Essays about Relationship

Essays about Relationship

Writing about relationships can be tricky because there is so much to say. Choosing the topic, understanding the importance of relations and organizing the information that will be used is not always easy. But there is nothing to worry about, because in this article you will learn everything you need to know about writing an essay about relationship.

What about Relationship essays

Relationship are a very common subject of study in academic papers because of the importance they have in human interactions. They are used as assignments and evaluation activities in colleges and High Schools, as well as professionals from various fields to publish their findings or to show their analysis regarding this wide subject.

As a general definition, relationship essays are papers where the writer focuses on the connections that can be established between two or more people. The topics for these essays are varied, almost countless, since it can be approached from so many different perspectives. The most common classification is defined by how involved is the writer in the essay:

  • Personal essays: writers can use a personal situation as a topic and theorize about it, which will result in a personal essay. From this perspective, the writer could study topics like how much being in a couple has influenced the rest of his routine or the way his relationship with his family members has evolved over
  • Generalist perspective: On the other hand, they could study the subject from an objective perspective and use experiences of people from the outside. A generalist perspective gives room to questionings like which are the differences between the relations with different familymembers, or if it is true the popular belief that trust and respect are the foundation of a relationship. The writer does not need to have a personal experience associated with his topic.

Usually, the objective of these essays is to evaluate the power relationships have over people’s lives, the differences between the different types of relations and the aspects that characterize a healthy relationship.

But, in any case, it has to be considered that an essay about relationship is still an academic paper and, as such, it must meet some formal parameters. This means that writers will need to perform logical reasoning about the subject, even if it is based on personal experience. It is necessary to justify every argument and find studies that have proven that same argument before. Also, the essay needs to have quotes that work as a sample of those previous studies and can back up the writer’s arguments.

Why are relationships so important?

Humans are social animals, this implies we need to interact with others almost on a daily basis. We have the ability to communicate in ways much more effectively than any other animal. These capabilities, which are naturally ours, help us communicate and develop more intimate relations with others. Even more, establishing relationships is so important that we develop sophisticated methods to improve the tools we use for communication.

There are many reasons why people need to have relationships. The most highlighted is that relationships are a way to impulse many feelings, ideas and chemical processes. Every individual has relations of all kinds, with his family, friends and even with people they know superficially. Each one of those relations generates emotions, depending on the state of the relation. Good and healthy relations can make a person happy, for example.

There are many other biological, psychological and emotional motivations to have relationships. But, in the bottom line, the most simple conclusion is that we, as humans, need to feel these emotions and interact with other humans because it’s just our nature.

How to write an Essay about Relationship?

Writing an essay about relations is not too different from writing about other subjects. Still, sometimes it is hard knowing where to start and how to organize the process. To help you with that we tell you here about the steps to follow when writing an essay on relationships.

  1. Choose a topic. You could talk about the different kinds of lovethat develop in different relations, the influence a new relationship can have on students, the way persons with different personalities traits establish relations. There are many options, what’s important is to delimit your topic as much as possible.
  2. Define the structure of the essay. Take into account that every essay needs an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Determine which information will be in which part of the essay. Also, decide the length of your paper, this will influence the number of studies you need to consider and how many quotes you will have to use.
  3. Do your In this process you will have to read a lot about the topic. Look for several authors with the perspective you need and publications with enough information to sustain your initial statement. Also, select the necessary data and take notes.
  4. Write the first draft. Once you have all the information organized is time to start writing. Do a draft where you include all the information and data. Since it is a draft you don’t need to have to consider the formal aspects of the essay. You can write as many drafts as you need.
  5. Edit the final version of your essay. Using the drafts as a base, start with what is going to be the final version of the essay. Now you will have to pay attention to the parameters that your essay should have. Make sure you use enough quotes and that the essay has no grammar flaws or mistakes.
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Effects of Romantic Relationships on Academic Performance and Family Relationship

Most teenagers have already experienced having relationships. At this stage, they are easily attracted by their opposite sex. Let’s first consider the emotion of love. Love makes people romance enjoy longer. It is believed that love is a very powerful emotion which makes it capable …

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Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Effective communication creates positive relationships. You have to model excellent communication skills with the children and adults you work with on a daily basis. You should always think about how you …

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Negative and Positive Effects of Peer Relationships

Possessing a functional or dysfunctional family is of much importance to a healthy development, helping children through peer pressure, acceptance, and the anxiety of belonging. Yet how important is the environment that a child is raised on, this being shared or non-shared? How difficult or …

Words 1428
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Death of a Salesman Family Relationships

Battle between Father and Son Family relationships always have a way of playing a key role for the duration of most literary pieces. According to Arthur Miller’s novel, Death of a Salesman, the interaction of Willy and his sons, Happy and Biff, shows that family …

Death of a SalesmanRelationship
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Young Love and Relationships

Young Love and Relationships Everybody feels love at one time or another, be it a love for a family member or a friend. Some people fall in and out of love on a regular basis while others take time to find just the right one. …

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Management and Union Relationships in an Organization

In today’s business environment, the relationship between management and union can play a vital role in the success of an organization. My research of the roles of unions and management will enable me to present concrete information of how these two entities perform in an …

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Tda 2.3 Communication and Profesional relationships with Children and Young People

Introduction In this assignment I will be discussing the different way we communicate with children, young people and other adults. Also, how to deal with disagreements between children and adults. And looking at how we speak and communicate with people and the benefits it has …

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Cross Cultural Relationships

As the world becomes more and more internationally connected, the need to understand people from different cultures and how to interact appropriately with them also increases. Managers and leaders need to develop intercultural competences that can help them be more aware of their own culturally-based …

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Parent and Teen Relationships

Children are raised differently each day. The way parents raise their children can affect them throughout life, and make them who they become as an adult. This is why it is important for parents and teens to have healthy relationships. Some parents whip their children …

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Relationship Between Speaking And Listening

Kelsey responded in a very clear way. I agree that you cannot have one without the other. Like Kelsey said, when you are younger and learning to talk, you listen to what other people say. If no one were to listen when they were younger, …

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Healthy Boy-Girl Relationships

Reading Report Strain Checks Focal Technology & Livelihood Education Summary : IV – John The first lesson was about healthy boy-girl relationships. Topics include friendships in mate selection, The differences between Love and Infatuation and things to keep in mind about dating. The second lesson …

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Traits of Successful Relationships

A successful relationship is the Holy Grail in life for most people. We are constantly searching and striving to attain that bond with someone without fully understanding the components involved in making it happen. In a time of serial monogamy, marriage drive thrus, and quickie …

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Blind Side (Healthy Family Relationships)

Blind Side (healthy family relationships) What makes a healthy family? Well in the movie ” The Blinde Side” it depicts the importance of family, and what parents need to do in order to raise a happy, healthy family. Leah Anne Touhy a mother of the …

Blind SideRelationship
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The Influence of Early Attachments on Later Relationships

In a way, a person’s behaviors and mode of thinking towards others, either romantic or otherwise, have something to do with the emotional and psychological relationship developed during his childhood with his parents or the people who raised him. Psychologist John Bowlby said, in his …

Words 310
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Peer Relationships in Adolescence

According to (Brown & Larson, 2008), “for decades, scholars have noted peer relationships as an essential features of adolescence. Peers have been alternately blamed for problematic aspects in the functioning of adolescent and praised for contributing to adolescent health and well being as well. As …

AdolescenceChildhoodFriendshipRelationshipSelf Esteem
Words 832
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How Social Organisation and Relationships May Affect the Learning Process?

Social organisation and relationships may affect the learning process in many different ways. In many subjects children will be set in groups according to their ability, this allows them to move forward with their learning and not to be held up by learners that may …

Words 931
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CHAPTER 9 Macroeconomic Relationships Topic

Question numbers: Consumption function/APC/MPC 1-39 Saving function/APS/MPS 40-53 Shifts in consumption and saving functions 54-69 Graphs/tables: mixed consumption and saving 70-106 Investment demand 107-145 Multiplier effect 146-181 Consider This 182-183 Last Word 184-185 True-False 186-200 Multiple Choice Questions Consumption function/APC/MPC Type: A Topic: 1 E: …

Words 9009
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Relationship Issue

Conflicts between people who express outlooks of different epochs often happen in the society and there are lots of situations when even members of the same family who are supposed to be the closest with each other, support opposite visions of the world. However, misunderstanding …

Words 1150
Pages 5
Relationships and Breakup

* When two parties disclose personal information with each other the consensus is that the two persons will like each other more. (Rowland Miller, 2012) * Disclosure within a relationship is beneficial by raising intimacy, trust and closeness levels between two partners (Dindia & Fitzpatrick, …

Words 317
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How Are Mobile Phones Changing the Way People Maintain Relationships

Mobile phones are increasingly taking a major role in the communication revolution and the use of the mobile phone is an immensely significant social and cultural phenomenon, hence over the years, the telephone has dramatically changed how people live their lives, see their world and …

Mobile PhonePeopleRelationshipTax
Words 3330
Pages 14
Effects of Technology on Relationships

Yana Feldman Professor Ebersole Analytical Reading and Writing 0802 November 2, 2010 Advances in Communication and Intimate Relationships Instant digital and online communication of the modern world influences love and courtship in relationships. The generations of today allow their interpersonal relationships to be formed and …

Effects of TechnologyRelationship
Words 1847
Pages 8
Relationship Between The Price Of A Bond And Interest Rates

An inverse relationship exists between the prices of bond, and interest rates. As interest rates go up, the bond prices come down. To understand the reason behind this relationship lets consider an example. For instance, if a bond has a par value of $1000 and …

Words 108
Pages 1
Does Person-Centred Therapy Differ from Other Helping Relationships?

“How do person-centred counsellors use the therapeutic relationship to facilitate change- and in what way (s) does person-centred therapy differ from other helping relationships? ” word count: 2,495 Person centred counselling originated and was evolved on the ideas of American psychologist Carl Rogers. The influences …

Helping OthersRelationshipTherapy
Words 2640
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How Facebook Effects Relationships

Facebook is a popular web page where anybody can create a free account, similar to an email address. The site allows anybody to add friends, post pictures, and let all their friends know what their doing on an hourly basis. At the beginning, the page …

Words 1650
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Peer Relationships

Having arrived at the gateway to adulthood, the teenage years are an exciting time of freedom, no responsibilities, and supposedly the best time of your life; unfortunately it is not always a cake walk. Whether it is maintaining good grades or keeping up with what …

AdolescenceBullyingFriendshipRelationshipSelf Esteem
Words 2016
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1984 by George Orwell: Challenging Relationships and Power Play

1984 by George Orwell explores the challenging relationships between different sets of powerplay. It ultimately maneuvers subordinates into positions where it is able to hold power against them, shaping the wants and desires of the powerless. The public awareness of this use of power is …

1984George OrwellRelationship
Words 524
Pages 3
The Relationships Between the Father and the Son

The writer used many ways to show the relatioships between charcters in the stories we have studies one of them is Anil. in Anil the writer presents confilct in relationship between the father, Appa, and the son, Anil. Anil is very uncomfortable and scared with …

Words 1403
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Relationships between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

The play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare is about cruelty, greediness, and desire of undeserved power. Actually, the main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are both representative of the abovementioned qualities. Relationships between Macbeth and his wife are complex and tangled; moreover, they are changing over …

Words 1097
Pages 5
How to Establish Relationships with Adults

How to establish relationships with adults Establishing relationships with adults use the same basic skills, wither it is a friend or colleague. The main difference establishing a friendship with an adult and a colleague is how much formality and professionalization is used. Professional Colleagues.  Formal …

Words 1165
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Develop Positive Relationships with Children, Young People

Unit 028 Develop Positive Relationships with Children, Young People And Others Involved in their Care. Be able to develop positive relationships with children and young people. Outcome 1. 1 Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built …

Words 1003
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