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My life has been full of wonderful experiences, which have led to my personal growth and development. Many of the activities I have engaged in are extremely important to me and have influenced me in positive ways, however, one that stands out in my mind is when I assisted my father at his office.

My father is a successful businessperson, and through observation, I was able to learn everything that went on inside a business environment and was inspired and intrigued. From business administration, to accounting, to employee relationships, I did not expect to learn so much during my short time there.

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However, this activity was extremely important, as it led me to my decision today to follow in my father’s footsteps and seriously study the field of business in a university setting. My wonderful sister, who has impressively obtained her Master’s Degree in International Business, has also inspired me.

Prompt Two: “Why are you planning to transfer to USC?”

My academic interests are varied and run the gamut in the field of business, however, I am most interested in studying Business Administration. Such studies at the University of Southern California will further enrich my knowledge and skills regarding business and how to thrive in a various business environments.

I desire to attend the University of Southern California, as it is ranked one of the best schools in the United States, therefore the university’s reputation is amazing. I believe I will learn so much by studying at the University of Southern California, which will lead to an incredible career in the business world. Each of these factors has drawn me to a school where I believe I will thrive and grow while studying my chosen field of business and making my father and family extremely proud. .

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