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These are narratives that use an individual's experience to support a specific point. They are best known for their effectiveness in reflecting individual points of view but can also be used to influence the beliefs of others through persuasion. You can use a personal response essay in several different classes. One example would be creative writing, where students use real experiences from their lives to inspire the literature they create. It follows the same format as any other essay, with one notable exception: no introduction or conclusion paragraph.

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Madame Bovary Personal Response

In part two of Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert we see Emma’s development as a character in a negative way. Emma’s development is seen as she embarks on a path to moral and financial corruption all for a search of love and passion. The passion …

Madame BovaryPersonalPersonal Response
Words 878
Pages 4
Eavan Boland Personal Response

The poetry of Eavan Boland is clear,relateable and realistic. The stanzas in her poems are terse,but she manages to evoke strong feelings in the reader,e. g. the sense of apathy in “The War Horse”. Her poems are relateable because she is a contemporary poet and …

Eavan BolandPersonalPersonal Response
Words 570
Pages 3
Personal Response

Both of these videos were enjoyable to watch, I thought it was great to hear others love stories from their point of view. One of the first similarities between them was of course, they’re both love stories. During both of them it is described of …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 463
Pages 2
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Essays on Personal Response
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Summary and Personal Response: “on Becoming a Writer”

Summary and Personal Response: “On Becoming a Writer” Naomi Cranfield Prof. Denise Ogden ENG 115 28 October 2012 Summary and Personal Response: On Becoming a Writer Mr. Russell Baker is a professional writer whose writings have earned him the Pulitzer Prize on more than one …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 668
Pages 3
Summary and Personal Response

Jessica shares that in her early years growing up on a farm made her feel efferent from the other kids especially during recess as she felt “not being able to participate in school activities like my friends makes me feel left out and depressed” (Hammerer …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 439
Pages 2
Citizen Kane – Personal Response

Citizen Kane is an American drama film released in 1941. It follows the life of the main character, Charles Foster Kane, and the investigation into “rosebud” – the last word spoken before his death. Kane was a wealthy newspaper tycoon who lived a reserved lifestyle; …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 874
Pages 4
Girl Against the Jungle Personal Response

The plane crashed and Juliann was thrown out into the open air. She lost conscious senses. There were moments where I really admired Julienne. Even though she was 10 SST in the Amazon Jungle, she still remained calm and determined. When she woke up a …

JunglePersonalPersonal Response
Words 168
Pages 1
Brokeback Mountain personal response

Whilst watching the film Bareback Mountain, I became frustrated at the mall characters, Jack and Nines. This frustration was because of an evident idea in the film that I agree strongly with, Sexuality is not a choice. ‘ This idea made me realize how lucky …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 809
Pages 4
Thirteen Reasons Why: Personal Response

Reading this book was a moving and very emotional experience for me, being able to connect and heavily relate to the feelings and emotions of the two main characters helped me to understand every word I was reading. First of all, I really liked the …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 956
Pages 4
Personal Response on Sexual Identity

I am guided by the pursuit of pleasure because I prefer to do what feels right rather than what is best. I answer to my gut feeling or listen to my heart if you will. Was raised to do what Is best for me and …

PersonalPersonal ResponseSexual Identity
Words 1471
Pages 6
Personal Response to Obama’s Inauguration Speech

Throughout the speech, Obama maintains the theme of small things being able to grow into anything. In the section entitled “Victory for the People”, this is very much present, as he describes how his campaign “didn’t start with much money”, and didn’t begin in grand …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 534
Pages 3
Personal Response to Cold Comfort Farm

What was a main theme in the novel and how can it be applied to my lifestyle? Cold Comfort Farm is a novel centred around recently orphaned Flora Poste who goes to stay with her cousins living on a farm. I thought that a reoccurring …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 1031
Pages 5
Malorie Blackman- Noughts and Crosses Personal Response

Noughts and Crosses- Malorie Blackman The book Noughts and Crosses is a sitting on the fence sort of book for me. The writing of it hooked you in and made you think but I absolutely hated what happened in the end. The plot was good …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 577
Pages 3
Eveline – James Joyce (Short Personal Response)

“Eveline”, is a story about a 19 year old girl who diligently reflects on the life she has had residing in the same town (in Dublin) with her siblings, everyone she knows, and her abusive father whom she labours excessively for to support. This is …

PersonalPersonal Response
Words 982
Pages 4

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A personal response is an essay in which you describe and analyze your own thoughts and feelings about a reading. The personal response is usually one of the first assignments in a beginning writing course. It teaches you to think about what you are reading and then ask yourself why you feel that way.

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