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Last Updated: 18 Apr 2023
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Films and commercials are the mirrors of the society. Many times, they portray our behavior, our culture, our beliefs our rules. Consider this ad for vegetable juices. “We are giving 30 million servings of vegetables to those who need it most. Want to help? ” Asking you to help them feed the hungry the ad tries to sell its product in an innovative way. Clearly aimed at people who love to lead organic lives (read free of impurities) in every way it immediately draws their attention. Once drawn into reading it, it positions itself as a most common source of vegetables – “you usually drink V8 juice to get vegetables”.

A picture of mud laden green leafy vegetable invokes the feeling of freshness and ‘straight from nature’ thought into the reader’s mind. Anything that is offered by the nature is considered pure and this helps dispel any notion of impurity from the minds of an alert and informed reader. It’s not difficult to miss the principal assumption that people who care about their health (and thus eating more vegetables) are the ones who also care about the environment and usually associates themselves with noble causes like helping to feed malnourished people.

With this the advertisement effectively delivers its message that V8 juices are healthy alternative providing nutrients. To live healthy, green and helping poor are the changing signs of the times and the ad links itself with the trend and hopefully gets away with the message. The ad is definitely politically progressive as it gives people the opportunity to connect to a worthy cause while selling its product at the same time. It implores people to help the less privileged though their indirect actions.

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