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An Analysis of Apples Advertisement for Touch ID Smartphone Feature

In order to release a competing smartphone, I have analyzed an Apple advertisement for their newest smartphone. This advertisement for the IPhones newest feature, Touch ID, ran in the September 23rd, 2013 issue of People Magazine, a well known magazine specializing in celebrity and human …

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The Negative Impact of Smartphones, Technology, and Social Media on Photography

Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look, it seems as if everyone has a smartphone in their hands these days. Most cell phone carriers don’t even offer phone plans without smart phone packages today! It is crazy to see how much the life we live …

PhotographySmartphoneSocial Media
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An Analysis of How Smartphone Interventions Increase the Self-Efficacy of Financial Managers

In a society where as humans we crave self-efficacy and have the need and desire to succeed in our careers it is not surprising that we look for ways to achieve a higher sense of self-efficacy in our workplaces, and utilize technology to get this …

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Excessive Use of Smartphones Is Detrimental to Society

Everyone loves to use smartphone. Smartphone has made the life of people easy in this world. From a small child to an old man, everyone has been using smartphone. All of us know that the flow of time has made use of smartphone easier to …

CommunicationSmartphoneSocial Media
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The Use of Passcode in the Smartphones of Apple

Many people regularly use smartphones and within them store private photos, documents, and conversations. But there’s one smartphone in particular that might affect the security of your important data. If you haven’t paid much attention to the news, then you should know about a recent …

Computer SecurityPrivacySmartphone
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The Development of the Smartphone Technology Worldwide

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein The smart phone. Whether it be an Android, iPhone, or Windows phone, over two-thirds of Americans reported owning one, as of April 2015. The proliferation of inexpensive, easy to use, …

InternetSmartphoneSocial Media
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The Changes Caused by the Smartphone on Our New Generation

The author Jean M. Twenge of “Has the Smartphone Destroyed a Generation?” The authors thesis is; The presence of the internet radically changed the nature of their social interaction to their mental health of today’s children and teens. The Article puts lots of emphasis on …

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The Capabilities of the Smartphone Technology

For a long time, technology allowed us to gather information and other means of entertainment like small mini games, burning music onto a cd, looking up directions to a certain place or address, etc. by way of using a computer. Since then, technology has advanced …

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The Societal and Personal Impacts of the Smartphone Phenomenon

When the bell rings at 2:20 in the afternoon, students hurry to turn on their cell phones and then rush towards their lockers to get their books and binders. Some celebrate that the day is finally over. Others constantly check their phones for any notifications. …

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The Importance of Smartphones in the Lives of Americans

Smartphones has become an every day norm for most Americans. Smartphones are relatively new, being introduced in the past decade. Smartphones are a great way to stay in contact with the rest of the world while being mobile. They can make phone calls, send text …

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