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Personal Statement University MBA program

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It is no more new that the world’s most initiative providers are product of MBA graduate. It is only a man full of vision without direction will continue to aspire achievement from distant without pushing ahead into a reality. In the course of my seven years of experience in finance as well as extensive knowledge in areas of accounting, capital investment analysis, I discovered a huge necessity to study more in business education, and become a certified professional. When the choice of institution arises, I have got not to doubt the products of Hamline University from where I also graduated three years ago with evident of commendable testimonies displaced in my work place over the years.

From findings, Hamline University’s degree curriculum is such an outstanding one. It is full of current need of a blue chip company who really strives to maintain standard and leverage proficiency among equals. This definitely must have been mapped out from substantive reports of continual research. In line with the aim of the institution, Hamline Uiversity’s MBA program became interesting to attend when Linda Hanson, Hamline President, declares that the program is aimed at producing the best trait in business education that will also radiates an excellent aura of critical thinking skills of a well-educated person. I sincerely believed this is of much important to a leader to put up good leadership skills in the present world where the dare need for one is yet unresolved.

I have a vision, a mission coupled with the direction of a platform to fulfill the vision. It is all about becoming a professional in strategic management. While studying Master of Art in Management, courses like Foundations in Management & Leadership, Human Resource Management for Business and Managerial Communications most especially sustain the  aged passion to live a carrier in strategic management. With the recent diagnosis of integration insufficiency as the major challenge to MBA programs in Hamline University (Dean Julian Schuster), the new proposition to blend the business education into four 16-week module plus one 16-week specialization session seems promising.

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Further more, the plan to amalgamate finance, accounting, marketing and operations with leadership development and strategic analysis and ethical practices will help out in the corporate business. The proposed curriculum seems to be a continuation of my exposure during the Master program. I consider it a privilege to be part of the pioneering students of such great plan and bright prospect.

A leading industry like Hp Company has a well grounded strategic management as its engine. This is the open secret of success. Strategic management enhances high degree of perfection in harmonizing working-team to work out a target within stipulated expectation. Strategic management is simply the science of drafting, implementing and analyzing decisions from different angles to drive home the objectives of an organization. It involves execution of policies and principles to achieve organizational purpose.

It therefore combines the activities of various functional areas of business to achieve unified goal. It is the peak in management carrier performed by the Chief Executive Officer and the designated team(s). With the understanding of the high level of responsibilities and commitments required of my area of interest – strategic management, it is criminal to remain unsecured with the professional skills necessary for good service delivery to humanity and God. I hereby write to continue the mentoring I earlier enjoyed in Hamline University, now in the direction of Master in Business Administration. Your anticipated consideration is appreciated.

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