Speech of Advocacy Rhetorical Situation Proposal

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The problem I want to address in the speech is that whether colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores. It’s an actual exgience because colleges are currently relying a lot on standardized test scores as a base for their applications.

1. The teenage community is the most directly affected by the exigence.

2. Most people do seem to generally agree that the exigence exists because the people all have been attempting to get into colleges and have gone through the pressure placed on standardized test scores.

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3.The values threatened by the existence of the exigence is the actual performance of students in general, not just under pressure and relying on one test score. Role of the Speaker

4. This exigence interests me because from young, I’ve always had to study and prepare for standardized tests. In China, tests represent whether we get into a good middle school, a good high school, and a good college. We can be the best in our class, but without scoring high on the placement tests, we’ll never get into a good school. The same was here, in high school, junior year was all about testing and studying for the ACTs or the SATs.There was too much pressure placed on just the standardized tests.

5. My relationship to the community was not affected because I am a teen and I have gone through all these placement tests. Role of the Audience

6. I believe all my audience has had exposure to exigence, they’ve all experienced the pressures of tests during their high school years because we’re all here today because of in part to standardized test scores.

7. Their relationship to the community is still not affected because we’re all teens who have taken these tests.

8.I believe they’ll agree with my perception because they’ve all been through the pressures of the standardized tests, and whether they scored good or bad, I believe they’ll all agree that standardized test scores are being placed too high in application standards.

9. There is really nothing we can to minimized the exigence except to protest to the government and ask colleges to change the way the application process is. Speech

10. I’ll use a causal order for my speech, because then I can hit the cause and effect of each of my points as I talk about them.

11.The main points in my speech will be to talk about the pressures of the tests on the students, the high placement the colleges place on the tests, and how students who are straight A students may have just done bad on the tests, and how the tests also places pressure on the students own academic work.

12. It’ll be most effective for my audience to just agree with my position because there’s really not much that can be done in terms of actions for the topic.

13. I will ask them to agree that this exigence exists and that we’ve all be affected by it.

14. My goal is not to advocate action but to advocate agreement.

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