Essays on Brent Staples

Essays on Brent Staples

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Brent Staples’ Black Men and Public Spaces

Antoinette Johnson English 100 Prof. Horna October 3, 2012 In the essay “The second shift”, by Arlie Hochschild, he explains how the wives of two-job families with small children typically work an extra 24-hour day in a year, between the pages 145(bottom) and 148(top). I …

Brent Staples
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Brent Staples’ Black Men in Public Places

Black Men in Public Spaces is a piece of autobiographical writing that deals with issues of racism and discrimination in the United States. In his short essay, Brent Staple relates a few of his nighttime experiences in the street, which revealed the way in which …

Brent StaplesPlacesRacismSound
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What is the thesis in Brent Staples essay?
His reader should understand that we live in dangerously violent times. Staples' essay seeks sympathy from his reader. He explains the thesis throughout the essay and describes various events that took place in his lifetime.
Why did Brent Staples write this essay What is his main point?
Brent Staples wrote this essay. It discusses the racial profiling that blacks experience in public spaces. Brent Staples realized that prejudice toward black men was not just for being there in public.
What is the purpose of just walk on by by Brent Staples?
The purpose of the text is to describe how black Americans, like Staples suffer from stereotypes while people don't have anything to fear. In the text, he discusses how he is a reporter and how harmless he is.
How is Brent Staples seen by others?
Staples stands out from the crowd by being a black undergraduate male. He describes himself young, standing at 6 feet and 2 inches. He says he is a softie.

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