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How might Randstades partnership program contribute to the effective decision making?

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The Randstad is a Dutch company that has undergone great expansion in the U. S. majorly because of teaming up its young employees with the older ones who are more experienced. This partnership program has played a vital role in the business decision making process. For instance, it has ensured increased productivity from the paired sales agents since there was sharing of jobs and also a trade off in responsibilities. The end result realized has been a minimized production and distribution costs and lesser time being used in availing the products.

This program has ensured that budgetary appropriations are not cumbersome. Moreover, the existence of a symbiotic relationship between the Gen Yers who needed a lot of attention and the older that needed the former to succeed aided in nurturing the young employees. This helps in growth of the business to a certain size within a shorter time p. The program also made job rotation possible since every employee had varied expertise in the various departments.

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The vast knowledge greatly aids the firm in the recruitment process of new potential workers and ensuring proper record keeping. In addition, since there is also job specialization, competition among employees is not a problem since no one is seeking for recognition but for the prosperity of the firm as a whole. The personnel integration led to the recruitment of more Gen Yers which cultivated a relationship between them and the organization. As a result, each and every effort by the employers is directed towards the achievement of the business goals.

2. How might it help employees generate and evaluate alternatives? Since there is nobody termed as the boss in the business, employees are free to bring into focus their views towards an arising situation affecting the business. The employees share the responsibilities equally thus willing to give out their different ideas and hence. As Benjamin states, no one is individually responsible for everything (Bloomberg). Through this, each employee get to learn new alternative courses of action and methods of coming up with the solution.

The fact that there are a number of alternatives puts at bay the unyielding option of giving up when one employee’s criterion fails since he/she in not over; there can arise a solution from the other partner’s course of action. The partnership program ensures that the best alternatives that will not put off clients are adopted. Through this program, employees develop courage and confidence in airing their various alternatives generated through partnering.

These alternatives later undergo joined comprehensive scrutiny for best result realization. 3. How might it help employees choose alternatives and learn from feedback? The partnership program can play a crucial role in ensuring that the right alternatives are given a priority by asking the relevant questions and saying the right things to the clients. Further more, explicit suggestions can be obtained from a partner who with time might result to only making observations to the partner and understanding whether or not the alternative is right.

The older employees are more experienced in comparison with the Gen Yers, thus their alternatives might be considered or else utilized as an important reference point in some major areas of concern thus strengthening the rapport between them. Negative feedbacks like sabotaging the other partner or reduction in productivity due to constant wrangling are indicators unfruitful partnership which can lead to its break up (Giancola, 13). In addition, the uncooperative partner is identified, since he ends up leaving the company. This serves as a warning for the business entity to engage in a similar relationship in the future.

Older workers can mock the young counterparts in a general business set up but with the employment of the pairing program, this is discouraged. The focus in set on impacting the same business knowledge to the young by the old since there is no master in the business. 4. How might this program contribute to organizational learning? Cross generation partnership, as practiced by the Randstad, may lead to the understanding of the connection between solidarity in work place and the feeling of being more successful and productive.

It diversifies the egocentric thoughts of the management to caring about the welfare of its subordinates and improves the relationship between them. To add on, the older employees do not get cynical for having been in the business for a longer time than the Gen Yers. The younger agents are taught on how to be patient and avoid discouraging the clients by the experienced ones who first seek for the solution to the arising problems (Bloomberg).

This fosters appreciation for each party in the business hence playing a motivational role which is eventually reflected in the increased units and quality of the output. Concisely, organizations learn the best employee combination criteria since some depended on others for their success hence the organization attaining its objectives on top of nurturing the employees’ skills. Though these relationships are promising, they are susceptible to dysfunction and require a lot of maintenance for their sustenance thus the organization has to take necessary measures in good time.

Thus, if the partnership proves to be doing more harm than good, the organization should opt for its termination the soonest possible. Works Cited Bloomberg , L. P, Bridging The Generation Gap: Employment Agency Ramstad Teams Newbie’s With Older Staff To Great Effect, September, 17 2007. Viewed on July 2 2010 from http://www. businessweek. com/magazine/content/07_38/b4050063. htm Giancola, F. (2006). The Generation Gap: More Myth than Reality. Journal of Human Resource Planning. Vol. 29, p. 12-29

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