Personal Statement Essay Examples

Personal Statement Essay Examples

A personal statement essay is a piece of writing that presents an applicant to a college admission committee. Why do you need this particular major? How do you want to use your knowledge in the future? Why would you be a good fit for this college?

The beauty of such papers is that there is no right or wrong approach - it's personal, so who can fight it? However, you need to argue why you think this way and not the other and what makes you stick to this particular idea.

Wonder how to write such a paper to get a good grade? Here, have a look at these personal statement essay examples that will answer this question. The personal statement essay for college is an assignment that is usually given to know more about the students and to hear their thoughts, so pay attention to how to shape yours in the text that will stand out.

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Personal statement for nursing

As the first child growing up in a Chinese family In a predominantly minority Oakland community, I watched my grandfather take countless prescribed medications for Illnesses from cancer and thyroid Issues, and being Diabetic. Noticing the medicine cabinet full of drugs made me question what …

NursingPersonal Statement
Words 566
Pages 3
My Motivation To Pursuing MBA In International Business and Finance

In the pursuit of reaching the target I have personally set, I have decided to take up an MBA program in International Business and Finance. As a graduate of B. S. Marketing and Electronic Commerce from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, I am …

MotivationPersonal Statement
Words 661
Pages 3
Professional Aspirations and Personal Statement

T Professional Aspirations and Personal Statement I truly believe that every individual on-this earth is called to help one another. It may be something so-simple- as to-tell a-friend that they matter when they’re having a-bad day, or something huge as in dedicating your life-to tell …

LoveMotivationPersonal Statement
Words 632
Pages 3
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Personal Statement: Expo Reading and Writing

I’m not a leader In ASB for the awards or admiration, although I respect those few who do choose to lead for the credibility. I don’t lead for the satisfaction, although my never ending smile at the end of a good rally indicates otherwise. I …

Personal Statement
Words 675
Pages 3
Personal Statement for an English Course

English Personal Statement “That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong. ” F. Scott Fitzgerald. I suppose that’s why people love literature so much, it gives …

Personal Statement
Words 593
Pages 3
Economics Personal Statement Example for LSE

Due to the high competition to study at The London School of Economics and Political Science (ELSE) having a good personal statement is vital. You’ll be competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other pupils all with grades as high as yours. Your personal statement …

CompetitionPersonal StatementSport
Words 354
Pages 2
USCGA Personal Statement

The Coast Guard Academy is my primary choice for college right after high school because of its excellence in higher education. If accepted into the Academy, I expect the four years of being a cadet to be very rigorous and challenging. I know that the …

Personal Statement
Words 367
Pages 2
International Development Personal Statement

A degree In International studies will Improve my understanding of the impact of education, health, human rights, the environment, economics, conflict, and other fields on development as well as the Impact of under development on those fields. In Dalton, the multi-adolescently nature of the subject …

GlobalizationPersonal StatementPovertySustainability
Words 509
Pages 3
Personal Statement Critique Essay

In order to fulfilling my dream and preparing for my work career, my target of studying abroad Is to accept the professional courses’ trailing. And the program of management or some other subjects In business school would be my first choice. There are three advantages …

Personal StatementTeacher
Words 671
Pages 3
Personal Statement: Who Am I?

Olivia in the dictionary, and you might find; noun, a female given name. From the Latin word olive. But this name doesn’t define me. I could also tell you all the things I do; school, yearbook, HOSE President & Treasurer, but those don’t define me …

Personal Statement
Words 307
Pages 2
LLM Personal Statement

Dear Sir: Early in life, I knew that I would become a successful lawyer. When I was a child, I had a picture of myself reading “The Little Book of Lawyers”. The book is a simple introduction to law that was written to make it …

JusticeLawyerPersonal Statement
Words 820
Pages 4
Foster Care Personal Statement

I entered the foster care system at age 4 due to my birth mothers drug problems. I was immediately adopted to a family of 12 before I could even understand the reality of my own life. It hit quick when I was old enough to …

Foster CarePersonal Statement
Words 432
Pages 2
Statement of Purpose/ Personal Statement

The world’s economies are facing many challenges and there is an urgent need for quick, effective solutions to address these never-ending issues in order to safeguard the lives of billions of people whose lives depend on it. Therefore, choosing economics does not come as a …

AccountingPersonal StatementUniversity
Words 572
Pages 3
Samla’s Personal Statement

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart – this you will build your life by, and this you will become. ” These very powerful words, written by James Allen, are a perfect description of how I …

AccountingMotivationPersonal Statement
Words 1071
Pages 5
Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to be considered for admission to the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program as I possess all the qualities needed for me to become successful in my future career. At present, I am …

Information SystemsPersonal Statement
Words 658
Pages 3

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