A Personal Statement on Selecting the Physical Therapy Career

Last Updated: 13 Mar 2023
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My name is Bahareh Alinaghi. Physical therapy is a career that has interested for a long time, since I was a little kid. Physical therapy is the treatment of injury by use of therapeutic exercises mainly to restore normal functioning and development of the body.

Since I was young, I used to accompany my elder brother to a therapist and started developing my passion to saving people’s lives like my brother’s live was saved. I know I have ever wanted to help people but I did not know exactly in which field till my brother got sick and was advised to seek the services of a physical therapist. During my numerous visits with him to the therapist, my passion grew and I knew that this was my line of duty. That is why I want to attend the physical therapy school because it’s my passion, and I love helping people in general.

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The other reason that makes me more special is because of my high experience in the Physical Therapy setting. I spent many hours in this setting and saw a variety of problems for people. During my last summer holiday, I volunteered at a local clinic where I was involved in different aspects of treating and assisting patients. The volunteering experience gave me the needed experience. I realized that the science of physical therapy fascinates me and I feel privileged to help people improve their health and the quality of their lives. I was also involved in giving the people the chance to learn about physical therapy themselves and appreciate it. I realized that teaching the patients the importance of physical therapy was important to their successful recovery.

I have labored and strived to enter the school of physical therapy that can give me the much needed literature about PT. my enthusiasm for others to achieve their physical goals motivates me to acquire the necessary knowledge to help me exercise my passion. Although the major part of PT is treating ailments, I realize that having empathy caring for the actual patient goes a long way in helping the patient recover. I know that I have the passion to alter people who are physically challenged to realize their physical health.

During my volunteering, I realized how interesting PT can be. One of the patients had an accident and had his knee operated on. I coached him through the various leg exercises in his early stages of knee surgery. I was very happy to see the patient enjoy his work and show enthusiasm after recovery. Some of my classmates were also brought and was very happy to assist them.

I intend to use my knowledge and skills to help patients recover completely. I would also work well with my fellow colleagues and with my patient to make the whole exercise a success. My main goal will be to make my patients happy in their road to recovery. Hence the reason for me to attend a physical therapy program with a strong based curriculum to put me into the path of not only a successful career path, but to be the best physical therapist and realize my dream of helping others recover.

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