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Time Management: Overview

Time Management Through time people have learned different ways to manage their time. Rather be while working and going to school or while working and raising a family.

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Time Management: Overview

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. Even though each individual have their own way of time management, most everyone uses these key things. In time management it’s very important to prioritize your goals, schedules, and tasks. Managing your time is key to successfully prioritize your time.

One way to prioritize your time would be by writing everything down. Write down your tasks that you do daily, weekly, as well as long term projects or assignments. Organize these tasks by time. Break your tasks into three time categories: career aims, objectives, and targets. Then rank your objectives, targets and career aims. That will be a great step in starting to manage your time. Something else you can do to be successful in your time management is making decisions.

So now that you have prioritized your tasks you can set aside the time by making the decision on how much time you need for each task. If you have an over baring list then you may want to make the decision to trim it down so that it is a realistic list of tasks. Don’t let each task take up a lot of time. Make sure you start with the tasks that have a higher priority level. Then go on to the next task on your list. (Goodman, 2013) Last but not least set boundaries. “Look for ways to set healthy limits in your relationships.”

This means your work relationships, friends, and family. Always keep your promises to yourself. Also again set realistic goals for yourself, because we often look past the promises that we make to ourselves. Put ourselves and our dreams and goals last. So defininatly set boundaries. (Goodman, 2013) During this research on time management I have learned that in order to successfully manage your time your going to have to apply boundaries to your lists of goals and daily tasks.

Without prioritizing, deciding, and boundary setting you will more than likely fail at time management. Juggling multiple tasks will be a lot easier with these keys things listed in this paper. Take time set down and make a daily and weekly schedule. By prioritizing I’ve learned that my higher priority tasks get completed without a massive amount of mistakes

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