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How Does Advertisement Influence People’s Behaviour?

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In the modern world, advertisement is everywhere. In every abundance walk of life, there are huge competitions. As a result, advertisement has become more important. If you can be more noticeable, it means you would have chances to market. Therefore, advertising has great impact on different people. Advertising, is mainly used in market, refer to marketing message, which is presented by an identified sponsor in extinctive media such as the television, newspapers, radio, magazines and Internet. The term may be used to refer to message presentation in the marketplace.

The term may also be extended to show a product in a television program or movie, which in order to target audience. This research paper focus on how does advertisement influence children and women on the society? Nowadays, advertisements can be found everywhere in our daily life.

When you are walking on the street, you can see the advertisements in the shops or markets. When you are watching TV, advertisements appear between programs. When you are reading newspapers, there are advertisements in the newspapers.

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Since advertisements are so popular in our daily life, they have great impact on the society and people’s behaviors. The influence can be in positive and negative ways. First of all, since advertisements are what we use to provide information for the customers, through advertisements, customers can get a lot of useful information like the functions of a product, the price of it and where they can buy it. In a manner of speaking, advertisements give us suggestions on what to buy and how to improve our life quality. Secondly, good advertisements can always stimulate consumer’s purchase desire.

Such advertisements can usually help increase the sales of a kind of product. Therefore, advertisements can boot the profit of a company and stimulate the economy of a district. And they may create new fashion trends. Thirdly, good advertisements are usually great works of art, too.

They are beautiful and creative. So they have positive impacts on both the society and the people. Through advertisements, social aesthetic level can be raised, and people will be encouraged to appreciate beauty and to be creative. However, advertisements are not all good.

They have bad impacts on the society and people’s behavior as well. As we all know, advertising is the most commonly used way by the companies to increase the sales. As a result, companies will try their best to attract audience even some times neglect bad impacts.

Advertising is routinely being targeted to children in all over the world. “ Media’s influence on children is mainly due to two dimensions-advertising and editorial/programming contended(O’ Guinn and Shrum,1997) –with advertising specifically intended to inform young consumers about products and encourage their purchase.

”1 Because advertising makes effect on children, the media must impact the children, in other words, the children must reach the media, and then, interact with them. Children play passive role in the learning process, and they are good at imitating. When they are growing, they are trying to find a person such as their parents as models.

Some of them will study on magazines; watch movies and TV shows to find out how to be a successful boy or girl. From the most fashionable hairstyle, the most popular music and dance, to the views to different kind of things.

There are two ways that children can obtain about products. One is from parents, and the other one is from peers. Parents as consumer socialization agents. In western nations, it has been shown that parents teach children how to choose products, which are satisfied in the marketplace.

Meanwhile, teaching them understand how to compare products in price and quality. Evidence shows that the more often that parents take young people shopping, the more aware the young people turn to purchasing information. Moreover, the communications among family members may also impact young people’s interactions.

Another significant evidence suggests that advertisement in television effect children a lot. Media influences most children’s requests for advertised products. Another important way young people can be affected is peers. At school, children spend long time studying or playing together.

They can learn from each other what clothing styles are popular right now or how to wear can get more attention from others. In addition, peers influence a lot in children’s interaction for products. For example, they learn from their friends which stores are cheaper, which brands of selected products are much better.

It is logical that if child A and child B are good friends, they always paly together, and if child A likes a brand of products, then child B will be influenced by child A, and start loving this brand of products. Also, there is an increasing evidence show that the more children affect each other, the more products will be purchased by children.

Thus, children are the huge consumer group in the world. The effect of advertisements on women in society. In the history, there is a standard of “beauty” during every period of time.

But never like today, all kinds of media, especially television media, trying to teach us what is beauty should look like. In order to satisfy the needs males, advertisements are trying to define female beauty. Try to make women be seen as the aesthetic object and use this kind of “ copy beauty” to attract consumers.

Meanwhile, as a target group of consumer, women are apparently influenced by advertisements during watching process. The images in the advertising become emulating the target. In these pictures, the models are wearing pretty clothes, and they are having perfect bodies, long hair.

They look sexy and attractive. In the society, this kind of advertising images are seen everywhere. Also, it influences women how they should look like and dress. For example, when several graceful air hostess who are dressing in a suit, having the long hair floats walking row tidy out from the plane.

And telling others the reason why they have beautiful hair it is because they use “LOREAL” shampoo. After that, do you think women can just wait or ignore? All above, the unreal “female beauty” standard misled the female consumption. According to the stereotype image, there is few woman can achieve “ young” and “beauty”.

So, women start to re-create themselves. They use cosmetics, beauty, breast augmentation surgery and even cosmetic surgery to make themselves follow advertising images’ beautiful figures. As a result, women fall into the trap that shops made. Women accept advertising values, aesthetics propaganda and at the same time, they will act.

Eventually, advertisement leads them to consume. It can be said that the whole industry are describing the “ perfect female” in advertising, meanwhile, using women’s fear and upset feeling which is they are not as good as the models in the advertising to sell products to promote consumption.

Therefore, because of stereotyped advertisement, the consumption from women becomes modeled. "One study of a sample of Stanford graduates and undergraduates found that sixty-eight percent of students felt worse about their own appearances after reading women's magazines" (Crafting a Perfect Body).

For example, “Allure” magazines, in 30 advertisements, 90% of them are thin Caucasian women who have long golden hair and blue eyes. Even the African American women, they changed hair to make it light and straight and try to look like Caucasian women.

How Does Advertisement Influence People’s Behaviour? essay

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