Essays on Fraud

Essays on Fraud

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Fraud in the Insurance Industry

Fraud is not a new topic in the insurance industry. Much has been said about fraud. Fraud in recent times has become more complex and widespread in a variety of forms. Statistics show that fraud accounts for about 10 percent of the all the total …

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The Doctrine of Separate Legal Personality

“The doctrine of ‘separate legal personality’, as embodied in Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22, has been fatally undermined by the number of subsequent exceptions to it.” Discuss this statement, stating whether you agree or disagree, in whole or in part, and …

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The potential impact of the Economic Crime Agency

Introduction The economic crisis of recent years has lead to a heightened focus on tackling financial criminality, also known as ‘white collar crime’. According to D.Leigh and R.Evans, “Ministers are publicly committed to merging the Serious Fraud Office, plus part of the Financial Services Agency …

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Investment Fraud

Charles Ponzi will forever infamously known as the con man of the 1920’s. Ponzi dealt with numerous amounts of investors who all trusted him to make them a profit on their investments. Unfortunately, Charles Ponzi was a crook from the start. He bought a total …

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Banking Industry In Nigeria essay

Traditionally, the role of banks whether in a developed or developing economy, consists of financial intermediation, provision of an efficient payments system and serving as conduit for the implementation of monetary policies. In view of the importance of the banking sector in economic development and …

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Cyber-Crime In the Nigerian Banking Industry

Background to Project Over the years, the use of information communication technology has had a dramatic impact on almost all areas of human operation including, in particular, the banking and finance sector. To a certain extent, ICT can be seen to have simplified many of …

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Accounting Frauds

The exit of the old and the onset of the new millennium appeared to have put a number of American corporation s on the fraud spot initiated by Enron and Worldcom.  Sunbeam management led by its key officers Albert Dunlap and Russell Lersh followed suit …

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Your Data Breach Doesn’t Have to Produce Identity Theft

The odds are against all of us. If you have not already been notified that your personal information was involved in a data breach, then chances are you will be soon or your personal information was, indeed, compromised but it has not been discovered yet.The …

BankBurglaryCreditDataFraudIdentity Theft
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Current Health Care Issues

Current Health Care Issues HCS/545 Camille Fuller University of Phoenix The health care industry exist to provide preventative measures, diagnose health conditions, repair, and provide services to improve the quality of life. The cost of health care continues to rise each year. Health care fraud …

CrimeFraudHealth CareInsuranceMedicaid
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Solutions for Medium-Sized Community Bank

Abstract This report analyzes the phenomenon of data breaches, defines their types and reasons why they still exist, looks at their consequences, analyzes data breach chronology, and describes solutions for this problem that exist within the industry. The paper also proposes problem-solving strategies for mid-sized …

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Minor Signs Contract

As I have been doing business with Don on a steady basis. I would consider us to be in an Implied contract situation. Subtask, Brenna, Browne (2009) defines an implied contract as “established by the conduct of a party rather than by the party’s written …

Common LawContractFraud
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Informative Essay on Accounting Fraud at Worldcom

Accounting Fraud at WorldCom LDDS began operations in 1984 offering services to local retail and commercial customers in the southern states. It was initially a loss making enterprise, and thus hired Bernie J. (Bernie) Ebbers to run things. It took him less than a year …

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Importance of Awareness of the Security Knowledge

This assignment attempts to show the importance of awareness of the security knowledge that will make us more aware about threats like escrow services fraud, spasms and spoofing. There’s statistics demonstrates the recent trends of these types of threats that people usually face in the …

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The corporate culture at Enron

I do not think that Enron’s officers acted within the scope of their authority. This is because instead of choosing to own up to their mistakes and trying to salvage the situation, they buried themselves deeper into the ground with their lies and deception. They …

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WorldCom Fraud

When talking about fraud, first thing comes to mind is the business ethics in the accounting fields. People often think accounting fraud is caused by those ones with low moral standards, and its driven by the temptation of money. The fraud triangle covers three factors …

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