5 Ways Workplace Safety is Shifting in the Digital Age

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Last Updated: 10 May 2020
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Everything is changing in the digital age, from the way we do things in our personal lives to the way we do things at work. In the work category, one thing definitely undergoing change in this digital age is workplace safety.


Fortunately, many of the issues we used to worry about have faded because we now have updated the ways we stay safe in the workplace. Here is how workplace safety is shifting in the digital age.

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1. Better metal detectors

Many places of business now have walk-through metal detectors to ensure no one is bringing guns, knives or any other dangerous weapons into the workplace. When you walk through one of these metal detectors with something you shouldn't, the detector will find it.

This is the first step for protecting the workplace. And it is rare to get anything dangerous past these detectors because those we have today are superior to the ones we had in the past -- able now to detect the tiniest piece of metal.

2. Bulletproof glass

Many banks and other financial institutions now have bulletproof glass windows. This is another way the into the digital age. Bulletproof glass can protect bank tellers and others serving the public. They can also work hand-in-hand with metal detectors. .

3. Stepped-up security

Most places of business have not only the traditional security guard (or guards) but, increasingly, digital security cameras. Motion lights are another modern security feature. In combination, these tools protect your place of business from the outside in.

If burglars get past the motion lights and security guards, they will still be recorded on the security cameras. 

4. Laser safety curtains

Along with bulletproof glass, there are also to keep the workplace safe. For example, criminals and other trespassers might get through the walk-through metal detector, although this is rare, but the laser curtains will likely stop them. You never know when you will need that little bit of extra security.


5. 3D visualization technology

With 3D visualization technology, you can see potential threats before they even happen. This technology helps you prepare for issues "you didn't see coming."

Using warning signs to keep employees safe

Another way to keep your workplace safe is to incorporate  on signs and product labels. These educate employees about the different machinery in the workplace, including its operating instructions; they educate customers about product safety.

URLs and QR codes can be printed on a sign posted in the workplace or on a label placed on a machine, which, when scanned by employees, offers additional information. This way, they know the proper way to use machines to avoid injury.

You never know what may happen 

These tools not only help employees stay , but may also increase productivity. Technology continues to advance every day. 


In sum, it is always better to be . And, here, the digital age is playing a big role in the safety every one of us wants and expects.

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