Essays on Unemployment

Essays on Unemployment

Unemployment is a big league and critical issue across various countries. One of the major economic problems faced by various countries is unemployment. Getting a job has been getting harder from time to time due to higher jobless rates. Such a condition is far worse and getting more concern by policymakers as well as economists across the years. Both parties are constantly monitoring and evaluating the current situation and taking actions to reduce the gravity of the situation based on the reliability and availability of information and statistics.

According to previous researchers, there are four common factors which affect greatly towards the unemployment rate. Those factors are inflation (INF), GDP growth (GDP), population (POP) and foreign direct investment (FDI). As the unemployment rate of any country does not reflect a healthy sign to the economy, therefore, this study is to figure out determinants majoring on macroeconomic factors that influence the unemployment rate across different countries.

People in today’s competitive market are actively searching for jobs and are mentally prepared for any kind of job provided at any level of wages. These people, if can’t find a job, the problem of unemployment arises. The large population often contributes towards higher unemployment rates within the country due to the lack of absorption capacity of the country. This issue has become an important subject matter for countries in recent decades. Generally, the government aims at the creation of working opportunities with all the available resources in the industries and regularly pays a lot of attention and concern on this issue as unemployment not only affects socio-economic situations of a country but could also lead to high emigration. If residents are unable to get a job in their home country, they attempt to work overseas if there are opportunities offered to them. Thus, the economic growth of a country would greatly be affected. In long-term, issues such as financial problems, crimination, poverty, inequality, standard of living and mentality may occur. While some countries have higher unemployment rates, there are countries that are performing very well. Best practices of such countries, if adopted by others, the overall development across the world can be boosted and hence living conditions can be improved.

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Food Insecurity: History & Background

Since 1990s food insecurity has been assessed and monitored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) at the federal level. Food insecurity is defined as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food,” (3) and remains distinct from …

DiscriminationFood InsecurityPovertyUnemployment
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Changes in North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into place on January 1, 1994 with the intent to allow free trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada without barriers. In theory, all three countries were expected to benefit equally from the implementation of the …

Words 1907
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Going to College is Not Easy Essay

Going to college is not easy. Apart from the great effort necessary to complete all requirements for graduation, the cost also keeps rising. For instance, it is not unusual for graduates today to face massive student debts even before they get their first job. It …

Going to CollegeNursingSalaryUnemployment
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Education and Income Inequality

This paper will have details on how a country can measure income inequality. The paper will have details about how unemployment and economic growth effect of income inequality on the U. S. economy; guesstimate the gap of degree holder and those that do not. Gaps …

Income InequalityPovertyUnemployment
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Unemployment, Poverty, and Income Inequality

Economic indicators are pieces of economic data, usually on a macroeconomic level, that help analyze an economy’s well-being. All economic indicators impact not only the economy, but the individuals in the society as well. These indicators may cause decreases in economic growth, negative effects on …

Income InequalityMacroeconomicsPovertyUnemployment
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Current Event: Coronavirus Oil Crash

In this Detroit article which is, “Saudi Arabia making oil output record is big” this is about Saudi Arabia increasing its oil by a lot of million barrels per day. (Detroit News) The lower oil prices made less demand in traveling by air because of …

Current EventInnovationUnemployment
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Unemployment and Labor-Market

Unemployment has always been a problem in society where money, and therefore a source of money, is essential for survival. Those individuals who are not able to find work are left without resources and capital with which they can support themselves or a family. Unemployment …

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Results of Socioeconomic Factors on Weapon Related Deaths

Gun violence touches every part of our life. Weapons make it convenient to kill a human being or a group of people within a short timeframe. It is found in the research that more than two-third of the murders are firearm related (Guis 1687). Normally, …

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Youth Empowerment in Cameroon

Every individual in Cameroon has the duty to take part in the development of the country. But because youth unemployment is becoming serious, it is difficult to really say that every individual in Cameroon contributes to its welfare. Today in Cameroon, there are so many …

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Institutional Factors Mean Std. Deviation Rank

Government policies and strategies that supports women’s participation in leadership are not adequate 3.76 1.253 3rd Women’s policy encourage women to participate in political leadership 3.77 1.284 2nd Affirmative action is not properly implemented to increase women participation in leadership 3.70 1.322 4th There is …

Essay ExamplesInterviewUnemployment
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What to Expect from Maine’s Economy

There are many changes that need to be made to improve the state of Maine’s economy. Some of these changes can be immediate changes, some are short term, and some are long term changes that will occur over this four-year term. Some immediate changes are …

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Glasgow’s Public Parks and the Community

Rationale Consumption, in which consumers have a central role, plays a significant role in the wider economic system and for any business organization involved in providing products or services to the public (Gabbott, 2008). In other words, as pointed out by Gabbott (2008), the market …

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The potential impact of the increase in VAT on VAT compliance in the UK

Introduction If the VAT increases then what potential impact is seen on VAT compliance in the UK is the basic issue which is going to be studied in this research study. To understand the real meaning of the topic we have to understand the meaning …

Essay ExamplesInflationTaxUnemployment
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The Economic Impact of the London 2012

Abstract On 6 July 2005 the International Olympic Committee awarded the right to stage the 2012 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to London. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is the biggest thing to happen in Britain in 50 years. The Games is an opportunity …

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Is studying for a degree a good business decision?

INTRODUCTION The decision to undertake a degree is always one that is backed up by an internal cost benefit analysis of the individuals facing a strategic choice in life. The decision is one that is personal to many different students and some may argue that …

Words 5095
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