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Price Brown Partnership

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I will be producing a plan aimed at the management of Price Brown Partnership. Price Brown Partnership is a Qualified 'family' Real Estate Agency established in Mojacar since 1984. Price Brown Partnership was the first British Professionally Qualified Real Estate Agents to practice in the area. As members of a prestigious professional institute, their aim was to set a standard of 'Caring' in the interests of their clients, offering them a free after-sales service. They have an earned respect of the local people by delivering an efficient, honest and straight forward service, they were chosen by them to sell their property, and purchasers were recommended to seek their advice and guidance. Consequently, it is now the one of the foremost offices in the Province.

E-commerce is any electronic exchange of data between a business and its customers. This includes fax, telephone, voice-mail, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), e-mail, extranet, Internet. E-commerce is the practice of buying and selling products and services over the Internet, utilizing technologies such as the Web, electronic data interchange. There are many reasons why e-Business and e-commerce expanding at such at incredible rate. More and more businesses and organization are expanding their business activities into the Internet, more and more users, consumers and customers are using Internet to find products and information related to their interest. There is doubt that Internet has becomes parts of everyday life to certain group of peoples.

The term "e-commerce" is used loosely to mean "buying and selling good electronically." Today, that means conducting business over the Internet, an open, global electronic marketplace. Most people think in terms of an electronic catalog that lets customers go to a Website like, fill their electronic shopping cart with stuff, click on the checkout button, pay with a credit card, and wait for UPS to deliver the order.

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E-commerce is concerned with attracting new customers, and therefore it involves advertising, public relations, and lead generation. It includes collecting customer information and order processing, so it involves back-office accounting and administration. Because it is involved with getting products and services to customers, it affects channels of distribution. In short, it has the potential to expand opportunities as nothing else has ever done.

E-commerce is one of the most "integrated" solutions you can possibly attempt in terms on taking your business to the Web. That is to say, a multitude of different applications and service providers will be working together in unison to enable your e-commerce site. Benefits and impact of e-commerce to Price Brown Partnership

The benefits are, it is easy to identify the benefits of e-commerce individually, but they look even more impressive when they're all lumped together. First, your customers have access to your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People from all over the world can visit the Price Brown partnership. That can open up new markets and make it easier and more efficient to do business with your existing customers, too.

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