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National University of Singapore Personal Statement

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Having a degree is one of the most admired achievements in the life of an individual. It is the basis of how your future will be. If you have a nice and much known degree then you have the greater chances of being hired the moment you graduate. I chose to apply Business Management and Communications and News Media in this University for I believe that National University of Singapore is going to help me build my future and dreams through their much established curriculum and high standards.

I know that Business Management and Communications and News Media really fit me for the reason that I have lots of experience that has polished my character, intelligence and attitude. I chose Psychology because I believe that this can help me have a brighter future. Basically, this course is a lot of fun. Studying business, about how to communicate effectively and things about News Media would also help me develop the attitude or the character on how to deal with people in such a manner that is well educated and proper. Having a degree in this course will help me get the best job being offered in the society. I know having this degree will let me become more productive.

There were certain experiences I have had in relevance with my chosen course. One of those was when I was part of the play, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde; where in I was Gwendolyn, one of the main characters. I have always loved theater, especially acting. Gwendolyn Fairfax in this play portrayed a conservative Victorian. She always aims on being intellectually updated, where in she upgrades her skills and knowledge by attending conventions and the like. But the only thing is that she isn’t true. She was not her real self, she was just acting out what she thinks would be good and acceptable.

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Gwendolyn in this play is a strong willed and aggressive woman for what she feels she expresses it immediately. She was an epitome of grace and beauty among women. I can very much connect with Gwendolyn; I know what my principles and values are. I never compromise my reputation. I am also strong willed and assertive in the sense that when I know that I am on the right track, I am never afraid to go and pursue it. All the qualities that Gwendolyn has that I can easily relate like her being strong willed, assertive but still compose and decent, applies to my chosen course.

Through this experience I had in the play, was just one of the stepping stone for me to polish my character or attitude especially with regards to being patient. Being patient with my co- members in the play and the long time hours in practicing the play in order to come up with the best. I never settle for less. I always want to achieve the best. I never want mediocrity. I believe I can apply all these values in my chosen course.

I am also teaching in our Sunday school in a local church. I am teaching children ranging from 6 - 9 yrs old. Through this experience I never forget that Religion is also important. It was important before but it is much important today.

Religion involves the relationship between mankind and what is regarded as sacred. Religion almost always includes the belief in the supernatural and a code of ethical behavior. Why do men suffer? What is the nature of the Universe and how it is governed? What is the nature of man and what is his destiny? Religion tries to answer the questions of ultimate existence and of life and death and human and destiny. Many religions hold the universe is governed by God. Through religion man may see meaning in the universe and find a personal role in it.

Thousands of years ago, religion played a very vital role in the lives of the people. Even thought that time things were not that so complicated not like now, people still has a closer connection to God. People then put a greater emphasis on going to church, fellowshipping with their brother’s and sister’s and in maintaining their relationship with their creator.

As of now, in our present times I think that Religion is ten times important than it was before. As the modern world is evolving and is now being introduced to different kinds of beliefs and theories that could likely shake our foundation of faith for God. The basis and the only foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ. We must hold on to him more especially these days that there are many deceivers out there that are being used by the enemy to destroy us and to keep us away from the loving arms of God.

When we don’t have a strong foundation of our relationship to God, we can easily yield to the temptations and offerings that Satan will present to us, like the technology of today. If we don’t know how to control the usage of technology of today, we can be manipulated and controlled by it. That is just one of the tactics of Satan to let us fall into the pit he is preparing for us, for us to be kept away from God’s destiny for us.

We are free to choose what we want to do, but we are not free to determine if what he have chosen is good or evil, right or wrong. Our choices may be good or bad insofar as they conform to God’s divine and eternal law and the imperatives which are made known to us through the mediation of conscience that God has bestowed in spirits. In my life I have made many decisions that brought great changes to me as an individual. There are times that I am very doubtful to make a choice especially in a very hard situation. But whenever I am in doubt to make a choice, I just listen to my conscience for me to determine and scrutinize what is really the right thing for me to do.

A mature moral decision is not only a decision to make a good deed that “we ought to do” but also a “choice made in good faith to make what we want ourselves to be”.  The dignity of the human person implies and demands the rectitude of the moral conscience; that is, it’s being based on truth, which is God’s word. One must seriously seek a right conscience or, in other words, one must try to make sure one’s moral judgment is right. This can be achieved by diligently learning the laws of moral life through spiritual formation, asking God for light through a fervent prayer, removing the obstacles to right judgment such as habitual moral disorder or bad habits, and lastly is examining yourself.

As I grew up and experienced lots of circumstances, I have now a more grown up approach of making choices. I just do not base my decisions with my feelings at that very moment. I see to it, that whatever outcome after I have made my move, I will still be strong and able to stand up. I will be able to stand firm with my decision. I see to it that it will have more advantages than the disadvantages. I weigh the pros and cons of every circumstance that I am into in which I am task to decide things with. I have learned that not all delightful things are right, for there are also hurtful and unpleasant things that turned out right also.

Making moral decisions demands maturity and responsibility. To seek to understand reality, to be attentive to the wisdom of the past, to discern the biases and demands of a particular situation- all these efforts are required of a matured individual. Through this experience that I had as a Sunday school teacher, I am able to impart my knowledge about my faith in God towards those who do not know him. In relation to my chosen course, it will help me not compromise especially when graduate from Business Management and Communications and News Media. It will help me become an efficient worker in the area that I will be assigned. I can be a model towards those who are educated yet do not know their real purpose and the intent of their chosen field.

I also participated in a national racing competition and won 3rd place. It was my first racing competition where I competed with fifty plus racers, most of them were men. But I still succeeded them because of my drive to win. I never thought that I am weak because I am a woman. I proved them wrong, as I also loved sports. I am a multi tasked individual, I can balance things that I am very much inclined with like in the Academics and Sports.

Through the competition, I have proved to myself that I can also do what others can achieve. That gender can not dictate you from achieving, from dreaming. If you want to, then you should have the great drive and interest. I like competition and I do not give up until I will win a fight. It gives a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. My self- esteem is leveled higher whenever I succeed a competition. For me it instigates my willingness to thrive more and work hard, for me not to be put to shame.

I am also a hardworking individual, which is why I won the third place in the competition because I was diligent in practicing. I beat all of those men in the contest, even if they were men and symbolized strength, I still conquer them because I was very much eager to win and make others proud of me. I was very much encouraged to go and fight them. like in my chosen degree, I know I am going to meet obstacles or travails as I go along my studies but with the integrity and willingness that I have, I know I am going to survive the hindrances or difficulties I will be meeting along the way.

I am a very social person, so my chosen course just fits me that much because in business and communication, one needs to have the ability to go along well with other; that is to socialize; to be able to fit into different groups, or social classes and different types of character. I am a risk taker, especially when I know that I am going to succeed in the end. I am willing to risk things, but on the other hand, I am willing to fight for it too.

I like to try new things, things that excite me, like achieving. Having to achieve new thing, I know can bring felicity to my family. Like I said, I never settle for low quality. I always want the best of everything. For I believe that whatever your output is, totally reflects you. So when your output is of low quality, people will see you as an under achiever; a person who only settles for less.

I am much interested to be in this degree because I know that National University of Singapore provides one of the best educations I can ever find. They don’t just focus on the academics but also with the totality of the being of their students. They set standards that other Universities do not have. I know I am going to have a great future ahead of me in this institution. I will always have this gratitude in my heart towards National University of Singapore because through them individuals who dreams of having jobs, those highly paid jobs can now fulfill their dreams. Those individuals will be given the hope to dream, and have a bountiful life while having the qualities of a good individual being admired by the society around him.

National University of Singapore Personal Statement essay

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