Essays on Partnership

Essays on Partnership

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Partnership? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Partnership essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Partnership, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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Public Administration and Management: Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnerships

Before weighing the pros and cons a partnership may bring in terms of improving service delivery and accountablity in public administration, definitions and more information regarding the topic must be laid out. Public administration is generally defined as the development, implementation, and study of government …

AccountabilityGovernancePartnershipPublic Administration
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Pages 2
Accounting Principles and Practices Performed by Small Businesses in the Philippines

College of Business Administration Abstract: This research aims to gain the knowledge and awareness on the accounting practices done by small businesses. It aims to inform and learn about small businesses’ and their compliance to the standard practices of accounting in the Philippines, whether or …

AccountingPartnershipSmall Business
Words 3969
Pages 15
Partnership Case Law

This section of the website provides access to all cases summarised in the Partnership Law Updates which have been issued since January 2000 to date. Therefore this Archive operates as a guide to some of the interesting partnership cases decided in common law jurisdictions in …

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Pages 32
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Legal Forms of Business in Sri Lanka

Introduction A business also called a company, enterprise or firm is a legally recognized organization, designed to provide goods and services to consumers. According to the purpose of the business, ownership of the business and nature of economic contribution of the business; the business can …

Words 4312
Pages 16
SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces analyses of John Lewis Partnership

Abstract This paper looks at John Lewis, a top retailer in theUKand a very successful brand in the EU region as a whole. It scans the environment in which John Lewis operates while scrutinizing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the retailing industry in theUnited Kingdom(Porter’s …

PartnershipSwot Analysis
Words 1555
Pages 6
The Information of Different Needs of Different User Groups

1 Introduction to accounting Introduction n this opening chapter we begin by considering the role of accounting. We shall see that it can be a valuable tool for decision-making. We shall identify the main users of accounting and financial information and discuss the ways in …

AccountingManagement AccountingPartnership
Words 9971
Pages 37
The TTC: Private, Public, or Private-Public Partnership?

In July 2012, the TTC was evaluated and given a disappointing grade by TTCriders Group based on its performance at five aspects. These five aspects are about fares, transit expansion, accessibility, service frequency, and environmental impact (“TTC gets”, 2012). Unlike any other major city in …

Words 2329
Pages 9
Partnership Law

The Law of Partnerships:Scott Osborne The applicable law: Partnership Act 1892 (NSW) The relevant law is contained in the Partnership Act (PA) of each of the jurisdictions. All are based on the PA (1890) UK Act. The contractual nature of Partnerships Partnerships are essentially contractual. …

Words 5254
Pages 20
Starbucks and iTunes Partnership

When it comes to IT Information Planning, it is very import to lay out the details of each area of this business. The IT Information Planning stage is when to decide on the IT Infrastructure which encompasses the technology and equipment required from the front …

Words 3393
Pages 13
Taxation of Flow-Through Entities and Partnerships

Chapter 20 Forming and Operating Partnerships Solution Manual Discussion Questions: 1. [LO 1] What is a flow-through entity, and what effect does this designation have on how business entities and their owners are taxed? Flow-through entities are entities that are not taxed on the entity …

Balance SheetPartnershipTax
Words 9569
Pages 35
Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young People L 2

Working in partnership with others is very important for children and young people; it will help them to have consistent routines, which is very essential it provides them with a sense of security and structure to their day. All adults who work with children and …

Words 1733
Pages 7
Protecting Interest Of The Minority Shareholders

In Asian countries including Bangladesh, the controlling ownership of public listed companies are dominated by some families. The problem of minority exploitation may arise when the ownership is highly concentrated in any specific group, especially family ownership. One of the consequences of this is the …

Corporate GovernanceLawPartnership
Words 74
Pages 1
Case Study Analysis of Lajolla Software, Inc.

Case Study Analysis of LaJolla Software, Inc. Bus 600: Management Communications with Technology Tools Instructor: Sara Garski January 31, 2011 With the rapidly growing state of todays start-ups, fostering good overseas partnerships are essential in any business seeking to expand their company internationally. With such …

Case StudyPartnership
Words 1186
Pages 5
Describe the main physical and technological resources

An explanation on the selected organisation in terms of its ownership, structure, location, size and product/service provision. John Lewis What does John Lewis do? The John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s top ten retail businesses with 26 John Lewis department stores and 183 …

PartnershipPhysical ActivityRetailSupermarket
Words 631
Pages 3
Compare and contrast small businesses

In comparing small businesses with corporations, the aspects of both types of businesses must be taken into direct consideration. By definition, a small business may be regarded as a business with a small number of employees. The legal definition of “small” often varies by country …

CorporationPartnershipSmall Business
Words 498
Pages 2
Boots is a public limited company

Boots is a public limited company. This means it’s permitted to sell its shares to the general public. A company with this type of ownership must carry the words ‘public limited company’ or initials ‘PLC’ and must have authorised share capital over 50,000; they must …

Words 1042
Pages 4
Nora-Sakari Joint Venture

In 2002, the Malaysian government authorized a Malaysian telecom company, Telekom Malaysia Bhd ( TMB), to develop the country’s telecom infrastructure which could be at par to the developed countries of the world. TMB was granted RM 2. 4 billion (roughly 6. 6 million USD) …

Essay ExamplesPartnership
Words 376
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Discussing the importance of partnerships in a child care setting

A practitioners job is not only to ensure the safety of the children and to plan structured day to day activities but also to ensure that various partnerships and created within the child care setting. “Professional relationships are absolutely vital to the smooth running of …

Words 61
Pages 1
Economics Income Question Task

50. (LO3) Jack and Jill are owners of UpAHill, an S corporation. They own 25 and 75 percent, respectively. a. What amount of ordinary income and separately stated items are allocated to them for years 1 and 2 based on the information above? 1st Year …

Essay ExamplesPartnershipTax
Words 436
Pages 2
SnowSports Interactive A Global Startup’s Challenge

Introduction SnowSports Interactive was founded by Steve Kenny as the CEO, Michael Brett as Vice-President for Engineering, and Shubber Ali as Chairman on May 2005 at Brisbane, Australia.  The main concept of the company is to provide tracking and Internet services to skiers and snowboarders …

InnovationInternetPartnershipStart up
Words 110
Pages 1
Design House Partnership

‘I can’t believe how much we have changed in a relatively short time. From being an inward-looking manufacturer,we became a customer-focused “design and make”operation. Now we are an integrated service provider. Most of our new business comes from the partnerships we have formed with design …

Words 395
Pages 2
Private Public partnership

Over the last few decades, our administration focuses on developing our economy where they can address the problem of poverty and of modernization on the Philippines. As our country is still developing and the government resources are limited, new ideas and strategies such as partnerships …

Words 1003
Pages 4
The Characteristics of Partnership

Partnership is one of the most popular types of enterprise in Vietnam. A partnership is an unincorporated association of two or more individuals to carry on a business for profit. Many small businesses including retail, service, and professional practitioners, are organized as partnerships. Like the …

Words 1003
Pages 4
Final Test Review

1. With respect to sales at those locations, Roz is a. an independent contractor. . ot Trina’s agent or employee, or an independent contractor. c. Trina’s agent and employee. d. Trina’s employee only. 2. Refer to Fact Pattern 17-1. At the shop, Roz and Sara …

ContractCorporationEssay ExamplesJusticePartnership
Words 3332
Pages 13
Business entity matrix: sole proprietorship versus partnership

  Management Control Financial Liability Tax Risks Using Own Inheritance (Sole Proprietorship) The owner controls all operations and policies of the business The owner is solely responsible for all debts and obligations of the business The owner is responsible for paying taxes on his/her personal …

Words 671
Pages 3
Diploma in Business Studies

Diploma in Business Studies (BM111) Faculty of Business Studies Universiti Teknologi MARA, Johor Bahru. ————————————————- Madam Nor Fazlin binti Uteh, Lecturer Fundamental of Entrepreneurship (ENT 300) Universiti Teknologi MARA, Johor Bahru. 25th February 2013 Madam, SUBMISSION OF BUSINESS PLAN PROPOSAL (ENT 300) Referring to the …

Words 7723
Pages 29
Discourse Community Paper

Analyzing Discourse Communities Then and Now As students grow older in life and in school their written as well as, their oral communication will mature and become more sophisticated. I will be informing you of how my written and spoken communication skills have gotten better …

CommunityDiscourse CommunityPartnership
Words 990
Pages 4
Swore Pacific’s Concentrated Operations in Asia Increase Operating Costs and Impact Profitability

Such issues increase the operating costs of the group which may adversely impact Swore Pacifism’s results of operations profitability. Swore Pacific has operations in Asia, Europe and North America. Despite having a global presence, the group’s operations are concentrated in Asia, mostly in Hong Kong. …

CompetitionPartnershipPetroleumSwot Analysis
Words 964
Pages 4
International Strategic Alliances

According to the author Charles Hill, “Global Business Today”, “Collaboration between competitors is fashionable; recent decades have seen an explosion in the number of strategic alliances”. Indeed, the global economic system is nowadays so complex and the competition sometimes too strong that some companies cannot …

Words 996
Pages 4
Work in partnership

Work in partnership in health and social care or children and young peoples settings. Explain the Importance of partnership working with: Colleagues Other professionals Others Working in partnership with other colleagues and professionals is detrimental in being able to provide a service fit for need …

Words 3008
Pages 11
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A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations.


Partnerships increase your lease of knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make better products and reach a greater audience. All of these put together along with 360-degree feedback can skyrocket your business to great heights. The right business partnership will enhance the ethos of your firm.


Partners are 'jointly and severally liable' for the firm's debts. This means that the firm's creditors can take action against any partner. Also, they can take action against more than one partner at the same time.

Operating agreement

A partnership operating agreement is a document that outlines the roles, responsibilities, and rights of the owners and managers of a partnership. It states the rules and regulations governing many aspects of the organization, ranging from voting powers to profit and loss distribution.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a partnership important?
A partnership is important because it allows two or more people to come together and form a business agreement in which they share the profits, losses, and responsibilities of the business. This type of arrangement can be beneficial for all parties involved because it allows them to pool their resources and knowledge in order to start and grow a business. Additionally, a partnership can provide a level of stability and security for the partners involved, as they are each financially and legally responsible for the business.
What is partnership in simple words?
A partnership is a business arrangement in which two or more people work together to manage and operate a company. Partnerships can be either formal or informal, and there are many different types of partnership structures. In a formal partnership, partners typically have equal ownership stakes in the business and are equally liable for its debts and liabilities. Informal partnerships may not have formal agreements in place, and ownership stakes and liability can vary depending on the partners' contributions.
What is the introduction of partnership?
A partnership is a business arrangement in which two or more people work together to run a company. Partnerships can be formed for a variety of reasons, including to pool resources, share expertise, or to capitalize on complementary skills. In a partnership, each person is typically responsible for a portion of the business, and the profits and losses are shared among the partners.There are several different types of partnerships, including limited partnerships, general partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. Limited partnerships have different rules for how profits and losses are shared, and how much each partner can be held liable for the debts of the partnership. General partnerships are the most common type of partnership, and in this arrangement, partners are equally liable for the debts of the business and share profits and losses evenly. Limited liability partnerships are similar to general partnerships, but with one key difference: in a limited liability partnership, partners are not personally liable for the debts of the business. This type of partnership is often used by professionals, such as lawyers or accountants, who want to protect their personal assets in case the business fails.
What is a good example of a partnership?
There are many examples of successful partnerships, but one that stands out is the partnership between Google and Apple.Google and Apple have been working together since the early days of the iPhone, and their partnership has been key to the success of both companies. Google provides the iPhone's default search engine and maps app, while Apple uses Google's Android operating system for its own smartphone business.The companies have also collaborated on other projects, such as the development of the Google Chrome web browser for the iPhone.The Google-Apple partnership is a great example of how two companies can work together to create products that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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