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Sale University and University of Santos Thomas. Linkman eventually returned to the motherland to study Philippine Literature and colonial history at UP Dilemma Some of his novels are Rolling the Or's. Kayak Press (1995) Prime Time Apparitions. Hanging Loose Press (2005) The Evolution of a Sigh. Hanging Loose Press (2008) Lech. Coffee House Press (2011). II. A Summary of the Novel The story is about a Filipino-American named Vince who left the Philippines to live in Hawaii at the age often years old with his siblings Jinn, aged eleven and Alvin who had Just turned nine.

The story started when Vine's friend Edgar told him to Join Mr.. Pogo in Hawaii so that he could win a trip back home in motherland Philippines. After winning second place in the said pageant he was able to go back home. In Manila, He meets Bins Boca, Sister Marie and Kuris Aquinas, the daughter of the late President, Carbon Aquinas, who is also known as the "Massacre Queen". Having gifted with good looks he easily gain entrance in the Manila High Society and having the chance to be interviewed Kuris herself but there he realized he doesn't belong there, he doesn't along in the Philippines.

Being home sick and all he tried reaching out to his sibling by sending post cards back to Hawaii and there he reconcile with his past - his childhood back in San Vaccine with his Loll, the one person whom he really had emotional connection to. In the end, he eventually goes back to San Vaccine to his hometown after his maid Burnett quite some time been telling him to go back. He eventually came home when he gave in to barbiturate's advice. He was mad at Loll AY for sending him to Honolulu, Hawaii but to his surprise he found out that all those ears he spent in Hawaii Loll AY was sick.

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All those years he thought Loll AY was healthy and strong. All his questions were answered upon returning home and he asked forgiveness to Loll AY. Ill. Analysis Literature is an art form in a way that it invokes within each of us a different perceptions that is unique to an individual. Every individual has his own point of view, a window in which we view the world. Therefore, the way we see literature is the same as viewing the same star, however, from different parts of the world. Same star, but a different angle.

Art for me is a mouth of a hundred people speaking loudly and differently in sync, because we see art as it is physically but the way we think of it is never the same. We give them all different meaning in our different points of view. I could say that this story is easy to read so I could gladly recommend this to peers. The story is peace and the actions are always interesting. Even I didn't take more than five or six sittings to read it entirety. The book is narrative and is a prose which made it easier to understand than poetry which has deep words and having implied meanings which made it harder to find its real meaning.

As we could see on the cover of the book, is a Jeep. It's not real, it is a wooden engraved Jeep which is usually found in a Philippine gift shops since a Jeep has a big role played in every Filipinos lives. They use this as a mode of transportation but they still have to deal with the traffic. Just this semester I have experienced a sensation of extreme laughter with facts stated in the story, problems of the 3rd world countries. He was able to put witty Jokes within serious situations within our country today.

Example: he rotating brown outs and him (Vince) having to resort to alternative ways to get more water for rinsing of; the melted ice and the left over mineral water in the pitcher he found in the refrigerator. Though people in the Philippines have to pump waters in a big bin to prepare themselves for the brownout and water rotation. Or having to ride the Jeep for commuters. We all know that many Filipinos are now migrating to 1st world countries seeking a better future, but! There would always be this feeling of home sickness. Missing those thing grew up with, being far away from your comfort zone.

It's not a great feeling. I remember in the story where it's stated that "you're not a Filipino if you haven't ridden a Jeep before". This part of the story is another trivia given in the novel. Another fact is that no Jeep is the same as the other. They may be alike in terms of brand, having the same entrance but its decoration differs. This shows the creativity of the pinots. A Jeep was left by the Americans after the world war II and the Filipinos bought them from the Americans, looking dull, the Filipinos thought of decoration it.

Up until now this is still practiced Hough in my opinion the Jeep is the least effective mode of transportation, stopping in every possible passengers, having a far rotation and is mainly the cause of traffic because of stopping Just anywhere anytime. Even the thought of Papas City Mall, Harrison plaza, Quip church where Vince and Kuris the massacre queen met gives a lot of memories back. In the things I have shared in my last paragraph I have shown a little about the book. The book describes the contemporary Philippine life which brings up memories and associations of the life lived by our parents not so Eng ago.

This book for me is highly relatable because the way I see it majority of professionals, even non-professionals, leave the country seeking a better life. Upon reading this book it could bring back a lot of long forgotten memories of the foreigners once called Filipinos. It is an unfortunate event in the country that almost at least one member in the family leaves for abroad leaving them home sick and depressed. Those who seek being found in a world which you feel you do not belong to this book is the best to, those so called Offs are best audience for this novel.

The book Lech is a good book since the author actually wrote it through firsthand experience. Since he left the Philippines he felt homesick and wrote a book about what he could remember about motherland. It shows that you should appreciate what you have now until it's all gone. When he was able to step on motherland steps he wasn't getting any of what he is expecting yet he still is feeling happy having to reconnect to his past and remembering the moments he had with his 1010, even those he has with his siblings back when they were still a child.

The main point of this story s that even if you've been far from home for a long long period of time there would always be a little of yourself left in that place that you'd long to meet again and someday you'd dream of seeing that place you once knew and loved. Just like everyone says "there's no place like home" and even though he's attained a lot in his recent location going home is still worth more than anything in the world, knowing that in San Vaccine is once his and his grandfather's domain he would always wonder back to the feelings he had way back with his LOLL.

Everyone knew he had this facial connection with his grandfather a love so strong that they bond by reading books. Even in silence they feel their special connections that they have because his grandfather is all his got after being left by his parents when they went to Hawaii. Another fun fact about it is the tourist tips. It really is a good books for balalaika's who is like Vince who is unable to come back home in a very long time. These tips actually are really useful if you're a foreigner or a balalaikas to give you a heads up if you're clueless of what you might deal with upon returning to the Philippines.

It's really interesting how he really expressed those fun facts about the Philippines as well as the people in the place. Many parts of the book shows Vince having flashbacks. Since he was unable to come home in thirteen years he had a lot of recollecting to do. Simply manila gave him a lot of reminiscing but of course it was always in his home town where all his memories are stored. The book is still applicable in modern times. Those past experiences shared in the book is still relevant in the lives of many people traversing our 7, 107 islands today.

Socialites, lovelier, separation from implies, poverty, government, immigration of professionals still at large. Reading a book where you can relate to is one thing about a book. Reading something and in the middle you'll be saying "ay lam OK yang! " "antipodean OK yang! ' "ay tama nag! Gangway nag Yuan! " is a great feeling because you get to know the inner you. You as a citizen of this fair country. One of the main problem is sexuality, the acceptance of the 3rd gender. Another thing is he showed how gays are, for me they are still of the same gender, male/female, who are misunderstood.

Is it because they act as the opposite of what the masses think a gender should act they should see it as a wrong doing? This book makes us realize to be more open-minded about serious things happening around us. An epic end to this epic essay, Lech in Spanish is milk yet in this story it symbolizes many things like the bar where Vince wanted Dante to take him after being drunk or as an expression used when shocked or mad. Though this book means different things, in my opinion like the expression we usually use LECH being a part of our culture, like Vince whatever happens the Philippines will always be a big in his life.

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