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KFC Macro Environment Analysis

There are many fast food companies around the world. KFC is one of the most famous brands in the global fast food industry. KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken that was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1955 with only $105 (“Colonel Sanders & Kentucky …

InflationKfcMacro EnvironmentSingapore
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Pages 11
A Visit to a Famous City

A few months ago my father and I visited Singapore, one of the most famous cities in Asia. Singapore, a small island, lies at the southern and of West Malaysia. A long and narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town …

Words 417
Pages 2
Local Literature

A significant amount of literature is available on inventory systems. A majority of the findings are derived from experiences in the US, Japan and Western Europe. Some inventory systems however, can be affected by variations in local conditions such as infrastructure, customs, duties, and regulations. …

Words 424
Pages 2
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Expository essay abt traveling

Mark Jason Barias Expository Essay 2-13 sept. 11, ’13 I’m not really into travelling but I love to experience living in another country and discover new things. I always wanted to try something different. I have been to Malaysia last Christmas vacation. Honestly, it was …

Words 384
Pages 2
How to Boost Tourism

How to boost tourism in Singapore? Introduction Tourism is known as a tertiary industry because it deals mainly with the provision of services. In today’s time, tourism is already one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.The number of people travelling for …

EntertainmentHotelSelf EsteemSingaporeTourism
Words 1664
Pages 7
Britain And Australia, The Fall Of Singapore And The Great Betrayal In 1942 And Onwards

One of the important characteristics of international relationship is the ability of one country to trust the word of their partners that their partners would look after the best interest of their partners, especially after mutual action plan is being executed and undertaken. There is …

Words 67
Pages 1
Cross Cultural Experience

Back in 2010 when I was still a student at Singapore Polytechnic, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to serve my Internship at the Royal Bank of Scotland (IRS). I must emphasize, that the 6 months spent was one of the most …

Words 1478
Pages 6
Economy of Singapore

Singapore economy is always in the great position compare with the resource of the county. The luckiest thing of the country is it located in a good place to trade with other countries. Over the years, Singapore’s exports have been developing to gain more value …

Words 482
Pages 2
Tourism on Malacca

Tourism on Malacca, Malaysia TABLE OF CONTENT Page 1. 0 Executive Summary 2. 0 Situation Analysis 1 2. 1 Market Summary 2 2. 2 Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat Analysis 3 2. 3 Competition 4 2. 4 Product Offerings 5 2. 5 Distribution 6 3. …

Words 6094
Pages 25
Shanghai Port Swot

Chien-Chang CHOU Lecturer Department of International Trade Ta Hwa Institute of Technology 1, Ta Hwa Road, Chung-Lin 307, Hsin-Chu Taiwan, R. O. C. Fax: +886-2-2463-1903 E-mail: chiench1@ms58. hinet. net Gin-Shuh LIANG Professor Dept. Shipping & Transportation Management National Taiwan Ocean University 2, Pei Ning Road, …

AsiaChinaSingaporeSwot AnalysisTaiwanTrade
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Government tell us what to do

From a small town to a cosmopolitan city on an island bustling with economic and social activity, Singapore has ensured our place in the modern world as we have an economic status better than other developed nations and a multitude of races. To further improve, …

Words 459
Pages 2
Business Strategy Of F&N In Singapore and Malaysia

Strategy – Multi Industry and Multi expansion strategy Over 130 years, F&N has become a household name in Singapore and Malaysia. Recognising the constraints of growth in these markets, it started to embark on regional expansion for long-term sustainable growth. It is precisely this multi-industry, …

MalaysiaSingaporeSwot Analysis
Words 592
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Inflation of Singapore

 Introduction Last December, Singapore’s inflation, which is defined as a persistently rising price level, rose to 5. 5 per cent on a year-on-year basis. The author states that CPI inflation is due to the accommodation and private road transport higher contribution. Furthermore, the author also …

Words 1119
Pages 5
Company Overview of Domestic Direct Competitors of Sime Darby

COMPANY OVERVIEW OF DOMESTIC DIRECT COMPETITORS OF SIME DARBY (GENTING BERHAD) Genting Berhad (Genting), a holding company for the Genting Group, operates resorts, casino and plantations. It also develops properties, manufactures paper and generates electricity. The company primarily operates in Malaysia. It is headquartered in …

Words 1482
Pages 6
Governance standards in Singapore

Strong corporate governance and transparency are critical for business success. For investors, good governance is a good indicator of wellmanaged, resilient businesses. For companies, a measure of success is the ability to internalise the values, spirit and purpose behind governance rules. While the governance standards …

Words 3033
Pages 13
Literature of Singapore

The literature of Singapore comprises a collection of literary works by Singaporeans in any of the country’s four main languages: English, Tamil, Chinese, and Malay. While Singaporean literary works may be considered as also belonging to the literature of their specific languages, the literature of …

Words 72
Pages 1
The Port of Singapore: a Reflective Essay

This document discusses the Port of Singapore and the strategic importance of its location to the modern traders. It also discusses the government incentives and the Advanced Information Technology that the port has been using to attract new shipping companies in the recent past. Anything …

Words 2143
Pages 9
A Comparison of Two World Leaders

Icons of Modern Leadership: Lee Kuan Yew of Modern Singapore vs. Adolf Hitler, a Prominent Aggressor of World War II They say history must not repeat itself especially when it involves loss of lives, destruction of property and disruption in the delivery of basic services …

Words 1515
Pages 7
Market Analysis for Juice in Singapore

Within the fruit beverage market, Undue Is positioned as a niche product whereby the target market re willing to pay a premium for a better quality and pure freshly squeezed Juice without the addition of water, preservatives, additives or sugar (Undue 2008). International manager Mathew …

Words 1042
Pages 5
Topshop Singapore

It has about 300 tortes in the United Kingdom and over 100 international stores worldwide including Singapore. It launched in 1964 and is considered the first fast fashion brand in the history of fashion. The goal is to produce catwalk trends as fast and cheap …

Words 800
Pages 4
Immigrants in Singapore

Name: Clara Soo Wen Lin (4) Class: 2E History Holiday SEQ Assignment Question 1(a) Immigrants came to early Singapore due to push factors such as famines and droughts as well as natural disasters and starvation, and the desire to seek protection and safety. India was …

Words 1478
Pages 6
Marketing and communication plan for Singapore Airlines

These marketing and communication plan will seek to plan and analyze the plans for Singapore Airlines Company in the Singapore Aviation market. Singapore Airlines is among the leading airline in Singapore with high marketing techniques that make it possible to compete with other major Airlines. …

Words 449
Pages 2
Singapore Flyer

Introduction Our group’s choice of attraction is the Singapore Flyer (FIG. 1). Endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and opened on 25th April 2008, the Flyer stands at 165m in height and was built at a cost of S$240 million. It is ranked #19 …

Words 1959
Pages 8
Singapore Footwear Analysis

Chapter 2 Market Analysis 2. 1. 1 Footwear Market Size The global consumption of footwear showed a steady growth between 2004 and 2007 but the global recession caused output volumes and consumer spending across a wide range of products, including footwear, to weaken in 2009. …

Words 2271
Pages 10
Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Brief Description of Ministry of Manpower EE4041 E-learning week assignment by LIU TIANCHI Group Y15 As one of the Tripartite Partners in Singapore, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) plays the government role and aspires to develop a great workplace together with the other two partners, the …

Words 393
Pages 2
A World Class E-Government: Singapore

E-government refers to the transformation of the business of the government such as processes, operations and transactions that is driven by the information technology. This can happen both internally (streamlined government administration procedures for greater efficiency and effectiveness) and externally (simplified, enhanced government-client interaction via …

Words 1561
Pages 7
Experience of Mass Media

The national identity of Singapore is characterized to the social and moral value system linked with the lifestyle of her people across the period of time. This form of identity is founded on bringing into play the essence of the existence of people. Accordingly, the …

Mass MediaMulticulturalismSingapore
Words 85
Pages 1
Marina Bay Sand

Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is one of only two integrate resorts (IRs) in Singapore, locating in Marina Bay waterfront in the heart of the city. It developed by Las Vegas Sands (LVS) Corporation has opened officially in 2010. MBS does not only delude tourists by …

CasinoHuman NatureSingapore
Words 89
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PESTLE Analysis of Singapore for Gillette

GAP of Singapore, Gillette might want to expand the shaving and personal care products in Singapore. And also in Singapore there is no competition from domestic companies as the entire GAP of Singapore is based on imports from other countries. Singapore are very competitive in …

GillettePestle AnalysisSingapore
Words 438
Pages 2
International Tourism in Malaysia

Strengths Multi-culture is one of the biggest strengths that Malaysian Tourism has because we have 3 main different cultures living together which is Malays, Chinese and Indian. Besides that, we also have other culture in Sabah and Sarawak which is Iban, Kadanzan and other which …

Words 2975
Pages 12

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Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia.

5.686 million (2020)


Singapore dollar


281.3 mi²

Official language

English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese


English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese


Official languages: English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese

Cost of living

The Cost of Living in Singapore . It is common knowledge that the average cost of living in Singapore is high. For a single person in Singapore , their average expenses (excluding rent) are around 800 SGD (575 USD) per month. For a four-person family this is significantly higher: around 4,400 SGD (3,200 USD) a month.

Tax es

<Singapore personal tax rates start at 0% and are capped at 22% (above S$320,000) for residents and a flat rate of 15% to 22% for non-residents. To increase the resilience of taxes as a source of government revenue, Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in 1994. The current GST rate is 7%.

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