High School Diploma/Equivalency vs. College Degree

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Frederick D. Huff, Jr. Rhonda Steel English 102 College Degree Vs. High School Diploma/Equivalency or No diploma at all “To be or not to be? , that is the question. ” This is the opening statement of a soliloquy that was used in the playwright Hamlet by the great William Shakespeare. I guess you may be wondering why I would open with such a statement for a research proposal. This is what comes to my mind with I think about the ethics and importance of education.

Whether this be the achievement of obtaining a college degree or just settling for a high school diploma is, the importance that each of these holds lies within the person that is getting the education. As I analyze and gain a further understanding of what true education means to me, I seem to gain a sense that defining what it means to have a true education for one seems to be undermined by many.

Though this may come off as an aggressive approach towards addressing the selected topic of which I have chosen to present my rhetorical analysis, I would like to state that it makes sense to me that many would agree that higher education is the key to all success, financially, materialistically, or spiritually. I say this because in mind, an education is just simply pursuing the subject that your soul is most passionate for. Through discovering what that passion is, you would strive in reaching the greatest point possible in that specific field as you can.

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Although it seems like this topic may be something that everyone would take a great importance to, it is quite surprising to see the responses given when citizens, including fellow students, are asked "Why do you feel education is important to the growth of the American Economy and why you find education to be important? " I feel this is a broad topic that can meet the requirements that need to be fulfilled for this assignment. I feel that this is a very appropriate topic for discussions as each of the individuals taking this online course are currently considered to be students in pursuit of a college education.

This topic also comes in correspondence of the requirements that need to be met for the research proposal as listed in the assignment prompt. Whether or not that college education is limited to an associate’s degree or a doctorate in Physiological engineering, the education obtained would still be considered a form of higher education. This can be a very open topic full of ideas but I feel I can centralize my stance in a general direction that all can relate to. Being the author, or writer as stated in the question, I could see this being a topic of interest for many.

Including my fascination of education and why I feel it is an absolute necessity for our existence as American citizens, this passion could definitely feed over to valid and credible points of the difference between being college educated and just high school educated. This is a diverse topic and I feel it should be acknowledged. In my opinion, education is very important and must be an essential part of each functioning citizen. These reasoning coming from my perspective may be sort of bias and can pretty much tell how I feel regarding this topic, education is the reason why some of todays leaders have gotten to the point that they are in.

I will be the first male in my family to not only attend a division 1 four year University but I will also be the first to receive a college degree. I think that this experience has not only changed my well being as a human but has also enlightened me with greater values and ethics that I now take a lot more serious then I did before. In conclusion, I know that the questions “Is it really as beneficial as it seems to be college educated or is that just a statement used for people for those that do want to go onto higher education?

Why does it seem like there is becoming a greater standard for the education system and why is it becoming more of a mandate for everyone to strive for higher education? Does it really require a college education to be a success in America or is success just a state of mind? ” all come to mind. As I stated before, this can only come from the individual receiving the education but the real question should be “Do you value yourself enough to achieve greater through your education? ” Education: The Single Most Important Job. " Edutopia. N. p. , n. d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013. "Diversity and Higher Education: Theory and Impact on Educational Outcomes - Harvard Educational Review - Volume 72, Number 3 / Fall 2002 - Harvard Education Publishing Group. " Diversity and Higher Education: Theory and Impact on Educational Outcomes - Harvard Educational Review - Volume 72, Number 3 / Fall 2002 - Harvard Education "Open Educational Resources. " Hewlett Foundation News. N. p. , n. d. Web. 13

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