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Samla’s Personal Statement

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“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart - this you will build your life by, and this you will become. ” These very powerful words, written by James Allen, are a perfect description of how I have accomplished many of my goals. My main objective is to obtain a full time position with a public accounting firm to render professional services in the field of auditing.

Some years ago, a former student of University of California, Irvin brought my attention to the field of auditing. I took the initiative to find out more about this career. After extensive research on the nature of the work, training and advancements, I felt this is something I could really enjoy doing for the rest of my life. I began exploring the different fields that are related to auditing programs offered and making campus visits.

After several visits and consults I was attracted to the CSUF because the school allows new students to involve themselves in independent research, requiring initiative, self-motivation and a wide range of skills within the first few months and also allow students to go out for industrial practical exposure at one point or the other on a yearly basis throughout the duration of the degree. Since many of us, at one point or the other in our life, we need a professional care and assessment as regards our finance management be it an organization or the money we save or trade with or in any other capacity .

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Samla’s Personal Statement

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So, I see this as an opportunity and it brings me great pleasure thinking about the effect I could have on the populace at large. Therefore, I have always been aware of equipping myself with solid foundations in IT and supporting knowledge in Business aspect in order to fulfill the challenging requirements of future working environment. Besides professional regular education, I have attended several trainings and extra courses instantly when I had chances and time.

These include Software development, Networking, and Business development (Please refer to my resume). Academic Background and skills I attended Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa with Honors List and I major in Accounting where I got a befitting Orange Coast scholarship. I also attended Government Commercial college,Karachi,Pakistan where I had Bachelor of Commerce and I major in Accounting too. (Jan 2003-Dec 2004). Working experience My working experience dated back to early January 2004 when I was offered the post of an accountant at the Zaitoon M.

A. Shakoor Brokerage Firm Karachi Stock Exchange, Karachi, and Pakistan. I was exposed to the various dynamics of stock market. My passion for this profession wax stronger after the opportunity I had in Providing professional customer service to existing customers by advising them on stock transactions, stock market trends, and providing them with up-to-date account information. I assisted with business development by providing information on the trading process to potential customers.

I also learned the ability to survive under stress as I had lot of customers to attend to. I was able to exceed managements’ expectations by handling hundreds of customer accounts and supervising the office workers in the absence of a manager. I also worked as a Cashier at the Ralphs Grocery Store, Costa Mesa between Sep. 2005 – Aug. 2007 where I attended to an average of 5o customers personally on a daily basis and joined Dr Patrick the company’s marketing consultant in registering sales and issuing cash receipts.

Some of the opportunities I had was as a result of my working experiences in the following areas; I was able to closely observe experts and fellow technicians to further my knowledge about accounting auditing and business management, and with this close observation, I was able to gather experiences which was to help me later in life when I finally explore and delve into some profession where these skills will be required. Besides professional regular education, I have attended several trainings and extra courses instantly when I had chances and time.

These include Software development, Networking, and Business development (Please refer to my resume). I also have participated enormously so far in my undergraduate training and I have involved myself in various activities of UCI’s Accounting Association. Currently I am enhancing my knowledge by working at the Trait and associates, Inc as an accounting clerk from June 2008 till date. In the course, I also have had the opportunities of working directly under controller and CFO to organize and maintain all customer accounts and my IT knowledge has also been of immense value.

My experience at Traits and associates has helped me acquire the character and those traits necessary to be a successful Auditor: commitment, confidence, compassion and strength. I believe that CSUF considers an outstanding student as one who possesses these qualities. Voluntary services Activism at any level is necessary for an individual to establish their own goals and evaluate their own career paths. Many of my interpersonal and leadership skills developed after becoming an active member of UCI’s accounting Association Future plans and goals After my Graduation from the CSUF, I would like to pursue a Master degree in the same school.

I think my exposure to different accounting budgeting and auditing settings and utilization of excel to create and manage budgets for ten different departments within the company I at present work with, forces and informs this decision of mine. Not only do I want to pursue a professional carrier in Auditing, I want the opportunity to affect pre-accounting students the way the Siringos and Dr. Lee affected me. I believe I possess a talent for teaching others in manner that helps them grasp difficult concepts easily. As a part of my Auditing and accounting career, I will aim (approx. 5 years down the road) to educate Pre-auditing students as a professor at CSUF. Since many of us are confused and need someone at one point or the other to advise us on the best way and place to invest our money, I want to be part of those that will direct, lead and show others the way to financial exploit. Now is the time in which I want to pursue my true goal of becoming a professional auditor. I believe that I am mentally prepared and persistent enough to excel at any endeavor, and I have developed the compassion and commitment to the auditing profession that will drive me for years to come.

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