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The Importance of Problem Solution

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Problem solution is a skill. Managers and leaders spend much of their time-solving problems and making decisions. The nature of the problems can be small, large, complex, or simple and it’s the role of the manager to establish an approach to resolving the problem. Being faced with problems often results in people becoming uncomfortable and afraid, trying to find a solution immediately without analyzing the problem, and looking for someone to blame.

Life is full of problems, but how we approach those problems often determines whether we're happy or miserable. A quote by Bob Maynard says, "Problems are opportunities in disguise." If we approach problems with Bob Maynard's attitude, we see that problems are really opportunities to learn about others and ourselves. They enable us to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Problem solution is an essential part of daily life such as fixing a car, timekeeping, or building a house. Obviously, every organization has problems and every individual has problems too. Because of this, the ability to solve problems is incredibly important to individuals and organizations.

Whatever kind of situation we face, problems give us the chance to learn and grow, both physically and mentally. For example, when I had a problem with my bike and couldn't get the repairs right away, it gave me the opportunity to get lots of exercise in running places instead of cycling which burns more calories. I've come to realize that problems are really part of what makes life worth living. Problems challenge us and give us the opportunity to do things we've never done before, to learn things we never knew before.

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Problems allow us to explore new possibilities and solutions for things that may not have been a problem before but are made a problem under certain situations, giving us a greater understanding of the things around us. In order to effectively solve problems, you need to be attentive, well-organized, flexible, and motivated to find the solution. This level of problem solution skills will require you to build up considerable experience in problem-solving.

There are four parts to problem-solving. These include identifying and describing a problem. Developing alternatives to the problem and then selecting the best alternative that could be thought of. Then implementing this alternative and showing why the solution is practical and why it is better than any other solutions given. If the solution does not work then the next best thing to do is to prepare a new alternative and attempt to use that in the correction of the problem. These four steps are vitally important in helping to do problem-solving.

In conclusion, there are a number of factors that can influence the problem-solving process, but by thinking rationally and creatively, we can still come up with accurate solutions to these problems.

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