Building a Strong Community Partnership

Last Updated: 28 May 2020
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The idea of creating school-family community partnership is good. However, some statements do not make much sense and there are many vague parts. The essay was not very well written and there are a couple of grammatical and spelling errors. There are errors when it comes to spacing. These could be because the paper was not properly proofread. Creating school-family community partnership is good because it will make school easier for children.

The essay focused mainly on the methods of how a school will have a good relationship with parents aside from the regular PTA meetings as well the advantages of the development of the relationship. However, the paper failed to note any negative consequences of such. One possible negative effects is that the children may feel that they are always being watched by their parents. The guidance is good but it will hinder the children from developing independence. This concept indicates that too much parental guidance has negative effects.

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The essay was written in a way that the readers will not be attracted to read. The use of several quotations somehow gave the essay more life to it, but generally, people would not waste time to read the whole of the essay. A warning for controversy was posted at the end of the essay which is good. It emphasizes on a good point that controversy would be hard to avoid. Differences in opinion makes a lot of room for disagreement and controversy. It is important to avoid such situations and the author prepared good advice on how to avoid and how to deal with such situations.

The essay was brief but it made the essay boring to read despite its being informative. It provides very good information on the different aspects which could help promote better relationships between the school and the parents. School-parent relationship may be one thing that the education system is missing. It is an interesting topic because it could provide a solution to change the country's education system for the better. Schools have been focusing too much on academic quality and putting a little more

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