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I have many fears but my worst fear is the dark. There are many things about the dark that scare me. It feels like all of sudden something is going to pop out of somewhere. What if there's a hole or something in front of me and fall. What if can't see my way out and I'm trapped in the dark forever. One reason that am so afraid of the dark is that sometimes I feel like something is about to jump out somewhere. Don't know if anything is really there because I can't see.

Something could be hiding behind something and I wouldn't even know. When it's dark I begin to wonder if ghosts are really real. If something were to jump out at me it could hurt me or just scare me really bad. I would want to get out of the dark alive. Another reason is that I'm afraid of not knowing where I am going. I would probably fall or bump into something. I might even run into something painful. If something bad happened to me wouldn't know where to get help unless someone was with me.

I am also afraid that I won't be able to find my out of the darkness. I couldn't see if I'm near the exit or not. Would probably go the wrong way. I definitely wouldn't want to stay in the dark forever. I would get scared just sitting there. In conclusion, I can't stay in the dark for more than 5 seconds. I start thinking about things jumping out from behind things, afraid that I'll fall or bump into something, and not be able to find my way out.

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