Essays on Individualism

Essays on Individualism

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Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology and social outlook that emphasizes the intrinsic worth of the individual.


Individualist values include autonomy, freedom, self-fulfillment, assertiveness, and a sense of personal uniqueness. Collectivism is deemed to be more typical of non-Western societies and centers on interpersonal relationships that promote group harmony through appropriate functioning of roles, duties, and obligations.


Individualism: Belief in the primary importance of the individual and in the principles (30-1) and values (30-2) of individual rights and freedoms, self-interestself-interestEthical egoism is the normative ethical position that moral agents ought to act in their own self-interest. It differs from psychological egoism, which claims that people can only act in their self-interest. Ethical egoism holds, therefore, that actions whose consequences will benefit the doer are ethical. Ethical_egoismEthical egoism - , competition, economic freedom, rule of law, private property.


Individualists promote the exercise of one's goals and desires and to value independence and self-reliance and advocate that interests of the individual should achieve precedence over the state or a social group while opposing external interference upon one's own interests by society or institutions such as the .


The three factors focused around the three main themes of individualism—autonomy, mature self-responsibility, and uniqueness.

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Joseph Heller’s Catch-22

“There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind.” by Joseph Heller’s #1 classic bestseller Catch-22. Catch-22 was revolved …

Catch 22CitizenshipIndividualismMexico
Words 1608
Pages 7
Culture Differences (Egypt vs India)

The aim of this report is to gain an understanding of how two different cultures compared to each other shows us the differences in the countries for example how relationships are maintained, hierarchy, masculinity vs femininity, individualism and how they perceive the future. This research …

CollectivismHinduismIndian CultureIndividualism
Words 2201
Pages 9
Difference Between British and Bangladeshi Cultures

Abstract There is a strong tendency for behavioural scientists to visualise the human race as homogenous, despite the striking differences which exists between the populations of the world. This study investigated transmission and cross cultural variation in the view of the self and styles of …

Words 3096
Pages 13
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Individuality to Group Identity

Identity is a very difficult idea to grasp. There are an abundant amount of definitions and views for the individual to make sense of. Identity is strictly a self-image derived from patterns of behavior seen in society and attributing characteristics to one’s self, based on …

Words 2198
Pages 9
Poland Cultural Dimensions – Wojciech Nasierowski, Bogusz Mlkula

Culture Dimensions of Poiish iManagers: Hofstede’s indioes* Wojciech Nasierowski, Bogusz Mikula Abstract Wojciech Nasierowski Faculty of Administration, University of New Brunswick. rTeoencton, Canada Bogusz Mikula Academy of Economy. Cracow. Poland This paper explores, in accordance with Hofstede’s indices, the culture dimensions of young PDk» who …

Cultural DimensionIndividualismPoland
Words 5144
Pages 21
Cross Cultural Business Management

Abstract This report looks at the implications for cross-cultural management for a UK manager undertaking an international business assignment in China. Key ways of understanding cultural differences, particularly Hofstede’s and Trompenaars cultural dimensions, are discussed. Although the UK and China have some similarities, they are …

BusinessBusiness ManagementChinaIndividualismMotivation
Words 2565
Pages 11
Spanish Culture

All about Spain Spain is a very geographic diverse country, ranging from deserts, beaches, and mountains. Spain is deeply rooted in tradition due to the many outside influences throughout time. Spain is the third largest country in Europe. Spain became part of NATO, and then …

Words 1484
Pages 6
Movie Scene Evaluation

Movie Scene Evaluation Project Analysis 1) Apply all eight Elements of Interpersonal Communication to you scene. The clip illustrates a very good example of interpersonal communication. In this clip Alpachino (The Blind man) is the major source (encoder) in interpersonal communication. Charlie (Suspect/Witness), Dean, Willis …

Words 1167
Pages 5
Emerson Self Reliance

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s works “Self-Reliance” and Nature esteem transcendentalism as a romantic, individualistic philosophy of life in hopes of establishing contemporary concepts in society which reject traditional institutions and customs. Emerson’s thoughts are generally based on inward reflection, in which the capabilities of one’s soul …

IndividualismMetaphysicsSelf Reliance
Words 1641
Pages 7
On what grounds have Liberals defended democracy

Liberals, no matter classical or modern, believe in small state. As Thomas Paine put it: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil”. This concept links nicely with the idea of democracy, which literally means “rule by people”. Liberals have defended democracy …

Words 463
Pages 2
Reflection Paper: Overview

Across Cultures Reflection Cross-cultural literacy and experiences are playing an Increasingly important part In developing a global management team particularly In a cultural-diversity team or organization. Building an effective global business team by Governance and Septa’s told us that multinational corporations looking to exploit global …

CollectivismIndividualismIntercultural Communication
Words 407
Pages 2
Cultural Dimension

Please compare and contrast these two Trompenaars cultural dimensions with the single Hofstede dimension of Individualism (these two Trompenaars dimensions are SUBSETS of the Hofstede Individualism dimension).” Hofstede’s dimension of individualism main objective was to undertake an evaluation of work values whereas Trompenaars cultural dimensions …

Cultural DimensionGlobalizationIndividualism
Words 597
Pages 3
HR operations

The cultural differences between USA, France and Japan are evident throughout both Hofstede’s and Trompenaars’ dimensions. With regard to Hofstede, USA has a high IDV ranking, an average MAS ranking, a low PDI, and a low UAI ranking with relation to France and Japan. USA’s …

Human ResourcesIndividualism
Words 1138
Pages 5
The Greater Good of Society Verses Individualism

His ideas off the war state and nature state. He greatly believed in democracy and equality among man. He believed in the three states of Democracy which are: a state of equality, state of liberty, and a state of nature. Locke believed that “one man …

Words 319
Pages 2
Cross cultural management – Aboriginal Culture

Using Chuckhole and Stockbroker’s Values Orientation theory in conjunction with Hypotheses Value Dimensions framework allows for such comparison to be made. Particular reference will be made to the Time Orientation and the Individual Versus Communitarian aspects of these theories. Chuckhole and Sidestroke’s Values Orientation Theory …

Words 880
Pages 4
Nora’s Individualism

Nora’s Individualism Women in the 19th century live in the shadows of men. They don’t have occupations. Their gender role was to cook, clean, shop for the household, and to care for the children. They were expected to find a suitor; this man would take …

Words 1251
Pages 6
Biography of Jean Jacques Rosseau

Rousseau was born in Geneva, the son of a watchmaker. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his aunt and uncle raised him. At 16 he set out on into the world which brought him into contact with Louise de Warens, who became his …

Words 1033
Pages 5
Learning-centered Organization

In today’s learning-centered business environment, focus is gradually shifted from individual performance and competition to a more congenial relationship, towards being cooperative and building excellent performance through team effort and coordination. These seemingly group-oriented characteristics of the new business environment have become the thrust of …

Words 789
Pages 4
Individualism and Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness Happiness is not one thing; it means different things in different places, different societies, and different cultural contexts. There are multiple “pursuits of happiness”. It’s impossible to define “happiness”. It’s left to each of us to define what “happiness” is. Happiness cannot …

Words 761
Pages 4
Principles of the Enlightenment

Margarita Arnold HIS 112-100M Critical Essay #1 The three fundamental principles of the Enlightenment listed in the text of Traditions and Encounters are popular sovereignty, individual freedom, and political and legal equality. According to Gombrich, the author of the A Little History of the World, …

Words 1187
Pages 5
Procedural Individualisation

According to Brown et al. (1998: i) “procedural individualisation” is “the removal of collective mechanisms for determining terms and conditions of employment”. This matched with the description of individualism by Storey & Bacon in the region of “industrial relations”. The two authors quote three significant …

Collective BargainingIndividualismPolitics
Words 765
Pages 4
Hierarchy and power within East and Western enterprises

Hierarchy and power within East and Western enterprises. Introduction Culture is the way we live. It is the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, the languages we speak, the stories we tell, and the ways we celebrate. Culture is also about our roots. Where …

Words 1709
Pages 7
Individualism in Gimpel the Fool and a Good Man Is Hard to Find

The Myth of the Sincere or Authentic Individual In Charles Taylor’s theoretical text, The Ethics of Authenticity, Taylor writes to evaluate the concepts of individualism. He believes that we can, and should, become conscious about what makes us who we are to effectively and sincerely …

A Good Man is Hard to FindFoolishnessIndividualism
Words 1966
Pages 8
Collectivism and Individualism in Industrial Relations

The main idea behind the collectivist model happens to be that of collective bargaining. Collective negotiation “is the method of fixing the terms of employment and settling grievances arising from those terms by negotiation between union(s) and employer(s)” (Isaac 1958: 348). Usually, for a definition …

Words 378
Pages 2
Shui Fabrics Question 1 Ans

Economic factors include economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates and theinflation rate. These factors have major impacts on how businesses operate and makedecisions. For example, interest rates affect a firm’s cost of capital and therefore to what extent a business grows and expands. Exchange rates …

ChinaCollectivismEssay ExamplesIndividualism
Words 1412
Pages 6
Collectivism Enforced by the Government

Synthesis Essay Halley Dunlop In the books, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Burgeon, and the movies The Hunger Games, and Wall-E, the government contains all of the people to make them equal. They strictly control the societies and allow no differences. Within all of these sources, …

Words 1416
Pages 6
Business from West to East: Canada vs. Japan

Homogeneity is important in working in a Japanese business environment. Japan has been isolated by both geography and choice for centuries, which explains their strong sense of nationalism and pride in their culture (Bucknall, 2005, p.14).  Hence, in conducting business in Japan, one must be …

Words 1081
Pages 5
Can Durkheim`s Socioligy Clarify Legal Values?

Restrictions on the wearing of the Islamic head scarf and body covering gown – A legal-moral issue In his article – Justice, Dignity, Torture, Headscarves: Can Durkheim’s Socioligy Clarify Legal Values? Roger Cotterrell attempts to find out what Emile Durkheim would say regarding two issues …

Words 830
Pages 4
Enlightenment Vs Romanticism

Enlightenment vs. Romanticism The enlightenment was an 18th century movement that emphasized reason to change society and advance knowledge. The enlightenment changed how people all over Europe, and later North America, thought about religion, hierarchy, monarchy, and science. People began to question the church and …

Words 489
Pages 2
The Future of Marriage in America

http://marriage. rutgers. edu/Publications/SOOU/TEXTSOOU2007. htm The State of Our Unions The Social Health of Marriage in America 2007 Essay: The Future of Marriage in America David Popenoe © Copyright 2007 Introduction In this year’s essay, David Popenoe argues that long-term trends point to the gradual weakening …

Words 8703
Pages 35


What is the concept of individualism?
A belief in independent thought and action. pursue individual rather than collective or common interests; egoism. Individuality. An individual uniqueness.
What is the importance of individualism?
Individualism is freedom to do what you like as an individual. People are constantly being forced to do things that those in authority want. It's important because it makes society stronger.
What are the main ideas of individualism?
Individualists believe in the freedom to choose your goals and interests, and that one should have the ability to make decisions for himself. They oppose interference from society and institutions like the...
How is individualism good for society?
Individualists believe everyone should be free to choose and execute their own decisions. Individualism is important for personal development. This in turn can lead to economic benefits.

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