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Growing up without the presence and help of a father seemed to be pretty difficult for me and for the rest of my family. My father passed away when I was 13 years old and since then my mother had to raise me and my other two siblings with all the best she can. We were able to go to school and study with my mother’s perseverance for us to finish our studies. She has high hopes and dreams for the three of us. I am currently an undergraduate majoring in Chemistry and I intend to apply in the school of pharmacy.

I believe that having a major in chemistry is also a footstep and a good preparation for me to take pharmacy and be a pharmacist someday in the future, since both two majors and field are connected to each other. Furthermore, I realized and see myself far more interested in becoming a pharmacist instead of a chemist. When I was in Taiwan, I worked to be able to sustain my family’s needs and support myself in school since my mother is the only one raising me and my other two siblings.

She sacrificed a lot just for us to live a normal life and give us all our needs. From then, I decided to work so that I can save money and send myself to College and earn a degree and fly someday with flying colors. Getting a college degree is one of my major goals right now. I came all the way from Taiwan in order to pursue my dreams in the future. I took the risk of studying here in the U. S. because I believe that the education here will give me a lot of opportunities whenever I go and whatever I do after earning and finishing a degree.

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Ever since when I was a child, I already learned to value education, as my parents especially my mother taught us and always reminds us that education is one of the most important things in the world. She believes that giving the best education to children is the greatest treasure that a parent can give to their child. That is why I highly value and treasure education. One evidence is that since elementary days, I am always included and counted as one of the top students in our class.

My mother has instilled in our minds that even though we are not financially blessed we should still be thankful that we can study and go to school and build our dreams in the future unlike any other kids and people who do not have the privilege to go to school and have the opportunity to be successful in their life. Thus, making me strive harder not only in school but to everything that I do as well, I always want to make my father and mother proud. As I have mentioned above, valuing education and studying really hard gave me a lot of recognition in school.

Elementary, middle school, high school and college, throughout those years I was able to maintain a high grade on all of my subjects and made my parents especially my mother proud of what I have achieved. I am also proud of myself that I was able to keep up on school even though I was working while studying that time in Taiwan. It was a very difficult time but I was able to manage and made it. Being a working student is the only way I know to be able to continue my studies and help and repay my mother as well for all the sacrifices and hardships she faced from the time my father died and she shouldered everything.

Making it to the College of arts and Sciences is one thing I consider to be an academic excellence. Not to mention, I was also a dean’s list on 2007-fall semester and joined the chemistry school department symposium once this year. I am also a lifelong volunteer in a Taiwanese social organization that aims to take care of impoverished individuals in persistent vegetative state (PVS) that suffers and having a difficult time in nursing home environments.

It breaks my heart to see the patients/ senior citizens in that place, that is why I took the opportunity to volunteer and extend my help, love, care and concern for those patients who needed it. By next year, I am planning to join the school tutor program to be able to teach math and chemistry courses and help other students. I believe that I have the knowledge and the skill to do it, thus making me feel confident to join such programs in school. Acquiring a GPA of 3. 5 as an international student makes me feel confident and qualified to apply in the Carl D. and Peggy G. Pursell scholarship program.

I realized that entering in pharmacy school is what I really want in the future. Being a pharmacist is not just an ordinary career, it is one of the most important jobs in the society. Having the full interest of taking this major gives me strength and hope to be able to take and finish it in the required period of time. It is just the problem of financial matters that hinders me to achieve all my dreams and goals in the future. Because my mother is already old and retired from her work, the only financial support I can get is from my mother’s pension and from the money that I saved way back when I was still working in Taiwan.

Since I am a student here, that does not give me the authority to work and earn money to support myself in school and all my basic needs. For that reason, I believe that having the opportunity to be a scholar, I will be able to continue my studies and later have a degree in pharmacy as I have promised to my mother. I promised that she will be proud of me because sooner or later, I will be graduating and will have the chance to fulfill all my dreams and my mother’s dreams for me. I want to make my mother proud.

I have a very strong commitment to education; I believe that if I am granted with the Carl D. and Peggy G. Pursell Scholarship, I will be able to earn an unyielding grade point average and graduate with the skills and experience I will need to build my career as a pharmacist. I strongly believe that this university will provide me necessary knowledge to enhance my capabilities and help me improve and develop my skills. As I regard education with utmost importance, I will make sure not to waste any of my time in taking this major.

I am prepared to perform all my tasks as a student. I am confident that I will be able to finish my major and become a successful pharmacist with the help of this scholarship program if ever I will be granted with it. I am ready to serve and help people with all the knowledge and skills that I have acquired and will learn later in the course of pursuing pharmacy and I hope that I will be granted this scholarship so that I can continue my studies and build a good future for myself and for the rest of my family, most especially for my mother.

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