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The world is globalized and competition has raised its level to the greatest extent. This issue makes the producers and the employers to think for themselves only. This high completion has made people very selfish and cruel towards people.

Ethics has no importance in the life of people any more. The world has become corporate and has become a business place where ethics has no place and no importance. The firms and the owners only find ways for earning more profit and give tough competition to their competitors. This business market has led the ordinary men to be very selfish and humanity does not exist any more in most of the places of the world.

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As I am an employee of a reputed company and throughout my career I have been taught that ethics and humanity are the only principles of life. I during my career tried my level best to follow my ethics and create an example for others in the surrounding too.

During my school life, my college life, in my university career and even in my job I tried my best to follow ethics and stay touched to it. But unfortunately, a time came when I had to challenge my ethics and become a business man of this present world. I had to do a thing which was against my ethics but I could not help to give up as a result my career and job was in danger and I had no choice other than doing the act which my mind was not ready to perceive and follow.

Working in the force or navy of any country makes a person feel very proud and fill with dignity. The person who works in force should be loyal for the nation. He should always work as loyal person and keep the affairs of the nation a secret from different nations. The defense force which I have served, has given me numerous places where I could cheat my ethics and become disloyal.

This disloyalty could make me rich in moments but my ethics did not allow me. Sincerity and loyalty are the two elements which I practiced since I am working in the defense force.

This loyalty remained only until I was true. I had to perform the unlawful act of giving the secret detail of finance and accounts of the defense force to another nation because I had no option. I was stuck within thoughts and my feelings. My senses were not working. I didn’t want to disclose the facts and figures of the defense force but due to the pressure I did it.

Today if even I think why I did this I only recall the time I was threatened by the culprits and conspiracies were planned against me and my family. My family was in danger and for the sake of saving their lives I disowned myself from my responsibilities. I was pressurized from those people that if I did not give the details of the nation my family would face threats and dangers.

As a human being my family was very important for me and I did not was to lose them, so I did perform this inhuman act for which I can never forgive my self. I feel that I am a culprit and I should be punished for what I have done. I went against my ethics and became disloyal towards my work and my soul.

I did something my soul was not permitting me to perform. In the conclusion I can only state that ethics should be maintained but the world has become very corrupted and fast that normal human beings serving ethics and humanity cannot live.

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