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The world’s economies are facing many challenges and there is an urgent need for quick, effective solutions to address these never-ending issues in order to safeguard the lives of billions of people whose lives depend on it. Therefore, choosing economics does not come as a surprise given that; for the past seven years I have ensured and built a solid career in accounting which will definitely be applicable in the course. I have grasped the way the accounting system works, how numbers play a big role in the business world and how this figures impact on an individuals or country’s economy.

I have chosen to further my education at University of Wyoming undertaking a doctorate in economics because I feel confident that this course will greatly benefit me, it is more than a stepping stone in the advancement of my career and I know my personal qualities of being a hard worker, very resourceful and a great team player can be productively applied. My academic qualifications as seen in my transcripts show that I am passionate when it comes to my studies and always work towards achieving good grades. I attended King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia (2001-2005) where I successfully graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

In 2007, I enrolled at Johnson and Wales University, USA where I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration specifically in Global Business Leadership with concentrations in accounting. In my studies I have gained knowledge on a number of areas that are essential in this course which include: auditing, corporate taxation, strategic and effective communication, laws of accounting, professional ethics, and strategic services in marketing and financial management. All this and some of the undergraduate courses especially the few arts disciplines and research will go a long way in helping me understand the course more.

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My work experience at Almutawa Press Company from 2002 to 2005 gave me an opportunity to know how businesses operate and how the skills we learn in school are very necessary in any organization. I am very reliable when it comes to completing tasks and in meeting tight and strict deadlines. Furthermore, I can multi-task and prioritize and my pride lies in a job well done. I possess a highly dependable attitude that is both strong and professional which enables me to strive and excel in a fast paced, high volume and stressful working environment.

Other than education and work, I have had the privilege of learning and living in a different country from where I was born and this has enabled me to interact with people from different parts of the world. I have embraced different cultures and practices and my experiences with them have made me a better person in terms of being more knowledgeable in matters other than academics and at the same time appreciative of other people’s views on life as well as knowing how different economies operate with regards to the policies they use.

I have great plans for my future since my aim is to come up with better economic policies that will be used all over the world and work with great companies and individuals. It will be a great honor joining and advancing my career at University of Wyoming and be part of a world class teaching and research institution that is focused on helping people build their careers professionally while equipping them with skills that last a life time.

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