Rhetorical Essay: the Market for a Yale Women’s Eggs

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Mathew Rios, Alberto Rosado 9/10/12 Jessica Cohen’s “The Market for a Yale Women’s Eggs” first appeared in the New Journal in 2001. In this essay Jessica talks about her experience trying to be an egg donor. With narration of her experience and the research she did on the topic, Jessica writes an interesting informal essay. As a child Jessica used to read “Where did I come from? ” but now it’s out of date replaced by “Mommy Did I Grow in Your Tummy? : Where Some Babies Come From” This shows the changing ways of baby conception.

She informs the reader that the infertility industry is a $2 Billion a year industry. It shows how many people actually do this type of thing a year. Jessica informs the reader about this to show how often this occurs. Not only does Jessica tell the reader about egg donations but also her own experience on the subject. This particular anecdote shows how business like people can be when discussing the conception of their baby. “Can you tell me about your academic performance? What are you taking at Yale?

What high school did you attend? ” Jessica compared David and Michelle (the couple who had sent out the ad) to a modern day Darwinist. Jessica began to have second thoughts because “It would lead to the creation of a child with to many expectations” She did not have to worry because she was not accepted as the donor. Jessica ends the essay with a scenario where the adult is trying to explain to them how hard they worked. The child would turn to them and utter the same parting words. The parents said to her “ho-hum”

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