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Essays on Financial Analysis

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Pestle Analysis

PEST analysis is a convenient method for analyzing the macro environ of an enterprise. The PEST analysis methodology is often used to assess the key rialto trends of the fervor, and the results can be used in the compilation of SWOT analysis.  PESTEL analysis tool …

AnalyticsFinancial AnalysisPestle Analysis
Words 618
Pages 3
SWOT Analysis: Toyota, Starbucks,

In the business world is a real advantage to have some valuable case studies to work on. SWOT Analysis of Toyota Strengths New investment by Toyota in factories in the US and China saw 2005 profits rise, against the worldwide motor industry trend. Net profits …

Swot AnalysisToyota
Words 2352
Pages 10
Financial analysis of BG and Shell

INTRODUCTION According to the requirements stipulated in this assignment, this essay would be analysing two companies: BG group Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Both companies are oil and gas producers and they operate in the integrated natural oil and gas industry. They are involved …

Financial AnalysisInvestmentMoney
Words 3589
Pages 15
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SWOT Analysis of Next plc

Abstract This report will analyse the corporate activities and position of Next plc, focusing on clothing, which is the company’s main product area. The report firstly provides an overview of the history and background of the company as well as mentioned the state of the …

RetailSalesSwot AnalysisTesco
Words 1450
Pages 6
Bunzl plc: company profile and SWOT analysis

Abstract Bunzl plc (LON: BNZL) is a specialist distribution and outsourcing company, ranked 93 in the FTSE 100 ranking (as at 6th September 2011), with market capitalisation of 2.5 billion. The company reported a strong financial results in its 2011 half yearly financial report, with …

CompanySwot Analysis
Words 1187
Pages 5
SWOT Analysis of Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc

Abstract This is an in-depth analysis on market capitalization of Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc., a global hotels company ranked at position 72 in the FTSE 100 index at the close of business on March 2nd 2012. It is a comprehensive analysis of its strengths and …

HotelSwot Analysis
Words 1157
Pages 5
SWOT Analysis of Sage Group Plc

The Sage Group is a global supplier of software solutions as well as services in business management to both small and medium sized businesses. This paper will analyze the company with key focus being placed on its internal strengths and weaknesses and how they prepare …

InnovationSwot Analysis
Words 1016
Pages 5
Whitbread Plc SWOT Analysis

Abstract: An analysis of the FTSE 100 company Whitbread Plc, utilising the SWOT tool as a framework to investigate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company faces in relation to its position within the Leisure industry. Drawing from an internal perspective, the SWOT …

Swot AnalysisTesco
Words 1309
Pages 6
SWOT analysis of Sainsbury’s Plc.

Sainsbury’s is the third-largest store chain in UK and 80th placed in FTSE 100 companies with market capitalization of 5,457.35 million. The essay employs SWOT analysis to assess the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats in relation to its strategy and operations in the UK and …

InvestmentRetailSupermarketSwot AnalysisTesco
Words 1353
Pages 6
Vodafone Group Plc SWOT Analysis and Porters Five Forces

Vodafone Group Public Limited Company is the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company operating in more than five continents. The company runs its operations from two geo-regions: Europe, which includes Western Europe andGermany, and EMAPA, which includes Middle East, Africa,Asiaand the pacific. The European market is …

CompetitionSwot AnalysisVodafone
Words 1420
Pages 6
SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces analyses for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)

This paper looks at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), one of the leading banks in the world and a very successful brand in the EU region. It examines the environment in which UBS operates while scrutinizing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the banking industry …

BankInvestmentPovertySwot Analysis
Words 1219
Pages 5
Vodafone Plc SWOT Analysis and Five Forces

Abstract Aim: This essay aims to perform an analysis on the basis of the integration of SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces frameworks. The key aim of this essay is to establish the reasons behind the success of Vodafone, which is ranked 3rd in the FTSE100 …

Swot AnalysisVodafone
Words 1379
Pages 6
SWOT Analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces analyses of John Lewis Partnership

Abstract This paper looks at John Lewis, a top retailer in theUKand a very successful brand in the EU region as a whole. It scans the environment in which John Lewis operates while scrutinizing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the retailing industry in theUnited Kingdom(Porter’s …

PartnershipSwot Analysis
Words 1555
Pages 7
Strategic and SWOT Analysis of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc.

Introduction GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a British multinational consumer healthcare, vaccines, biologics and pharmaceutical company. It is a 5th ranking FTSE 100 Company based on market capitalization as at closed on 27th July 2012 (Morning Star, 2012). It was established in the year 2000 by …

Swot Analysis
Words 894
Pages 4
SWOT, Porter and PESTEL analysis of HSBC Holdings Plc

Introduction The most important intention of the report is to investigate the business environment of HSBC Holdings PLC. HSBC Holdings also is one of the market leaders in today’s banking world. HSBC head office it can be found at London’s Canary Wharf on the HSBC …

BankChinaSwot Analysis
Words 2581
Pages 11
Strategic and SWOT Analysis of British Airways

Introduction Strategic planning is the process that an organization undertakes to ascertain its mission and way forward. Strategic planning helps an organization provide a direction to implement and achieve its objectives both in the short and the long run. It is nevertheless very significant to …

AirwaysBritish AirwaysSwot Analysis
Words 2835
Pages 12
Strategic Analysis (SWOT, Porter, PESTEL) of Barclays Group PLC

1. Introduction 1.1Background Barclays group PLC is a big global financial provider operating in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa, which is engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, and wealth management. It made up Global Retail Banking, Corporate and …

Swot Analysis
Words 4451
Pages 18
Strategic Analysis (PESTEL, Porter and SWOT) of BMW

Introduction When there prevails high level if dubiety due to intricacy or brisk changes, it becomes difficult to predict the external environmental that might affective the firm’s strategies. Thus scenario analysis is done to evaluate the likely views to predict the organizations future business environment …

CompetitionSwot Analysis
Words 2754
Pages 12
Strategic Analysis (SWOT, PESTEL and Porter) of The Co-operative Bank

Introduction The Co-operative Bank is a microfinance association and community development Bank started in Bangladesh that makes little borrowings (known as microcredit or “Co-operative Insurance credit”) to the deprived without requiring collateral. The saying “Co-operative Insurance”, drawn from the saying “gram” or “village”, means “of …

BankingInternetSwot Analysis
Words 3381
Pages 14
Financial Analysis of Nokia

Introduction of Nokia Nokia, one of the leading brands in mobile phones, was started by a mining engineer, Fredrik Idestam, in 1865 by making paper from wood pulp mill; a second paper mill was built on Nokianvirta river that gave birth to the present name …

Financial AnalysisNokia
Words 3080
Pages 13
Strategic Analysis (SWOT and PEST) of Elecdyne

SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION As it is written in the case study about Elecdyne that the company is actually facing problems and is unable to grow itself since the last 2 years. Elecdyne is a Japanese company based in Tokyo and was established in 1990. They …

ChinaSwot Analysis
Words 1860
Pages 8
Strategic Analysis & SWOT Analysis of Starbucks Corporation

INTRODUCTION Starbucks brand name is one of most admired famous global business in the world (Moore, 2006, p.7). Moreover, in terms of marketing, Starbucks always is the case study for discussing about it successful marketing and branding strategies. Because of the fall of the economy, …

CorporationStarbucksSwot Analysis
Words 2887
Pages 12
Financial analysis and comparison of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola

Introduction Together both PepsiCo and Coca Cola are both companies that are known around the world for their goods. For decades now, these companies have been competitive against each other to “do better than” the other one, what some would call the “cola wars”. They …

Financial AnalysisPepsico
Words 1740
Pages 7
SWOT, PESTEL and Porter Analysis of Diggers Inc.

Introduction Market Orientation: Market orientation is the implementation of the marketing concept. Being oriented marketing is more than just being directed to the customer. It requires the full support of the organization, is fully implemented in the long term and, in fact, you may need …

InflationMicroeconomicsSwot Analysis
Words 2231
Pages 9
Critical and Financial Analysis of Facebook

Introduction Facebook is the social network which is used worldwide. It has been famous among the people within short period of the time. It links people from one place to another through easy access. Like Hotmail, G-mail, Yahoo; they are also the web based email …

FacebookFinancial Analysis
Words 2095
Pages 9
Strategic Analysis (SWOT, PESTEL, Porter) of Premier Inn (Whitbread Plc)

Introduction Premier Inn The Whitbread PLC story began in 1742 when Samuel Whitbread opened his first brewery. In 1750, Whitbread PLC moved to premises in Chiswell Street, London and was the first purpose-built mass-production brewery in Britain. Whitbread PLC became a well-known brand name in …

Swot Analysis
Words 2882
Pages 12
Financial Analysis of Microsoft Corporation

Introduction BACKGROUND OF MICROSOFT Microsoft is the most prominent technology corporation in the world that deals with computers according to posts from big ’’ With annual revenues of more than $32 billion, Microsoft Corporation is more than the largest software company in the world: …

CorporationFinancial AnalysisMicrosoft
Words 1525
Pages 7
Strategic, PESTEL and Financial Analysis of Accor Hotels

1.INTRODUCTION: 1.1 COMPANY BACKGROUND: Accor of France claims to be the leading Hotel operator in Europe and third largest Hotel group in the world. For more than forty years, Accor has constantly reinvented its core competences to keep pace with the around it, with the …

Financial Analysis
Words 4868
Pages 20
Strategic Analysis (SWOT, PESTEL and Porter) of Barclays Group Plc

Introduction 1. Background Barclays group PLC is a big global financial services provider operating in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, and wealth management. It made up of two …

BankInvestmentSwot Analysis
Words 4556
Pages 19
Strategic Analysis of WRSX Group

Introduction Phrase one. Analyzing the strategic position In this stage, is analyzing the strategic position of WRSX Group. By using the PESTEL framework we can analyse the many different factors in a firm’s macro environment. PESTEL analysis is a useful tool for understanding the “big …

AdvertisingStrategic ManagementSwot Analysis
Words 2228
Pages 9

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Financial analysis refers to an assessment of the viability, stability, and profitability of a business, sub-business or project. It is performed by professionals who prepare reports using ratios and other techniques, that make use of information taken from financial statements and other reports.


Financial analysis is used to evaluate economic trends, set financial policy, build long-term plans for business activity, and identify projects or companies for investment. A financial analyst will thoroughly examine a company's financial statements—the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.


The goal of financial analysis is to analyze whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to warrant a monetary investment. It is used to evaluate economic trends, set financial policy, build long-term plans for business activity, and identify projects or companies for investment.


A strategic financial analysis is a review framework where you analyze performance, assess your goals, and make adjustments to your forecasts and strategy based on actual results. The intention is to identify any potential problems or opportunities within your financials and turn them into strategic steps for growth.


DOCUMENTS USED IN FINANCIAL ANALYSIS. The three main sources of data for financial analysis are a company's balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

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What is financial analysis essay?
A financial analysis is an analysis that contains details about the company’s financial health. ... The financial analysis paper assists investors, financial analysts and lenders in determining if a business can return solid returns on investment.
What is a financial analysis example?
Example of Financial analysis: This involves analysing company's performance, trend and calculation of financial ratios. For example, net profit ratios are calculated by net profit divided with sales. This ratio indicates company's profitability.

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