Managing Workplace Safety and Health

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Nowadays, there are so many countries that have a problem with the employment of their citizens. The government of some countries can not manage to provide them with the jobs that would help them finance their living and their needs. The lack of job opportunities enables stagnation of the potential of the people thus disables the manpower of a certain country to grow and develop. Clearly, there are also so many problems that arise with this very serious unemployment.

First, the resources of the country might not be used into its fullest since there are no funds for the farming or whatever job that do not require much machines or infrastructures, like with the farms and forests. Secondly, the population can increase unreasonably since people who might be just spending their time enjoying the dominion that God has permitted us with, to spread the good news and to multiply and recreate. Third, the people in a certain country might want to have a strike for their officials who do not have that potential to provide them what they need in their lives and that is to suffice the need to eat, by which I can recall as one of the primary needs of a person. Thus, this situation may lead to war making the country unfit for peaceful living.

Speaking of War, we all know that Iraq is a place where some atrocities and turmoil is present because of the terrorism issue that other countries accuse them. The war has already damaged a lot of natural resources and even killed a thousand lives, whether Iraqi or other people with different nationalities that worked in Iraq. Those people who just wanted to earn something to provide their family financial support, those who already have the potentials and risked their fate by trusting that they will be safe in Iraq, were unlucky to have killed brutally by the guns and bombs that the war have given.

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The unemployment that is mentioned above is also a way why such people were killed in this country. Those countries that do not have enough slots for their people tend to send those unemployed to Iraq to find money; hence what they can find is death. Their willingness to sacrifice for their families is equaled by the threats that they might encounter upon arriving at the country that could make them be drained, drained emotionally and even physically.

Part of this paper is to analyze how the HR Managers treat this kind of situation aside from the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of unemployed citizens. Do they really intend to help these persons and their families or they are just for the benefit of their commissions given that those companies in Iraq, or their companies that have other bases or branch in Iraq pay double or triple times the price of a normal salary in a peaceful country? There were analyses on how these people deal with the situation given that there are really many things that are being risked in this country, Iraq.

The first question goes on how the HR’s are being influenced for this kind of risking. I think, aside from the fact that working abroad is something really adventurous to most people in the world, it is the deal that goes with the case, that is someone will have to work in Iraq and he/she will be provided of certain benefits that will encourage even his/her family to support that endeavor.

There could be lots of offers that they may put into their contracts upon the acceptance of the application of those apprentices. Having so many bombings, it is not a joke to really invest one of your feet just for the sake of money, which is also one of the motivations of the HR managers that they too are risking their credibility to people who might want to work for their company. From the article of Susman saying that there really are bombings in Iraq, there are already so many warnings for the people who would want to give their best shots in Iraq. They will be heroes if they will be killed because of their loving hearts for their families.

Giving the unemployed jobs in Iraq might also be a way to decrease the number of populations residing on an overpopulated country, with that intention of course that is hidden by the administration. If this is to be transferred, I think, some Hr managers can just gather these people who want to work in Iraq for big money and just give them something more difficult than letting them face the mask of death and even the haunting black man carrying a knife or a sword. Here, we can say that there are still ways to make them safe of the trouble of the war, that is to wait until the issue between Iraq and the other countries fade. As with the article of Whitaker, there was a military man who will have punishments for being the cause of fatalities with some women and children in Iraq.

In my point of view, the danger of risking someone else’s life with the kind of wage the HR Managers are promising their employees is not worth the existence of those beings. It is very difficult to raise a child and give him/her the education that he/she opt to have at their young age. Those people would always want to have something to apply their education and for the unfortunate who resides on countries with scarcity of jobs in turn be working on a country that promises only threats to their emotional and physical beings.

Perhaps it can strengthen the spiritual aspects of that person that they will be able to call the Father Almighty every now and then to protect them with the harms not only the war can give them but by their bosses who might be influenced by the present turmoil in Iraq. I think, the benefits they will be getting in working in Iraq shall just be placed in funds that will enable that state or country make or build establishments that will provide them the money they need. Sometimes, courage is not measured by facing the most scary things in life but by looking for ways to solve the different struggles we encounter every day no matter how easy or complicated they are.

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