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Traveling is a way of exploring the different parts of the world

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Traveling is a way of exploring the different parts of the world and enjoying it at the same time. I believe that everyone desires to travel in order to unwind and savor the fruit of their labor.

One of the greatest and best places to visit with during vacation is Mexican Riviera. It has extraordinary and superb spots with accommodating people that tourists will surely not forget. Long before, I always heard about Mexican Riviera Cruise and it really attracted my attention.

I am hoping then that if ever opportunity knocks on my door to travel with Mexican Riviera Cruise, I will immediately grab it without any second thought. Fortunately, the hope I have to travel with Mexican Riviera Cruise came to pass this summer.  My Mexican Riviera Cruise took me to beautiful sceneries, but it was Acapulco that really impressed me. For me, Acapulco is the most beautiful place in the world.

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Thesis Statement:

This paper intent to discuss why I consider Acapulco the most beautiful place in the world and know about why tourists are attracted to visit this place

I. Discussion:

Our first stopped was in Acapulco. The initial word that was on my mind when I first stepped in Acapulco was “wow”! Acapulco is the most beautiful place in the world. The place is totally amazing.

I can say that this place is the best Mexican Riviera resort because it has its indescribable sceneries that no matter how many trendier resorts have came out yet Acapulco continually maintains its competitive natural beauty.

Acapulco also has its latest and trendier resort hotels that continuously growing. It also has water sports that will surely be enjoyed by tourists. I also visited the La Quebrada as its main attraction to tourists. Acapulco is a city and seaport in Guerrero State, Mexico. It is about 185 miles south- southwest of Mexico City.

Much of Acapulco is perched on high, rocky cliffs overlooking scenic coves and beaches of Acapulco Bay, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. The city is an internationally famous seaside resort with luxurious hotels and glittering nightclubs. It is also a shipping point for coffee, sugar, cotton, and hides.

Tourists are also attracted by the warm climate, beautiful beaches, water sports, and casinos which the nation’s main source of income. Many tourists come and go in Acapulco. For them it is like their sanctuary whenever they needed to relax and unwind.

In conclusion, Acapulco is the most beautiful place because of its magnificent beaches that are so clean and blue and resorts that are incomparable. Basically, the place has nice beaches and attractive spots that everyone would love.

It also provides water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling and have plenty of boutiques, shops and restaurants where tourists can visit.

Traveling is a way of exploring the different parts of the world essay

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