Personal Statement for School of Allied Medical Professions

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For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in working as a healthcare professional.  Like most children, I was at first interested in the glamour of being a doctor, maybe a surgeon, and saving a person’s life each and every time I worked--just like every doctor on every television program for the last two generations, I would be both loved and respected by the people I treated.

Over time, of course, a more realistic perspective came into being.  I learned that there were choices other than being the beloved and good-natured general practitioner and the witty and fascinating surgeon.

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This awareness has sharpened my interest in being a member of the healthcare profession, however, now that I am aware of just how many people contribute in so many different capacities.  Having learned more about the field of respiratory therapy, I am convinced that it is an area in which I can truly make a difference.

Unlike many other areas in the healthcare professions, an individual with a baccalaureate degree in respiratory therapy can actually help people change their lives.

At that level of study, a person can work either in clinical or non-clinical fields, opening a wide realm of possibilities for future careers from patient care to research to education.  Respiratory therapy requires its practitioners to be both skilled and educated, not only in the very basics of anatomy and physiology, but also in the use of a variety of physical skills and the knowledge to use wide range of sometimes complex equipment.

I foresee this degree as one that will launch me on a long-term career in which being a therapist is only the beginning.  I know that I will be able to not only enjoy my work in this field; however, I also know that it will give me the opportunity to build on what I have learned and broaden the reach that I have to be of use to those in need.

With a degree from OSU and the entry level licensure that such a degree will allow me to obtain, I know that I would possess the tools that would enable me to be in charge of my own professional destiny.

This ability to grow and either diversify or specialize is of great importance to me.  I know that, as a student, it is impossible for me to learn all that I either need to or wish to learn at this level of education.  I have a curious nature and a drive to succeed, both of which should be of benefit in pursuing this lifelong dream of working in healthcare.

I also feel that my desire to continue my studies in the future can only help me succeed in a rapidly progressing and changing field.  Continuing education units are not only required by many places of employment to maintain an individual’s position; in my opinion they are also a necessity to keep up with the improvements in techniques and technology if one is truly interested in continuing to serve one’s patients in the best manner possible.

I believe that the program at Ohio State University will give me the background that I require to make an excellent start in my field of choice.  I feel that its limited intake of students would enable me to get the guidance that I would need to excel in the field of my choice when I enter the workforce.

I also feel that I can benefit greatly from the wide variety of clinical experiences offered at OSU as I explore what area of respiratory therapy in which I can best offer my skills and knowledge.  Finally, I am excited by the opportunities for research and the possibility to sit for an entry-level licensure exam in my senior year.

I realize that both of these opportunities will help me hit the ground running after graduation and help propel me forward as I pursue my future in respiratory therapy.

At this point in my educational career, I have taken all of my general education requirements, including courses in biology, chemistry, calculus, physics, medical terminology, and others.  In this upcoming term I will be taking anatomy and physiology.  I feel that my record as a student speaks for itself.

From this point forward I realize that I must put all of my efforts into my education.  Studies in my major concentration will allow for few mistakes if I am to succeed in the future and will offer even fewer chances to correct mistakes if they are made.  With so few opportunities to enter the program I know it falls upon me not to waste the chance to finish this degree, if I am permitted the chance to begin.

  I am sure that I have the drive to achieve the goals that I have set for myself, as long as I am given the guidance and the knowledge that I need to further myself in my studies.  I am confident that the program at OSU will help me further myself as a student and as a professional in the years to come and would value the chance to learn from such a skilled professional team.

Previous to this term, I have taken the opportunity to volunteer at the Grant Medical Center, where I worked in the radiation oncology department.  Although it was not a volunteer opportunity in respiratory therapy, the 50 hours of clinical observation that I did in that area allowed me to see the treatments for bladder cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumors.

The experience both intrigued me and reinforced in me the desire to enter the healthcare field.  The patients’ will to survive and to thrive was astounding; the dedication that the people at Grant have to help them to survive and to thrive was inspiring.

To be honest, such dedication was also a bit frightening, as it occurred to me that there was a great deal of work and personal investment that accompanied it.  While daunting, I know that I am equal to the task ahead, both as a student and as a future professional.

I am confident that I have a lot to offer the healthcare profession and even more to offer the field of respiratory therapy.  I know that with my drive and my dedication to my studies that I can achieve my dreams of working in the healthcare field and can also be an asset to the class with which I study.  I look forward to studying with your fine program in the future.

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