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Consumer behaviour – Advertisement

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People able to relax from everyday life. The cognitive component towards Disneyland is what people experienced by visiting this place and what information they got from various sources such as a friend, advertisement, and TV. The affective component is a consumer's emotions or feeling about a particular product or brand. People like Disneyland because it could give us a Joy and happiness. Especially in the family could enjoy good time in Disneyland, improve the relationship with their family. It could have a good emotion or feeling about it.

Finally, Conation concerns how the consumer will behave with regard to attitude object. People will go and visit Disneyland in Hong Kong and spend time with the family.

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  • Explain how the product manager of a breakfast cereal might change consumer attitudes toward the company's brand by:

The product manager might change consumer attitudes towards the company's brand by different ways. It could be done by emphasizing the attributes the brand. Changing beliefs about the brand, Product manager might change consumer attitude toward the brand by changing beliefs about the brand.

Firstly, the advertisement is a way of communication to promote the brand. Therefore, production manger should create a special advertisement to make customer willing to buy this product.

  1. The advertisement could have humor or funny. The way in which company can change beliefs about brand is putting less emphasis on product strength in its advertising and more emphasis on others value which cereal has.
  2. Changing beliefs about competing brands beliefs about the brand. Product manager can change consumer attitude toward the brand by using a broad Statement. For example, they could create multi-veggies with cereal as a production. It will allow setting the brand higher than competitors.
  3. Changing the relative evaluation of attitudes People change their attitudes, so companies should be aware of it. They should go forward with changing environmental. As the current life style attempts to look for healthy food,discount be good crossing over from the existing to the new ones with dried fruit and some corns.

Adding an attribute. As a production manager I will add such attributes as vitamins to breakfast cereal, making the product healthier.

By adding this new formula it will put the brand higher Han the others as the tendency is to buy healthy products and will change the customers' attitude toward the brand.

  • What sources influenced your attitudes about studying buyer behavior before classes started?

Has your initial attitude changed since the unit started? If so, how? Social media and discussion with my colleagues and unintended my attitudes about studying buyer behavior bettor my classes started. I found out that it could be very interesting to get know how consumer behaves in reply to different ads, promotions or tricks used by the producers.

My initial attitudes were positive and motivation was on the highest level and so far nothing has changed. I still believe that studying buyer behavior is interesting and can bring much knowledge that people don't recognize in daily life during the shopping.

  • Should the marketer of a popular computer graphics program prefer consumers to make internal or external attributions about the success that people have using the program?

Explain your answer. Yes. To appreciate the complexity of self perception theory, it is useful to distinguish between internal and external attribution.

Internal attribution is the act of placing blame on some type of factor or criteria that could be controlled by an individual for the cause of a certain event. For example, a person uses Adobe Photos to edit their photo. After he receives the compliments, he or she says that I am really a natural at editing my photo. The reason is he or he is giving herself credit for her ability and effort. However, an external attribution is blaming an outside factor as the cause of an event. For example, he or she thinks that his or her great photo is beginner's luck and he successful photo editing was result of factors beyond his or her control.

Therefore, it is crucial that marketers offer uniformly high quality products that allow consumers to perceive themselves as the reason for the success. Meanwhile, a company's advertising should serve to reassure consumer, particularly inexperienced ones that's products will not let them down but will make them heroes instead.

  • Find an ad for a free service trial (e. G. Carcass, free brake check or a free software trial). What attributions would consumers make about the advertiser? What self- attributions would a consumer make if he or she accepted the trial offer?

Many marketers are using free trials to lure new customers. This is particularly effective when the lifetime customer value of a new customer is substantial. Naturally, free trials can also be utilized to advertise as well. For example, you could advertise through in a promotional product such as 7 day free fitness. Free trials could add a significant amount of new customers to your client base. Make Your Free Trial Effective the key to having a successful free trial program is to make it simple ND risk free.

If he or she accepted the trial offer, they will think about whether Join a gym or not. Aftershocks to continue do this,they need to Patagonian the gym. Therefore, theft trials a Goodwin of marketing. 6. Find examples of advertising that uses fear and humor and discuss why you think they are effective or not effective.


Fear appeals focus on the negative outcomes that can happen because of an action or inaction. Advertisers use fear appeals to promote an immediate behavior change such as eating healthier or not smoking.

Another fear tactic involves isolation. People will purchase a product to avoid isolation from others because of bad hygiene. Deodorant and toothpaste ads often employ this tactic. Government agencies appeal to an individual's fear of death or incarceration to prevent drinking and driving. Fear appeals work when the recommended action is specific, effective and plausible. For example, ads geared toward smokers can be ineffective if the person does not believe quitting is within reach.


Humor appeals make consumers laugh and create an emotional link with the product.

A well-executed moor appeal enhances recollection, evaluation and the intent to purchase the product. Advertisers link the product with the humor. For example, a humorous insurance ad hits the mark when the humor shows the consumer why having insurance is beneficial. Using humor at the expense of one group may lead to resentment. Senior citizens may resent a product that portrays them as grumpy, while women may refuse to purchase a product that portrays them as overbearing. Humorous ads work best with established and commonly purchased products such as cell phones, fast food and alcoholic beverages.

Consumer behaviour – Advertisement essay

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on Consumer behaviour – Advertisement

What is consumer behavior?

- Clootrack What Is Consumer Behavior? Consumer buying behavior refers to the study of customers and how they behave while deciding to buy a product that satisfies their needs. It is a study of the actions of the consumers that drive them to buy and use certain products.

What is the eighth importance of consumer behaviour?

This is the eighth importance of consumer behaviour and it means when the designed product is matching the expectations of the customer than they result in customer satisfaction. In case the product is exceeding the expectations of the customer then its result in customer delight.

What are the cultural factors that influence consumer behavior?

Consumer Behaviour – Cultural factors. Culture is a very complex belief of human behaviour it includes the human society, the roles that the society plays, the behaviour of the society, its values customs and traditions. Culture needs to be examined as it is a very important factor that influences consumer behaviour.

What is the role of organizations in predicting consumer behavior?

The job of the organizations here is to educate the consumers about their goods and services and motivate them to buy their goods and services. Predicting single or consumer behaviour of a group is not just difficult because you never know what factors might influence them and when.

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