming attitude of people there, trying to speak English with you, even it is the fourth unofficial language, or you may mention the marvelous countryside and fascinating towns. It will …

BelgiumEuropeEuropean UnionTourism
Words 91
Pages 1
Reflection Essay on Expansion of NATO

Introduction North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed on 4th April 1949 after the Second World War as a realization of the importance of close ties between United States of America and Europe for the stability and security of world [1]. It was a watershed …

Cold WarEuropean UnionSoviet Union
Words 1449
Pages 6
What is NATO for?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is some 1949 alliance involving 26 North America and Europe nations. It objectives are to protect the se4curity and freedom of member states though military and political means. NATO is the principal security association within Europe. The alliance helps …

European UnionMilitaryPolitics
Words 1786
Pages 7
How Can Public Diplomacy Complement “Hard Power” Tactics in International Affairs?

Hard power is a term used to describe power that is acquired from the use of military and/or economic force to influence the behaviour or interests of other political entities. As the name might imply, this type of political power is often aggressive, and is …

European UnionInternational RelationsPolitics
Words 3146
Pages 12
A review of theEuropean Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): how efficient is this policy?

ABSTRACT This dissertation evaluates the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to determine whether it is an effective and viable way of achieving allocation and redistribution of resources efficiently. It examines the current overall performance of this policy and its effect on international trade. To …

AgricultureEuropean UnionMicroeconomicsTrade
Words 9758
Pages 36
UK and US exports

Gewaltig (2008) demonstrates the scope of the Euro’s rise against the US Dollar, showing that in February 2008 the Euro had increased by 12% year on year against the dollar. This was on the back of 9.1% increase in 2007 and an 8.2% increase in …

Economic GrowthEuropean UnionFinance
Words 1299
Pages 5
Free Beef Cattle Productivity Essay

Introduction Producing high quality beef, which corresponds to the customers’ needs, has become extremely essential for the farmers. Red Meat in Scotlandnow faces competition from high quality imported products from countries such as USA, Braziland Argentina, even the meat producers from other parts of United …

CloningEuropean UnionMeat
Words 2151
Pages 8
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The European Union is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The union has a total area of 4,233,255.3 km² and an estimated total population of about 447 million.

November 1, 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands


Nobel Peace Prize, Princess of Asturias Award for Concord, Bambi - Millennium Award


about 445 million people


Germany , France, Italy , Netherlands, Belgium , Luxembourg


1.634 million mi²


Subsidiary: MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe

Main role

As mentioned earlier, the European Union is governed by three main bodies - the EU Council, the EU Parliament and the EU Commission. The Council's main job is to create and propose new policies and legislation for the European Union; it operates under a different EU president every six months.


Withdrawal from the European Union is the legal and political process whereby an EU member state ceases to be a member of the Union. On 23 January 2020, the withdrawal agreement was ratified by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, and on 29 January 2020 by the European Parliament.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the European Union short summary?
The European Union (EU) is a unique economic and political partnership of 27 European countries that together cover much of the continent. The EU was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. The first steps were to foster economic cooperation: the idea being that countries who trade with one another become economically interdependent and are more likely to avoid war. The EU has since grown to become a single market" allowing goods and people to move freely between member countries, as if it were one country. It has its own currency, the euro, which is used by 17 of the 27 member countries. The EU also has its own Parliament and its own laws."
Why European Union is so important?
The European Union is a unique economic and political partnership among 28 European countries. The EU is the largest trading bloc in the world and has a single market of more than 500 million consumers. The EU is important for many reasons:1. It promotes peace and stability: The EU is committed to peace and stability in Europe and around the world. It has helped to bring an end to centuries of conflict in Europe and has played a key role in promoting democracy and human rights.2. It promotes economic growth and job creation: The EU is the world’s largest single market and its policies help to promote economic growth and job creation. The EU is also the world’s largest provider of development assistance.3. It protects the environment: The EU is committed to protecting the environment and has adopted a number of policies to promote sustainable development. The EU is also the world’s largest market for environmental technologies.4. It promotes social cohesion: The EU is committed to promoting social cohesion and protecting the rights of its citizens. The EU has adopted a number of policies to reduce poverty and to promote social inclusion.5. It promotes cultural diversity: The EU is committed to promoting cultural diversity and has adopted a number of policies to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Europe.
What is European Union introduction?
The European Union is a supranational and intergovernmental union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The EU has a single market and a customs union. The EU has developed a single currency, the euro, which is used by 19 of its member states. The EU also has a Common Foreign and Security Policy. The EU is the world's largest trading bloc.
What is the European Union short answer?
The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The EU has a single market and a customs union. The EU's member states have a combined population of over 500 million people, making it the largest economic bloc in the world.The EU was founded in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome. Since then, it has grown to become one of the world's most important economic and political entities. The EU is made up of a number of different institutions, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Court of Justice.The EU's member states are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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