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War Is No Solution to Any Problem

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War is the barbaric activity that only concludes in the loss of life and property. The violence of war is life-threatening which can never resolve any dispute. Both the parties practicing war ends in the social and economic loss as it is said by john S. C Abbott that “War is the science of destruction” The one involved in war only end up in loss of lives socially and economically, therefore, the peace talks would be more beneficial to solve the disputes.

Peaceful negotiation is safe to dissolve a conflict than to lead a war and end in cruelty as it is said by Chief Joseph that “Better to live in peace than to begin a war and lie dead” Therefore reconciliation is the appropriate way to resolve a burning issue. For example, the war between the US and Afghanistan was held for more than a decade but ends in social and economic loss of both the countries. Form this we can understand that war is no solution to any problem it only ends in loss of both the parties’ hence peaceful negotiation should be preferred.

During World War II America used nuclear weapons against Japan consequently thousands of people died in brutal death. Japan suffers loss of lives and America had an economic loss of nuclear weapons. Thus both suffered in some other way and this act didn’t came to any solution. Indeed, it remained world history that war never resolves any problem in fact it breeds more economical and social problems. As it is said by Eleanor Roosevelt that “No one won the last war and no one will win the next” Thus reconciliation should be preferred to resolve a dispute instead of war which only ends in cruelty.

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War Is No Solution to Any Problem essay

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Is War A Solution For Peace?
It depends on the specific conflict in question. In some cases, war may be the only way to achieve peace, while in others it may simply be a continuation of the cycle of violence. Ultimately, the question of whether or not war is a solution for peace must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Is War A Solution To Problems?
War is not a solution to problems. It is a symptom of problems. War is caused by a lack of communication, by a feeling of injustice, by a sense of hopelessness. War is a means of last resort, when all other options have been exhausted. It is a way of venting our anger and frustration, of lashing out in the face of fear. War is a symptom of our own humanity, of our capacity for violence and destruction.

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