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Health & Wellness of Traveling

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As a stay at home mom, work Includes: cleaning, laundry, cooking, assailant my children with their homework, Ewing the chauffeur, shopping, and overall maintenance of the household.My husbands’ Job Is to manage high stress projects and deliverables In the technical software Industry.Work Isn’t limited to the adults In the household.

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We have been expressing to our children, since they began school that their Job Is to get good grades and work for their education.

However, with the expectation that everyone In the household works hard during the week, we use traveling as a way to detach from the normal schedule, allowing the mind and body to rejuvenate. Whether this is a ay trip, weekend getaway, or a planned vacation, everyone benefits.. I am a firm believer that traveling offers opportunities to separate from routines, discover healthier less stressful lifestyles, and provide family values. I have found that day trips allow for inspirational outings and adventures that clear or expand the mind.

It can be as simple as pulling off the road to enjoy a picnic with the family or taking the back roads to Gettysburg. The most recent example of one of my family’s day trips was to the Renaissance festival. We enjoyed the music from different cultures, the sights of the costumes, the interesting food choices, and entertainment. When surrounded in a different environment, it allows the brain to focus on and enjoy the moment rather than thinking about the test that is coming up, scheduling the next oil change, or the up-to-your-eyebrows deadlines.

However, more than a day trip is needed when a family is overly fatigued from the normal day to day grind. When people are drained, mentally or physically this lowers energy levels, happiness and tolerance. These core issues can tear a family apart and affect all members, beginning with the parents. There are literally hundreds of things that could potentially damage the relationship between a husband and wife, stress being number one on the list. I have found that this can be avoided by taking the Initiative to pro-actively work on rekindling a marriage.

From experience, this Is most effective when spending time together via a weekend getaway. Weekend getaways offer a change of scenery, the ability to slow down the pace of life, and enjoyment of each other’s company. A fantastic weekend getaway that I have personally enjoyed was a trip to Caesar Pocono Mountains with the one I love. We took advantage of their all- Inclusive package and didn’t have to spend a lot. The experience of the champagne glass whirlpool bath, the private pool In our suite, the fabulous entertainment and addling provided a “mini” honeymoon.

This change In atmosphere sets the tone for relaxation, incorporates healthy habits and relieves stress from our daily routine. To organize, but are stimulating to the entire family. The importance of building family memories is essential to developing a happy healthy family. Vacations are inspirational outings and adventures that expand the mind and teach us how to appreciate our everyday lives. This is best explained with an example of a family trip we take often to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Rather than Just laying on a beach, we make the effort to explore a culture unlike our own.

The experience of snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, feeding sharks, riding the zip-line through the Jungle are memories that my family will treasure for a lifetime. We explored one of the thirteen natural wonders in the world Axel-ha, and enjoyed the adventure of climbing the Amman Pyramids. Vacations may also provide the opportunity to learn many interesting facts, like how the Mayans were able to tell the exact time using the sun to cast shadows on the pyramids and the history behind how they were built.

However, a fond family memory was my husband’s fear of climbing the Amman ruins, but still managed to Jump into a sacred well 60 meters deep. There are other principles and life experiences these vacations offer. For example, how local people are so appreciative of the tips they receive and their work ethic of 18 hour shifts, Just to entertain us. My children immediately noticed how little the locals have in relation to themselves. This allows me to teach the significance what they have and what we as parents provide to them.

These family values are best taught when experienced firsthand. Traveling and vacations, no matter how small or large, provide a much needed break for your mind and body. For the health and wellness of your family, invest in traveling. This offers more practical than theoretical knowledge. In my opinion these memories are far more valuable than Just pictures in a book or on the internet. Since we do not know what tomorrow holds, invest today in by planning to travel with your family.

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