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International Development Personal Statement

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A degree In International studies will Improve my understanding of the impact of education, health, human rights, the environment, economics, conflict, and other fields on development as well as the Impact of under development on those fields. In Dalton, the multi-adolescently nature of the subject will enable me to explore options for later speculation. My Interest In International development has arisen out of my experiences as a child when I was fortunate to spend extended periods of time In Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In Thailand and Cambodia I became aware of the plight of refugees and displaced populations. In Vietnam I learnt about the effects of war on the population and the continuing effect of Agent Orange. I also became aware of the difficulties faced by ethnic minorities who don't speak the national language and don't have the same rights as the majority of citizens. From my experiences in South East Asia I can see that although we live in a globalizes world, the benefits of globalization are not spread equally between countries or within countries.

Studying International Development will help me better understand why some countries have become developed, some are in the process of developing and some have not developed at all. I would like to understand the satirical forces like colonization, the impact of political systems like socialism and capitalism and the politics of aid such as why some countries receive help while others do not. In addition to understanding the causes of poverty and inequality, I want to understand how to change things for the better.

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I would like to learn about sustainable ways of lifting people out of poverty and ensuring their basic human rights. I would also like to understand how to ensure that social development doesn't harm the environment. A special interest that I have is to understand how best to assist people in emergencies like natural disasters and war and how to help them recover in the long term. The B programmer has enabled me to study a range of subjects from the fields of science and the humaneness rather than confining me to one specific field.

I think that this Is excellent preparation for study of a multi- disciplinary course like International Development and topics such as politics, gender, economics, the environment and other global Issues. Although I have found the B programmer challenging, I have appreciated the opportunity It has provided to evolve critical thinking skills and Independent study skills as well as to broaden my outlook on the world in general.

I feel the academic rigor of the B programmer has prepared me well for the challenges of undergraduate study. I am a keen sports seasons. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. I have enjoyed the greater independence given to students at The Henley College compared to the strict learning styles of conventional schools. I now feel ready to take on the challenge of university study and look forward to making the most of the opportunities that the study of a degree in international development will bring.

International Development Personal Statement essay

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