Essays on Smoking

Essays on Smoking

Smoking is the act of inhaling a fume of burned tobacco. It's a behavioral practice that is evidently common in most societies. Over the years, there have been various discussions on how best to control the negative impacts caused by cigarettes. At first, quitting smoking isn’t an easy task because companies make cigarettes extra addictive and make them seem more appealing. It’s important to quit smoking because it causes big health issues and diseases.

To kick the habit should be started at home, to prevent children from becoming smokers. Also, quitting should be directed to nicotine replacement therapy. Another equally important aspect for quitting is that made mandatory that all companies producing and selling cigarettes must have a disclaimer in their packaging about the harmful smoking effects and then reducing the cigarettes at the stores.

There is a need to implement policies that will be highly effective in controlling the negative effects of smoking. Banning the sale of cigarettes will emerge as a good method because the cigarettes will not be readily available as there is in the current world. I believe that smokers should be more considerate towards nonsmokers. They should realize the health hazards they are putting upon them and smoke their cigarette outside where the smoke can dissipate. It is very difficult to quit smoking, so it’s better not to start smoking than to fight this bad habit with all your strength and getting better with your “health affected conditions”.

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Argumentative Essay on Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette Smoking Should be Banned Cigarette smoking should be banned to decrease the health threats. Cigarette smoking is the inhalation of gases and hydrocarbon vapors generated by slowly burning tobacco in cigarettes. The harmful substances found in cigarettes and cigars are the carbon monoxide, nicotine, …

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Persuasive Essay About Smoking

Smoking: The Inhaled Killer Smoking is a very harmful habit that should be banned. This nasty habit has many grotesque side-effects. It causes yellow teeth, bad breath, smokers always smell like smoke, death, heart disease, cancer, asthma, emphysema, and many other health related problems. Smoking …

Words 332
Pages 2
The Disadvantages of Smoking

How many times have you said this to yourself? I must stop smoking. This essay will detail the disadvantages holding you back while you continue to smoke, as well as the benefits of quitting. Darrael Robinson How many times have you said this to yourself? …

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Health Education Model for Smoking Cessation

Smoking continues to be one of the largest preventable causes of death in the United States, and it is increasing among young females and adolescents. One in five will die from lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, or heart disease. It should be the goal …

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Pages 1
Writing and Hortatory Exposition

Apter I. Introduction A. Problem Discussion text is discuss about problem or issue with give two viewpoint from those issue and also give conclusions or recommendation from issue that was pointed. Discussion is not limited to controversial issues – although polarized views may make it …

Essay ExamplesSmokingWriter
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Philip Morris International SWOT Analysis

Marlboro was first manufactured outside the US in 1957 in Switzerland. Ten years later, in 1967, Philip Morris & Co. , Ltd., Inc. Established separate companies to each be responsible for specific parts of the company’s operations: Philip Morris Industrial, Philip Morris International and Philip …

AddictionSmokeSmokingSwot AnalysisTaxTobacco
Words 1144
Pages 5
Republic Act 9211: The Smoking Ban

I wasn’t aware till recently that a smoking ban was being enforced not only in Makati (as everyone generally knows), but nationwide. The Republic Act 9211, also known as the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, was signed into law last June 2003 to be in …

ActsSmokingSmoking Ban
Words 930
Pages 4
The Causes and Effects of Smoking Among Students

The causes and effects of smoking among students Smoking is one of the most dangerous widespread phenomena that threatens lives of a huge number of people worldwide. It starts as a way of having fun, but ends as an addiction that is therefore so difficult …

AngerAsthmaEffects of SmokingSmokeSmoking
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Should Tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking related illnesses and deaths?

Should Tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking related illnesses and deaths? Is anyone supposed to be held responsible for other people’s actions or choices? This is a question that is bound to exist while considering the debate of tobacco companies being held or not …

Words 682
Pages 3
Why Smoking Should Be Banned in Public

Smoking should be banned in all public places to protect people from second-hand smoke and stop promoting the visual to minors. The cigarette is a small but deadly habit enjoyed by 45. 3 million Americans. Smoking is illegal inside most public restaurants and buildings as …

Words 995
Pages 4
Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

Tyler Wyrick Ms. Russo English 165. 25W 11 May 2010 E1 Why Marijuana should be Illegal In society today, many people are looking for a feeling of freedom. Some go on vacation and spend money while others look to drugs. The sense of high that …

Words 1375
Pages 5
Why Cigarette Smoking Should Be Banned

Cigarette smoking should be banned. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit that not only affects the user in a negative physical and psychological way but also endangers others around them. Would you play Russian roulette – A deadly game of chance involving a revolver and …

Words 717
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E-Cigarette shop BUSINESS PLAN

Age Third segmentation is done on the basis of age but we try to target all ages of people whose smoking but mostly will be from the age of 18 to 45, both sexes. Target Marketing Basically same as the above mentioned, age. V-gigs are …

AddictionBusiness PlanShopSmokeSmokingTobacco
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Pathophysiology of COPD Essay

This assignment will explicate the pathophysiology of the disease procedure chronic clogging pneumonic disease (COPD). It will analyze how this disease affects an single looking at the biological, psychological and societal facets. It will carry through this by mentioning to a patient who was admitted …

Words 3888
Pages 15
Thank You for Smoking

In the movie Thank You for Smoking, Nick Naylor is a handsome man, smooth talking tobacco lobbyist and the vice-president of a tobacco lobby called the “Academy of Tobacco Studies”. Naylor’s job consists mainly of reporting the questionable research of the company to the public …

Words 1533
Pages 6
Marijuana Legalization Outline

The Legalization of Marijuana Thesis Statement: The legalization of marijuana in the United States would create a drastic change by forming a more productive society through all of the positive uses of cannabis, physically, economically, and socially. I. Examination of the plant A. The other …

LegalizationMarijuana LegalizationSmoking
Words 567
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A Review of Qualitative Research on Teenage Smoking Habits

A Review of Qualitative Research on Teenage Smoking Habits Grand Canyon University: NRS-433V-O103 Introduction to Nursing Research September 20, 2012 Introduction The purpose of this document is to summarize the contents of the research article, explain the research methods implemented, and offer insight on how …

Words 5765
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Smoking Should Be Made Illegal

Kelvin Omogbeme CIGARETTE SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED IN THE SAME WAY AS OTHER ILLEGAL DRUGS Tobacco is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, mainly in the form of a cigarette. Although most countries have tried to restrict the use of tobacco, …

Words 1397
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No One Can Smoke Cigarettes in Any of Their Offices

Some Businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some Governments have banned smoking in all Public places. Do you Agree or Disagree? Give reasons. Cigarettes are cylindrical rolls of finely cut Tobacco cured for smoking, considerably smaller than …

Words 552
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Illumination Rounds

In Smoke Drug use Is often viewed as a way to create or enhance an activity, but some drugs are commonly used for other reasons. In “Illumination Rounds” by Michael Herr, Herr documents his experiences during the Vietnam War. He writes about the wide use …

Words 1294
Pages 5
Why Athletes Use Steroids

One of the most heated controversies in athletics centers on the use of anabolic steroids. Behind the dispute is the evidence that steroids pose a health hazard. They are linked to the cardiovascular disease, liver disorders, and cancerous tumors. In addition, there is evidence that …

Words 598
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SWOT Analysis for BAT’s business

SWOT Analysis It is used to examine BAT’s business structure and operations, history and products, revenue and strategy. Strengths Strong Market Position BAT is the second most leading tobacco producer. It functions through 50 factories across 41 countries, producing 724 billion cigarettes per year. By …

ChinaSmokingSwot AnalysisTobacco
Words 1093
Pages 4
Smoking in pregnancy

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to identify a public health issue with a woman I cared for in practice. Using a health promotion model to critically analyse the woman’s needs and outline the midwifery care given to address the issue. Discussing health promotion, …

Words 2718
Pages 10
Thank You for Smoking Argumentative Essay

Ethical issues brought up in the movie, “ Thank You for Smoking” : When Nick Naylor appears on the talk show along side with the cancer patient and he basically turns the situation around so that the tabocco industry isn’t to blame for the young …

Words 736
Pages 3
Horror Genre Essay

Film Genre Report Horror is considered an ancient art form, delivering thrills and telling stories of the dark and forbidden side of life and on the contrary, death. Horror’s most far back influences go to the year of 1235, where ideas of witchcraft took position …

Words 857
Pages 4
Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned

Smoking has been part of our life for many centuries now. It has evolved from simple tobacco type rolled in leaf to a more refined stick that has filter. Many people because of the smoke it produces. Many studies have suggested that smoking carries with …

Words 898
Pages 4
Improvement of Cigarette Warning Labels in the Philippines

PERCEPTIONS OF PAULINIAN STUDENTS IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF CIGARETTE WARNING LABELS IN THE PHILIPPINES A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of Nursing St. Paul University Quezon City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing FILART, THERESA MARIE …

Words 8890
Pages 33
Why Smoking Should be Banned

Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States, and doing it in public is even worse because smokers not only harm themselves, but also those around them. I remember how my great uncle would always smoke in his house …

Words 1029
Pages 4
Youth culture

There is a distinctive kind of expression by which young people demonstrate which is generally different from the accepted culture of their community. These methods by which the youth express themselves and communicate are known as youth culture. (Wikipedia). It is said that young people …

Words 1417
Pages 6
My bad habits essay

“There are a thousand excuses for failure, but never a good reason”, I agree. Some psychologists think that bad and good habits people get through lifetime period. If so, then people can get rid of undesirable habits, but how? Some people would say that to …

Bad HabitCancerMotivationSelf EsteemSmoking
Words 1319
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Tobacco smoking is the practice of burning tobacco and ingesting the smoke that is produced. The smoke may be inhaled, as is done with cigarettes, or simply released from the mouth, as is generally done with pipes and cigars.

Frequently asked questions

What is the effects of smoking essay?
Smoking cigarettes has been proven to be extremely harmful to one’s health. The effects of smoking essay will discuss the various health problems that arise from smoking cigarettes.Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Each year, smoking cigarettes kills more people than alcohol, car accidents, HIV, guns, and illegal drugs combined.Smoking cigarettes causes a number of health problems, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other respiratory illnesses. These health problems are costly, both in terms of money and human lives.In addition to the health problems caused by smoking cigarettes, there are also economic costs. Smoking cigarettes costs the United States economy billions of dollars each year in healthcare costs, lost productivity, and fire damage.The best way to reduce the health and economic costs of smoking cigarettes is to quit. Quitting smoking is hard, but it’s worth it. There are a number of resources available to help people quit smoking, including counseling, medication, and support groups.
Why smoking is a problem?
Smoking is a problem for a number of reasons. First, it is a leading cause of death and disease, responsible for an estimated 480,000 deaths in the United States each year. Second, smoking is a major contributor to health care costs, totaling an estimated $170 billion in the United States each year. Third, smoking adversely impacts the environment, causing litter and pollution. Finally, smoking is a social problem, as it is often associated with poverty and poor health.
How do you explain smoking?
There are a number of ways to explain smoking. One way to think of smoking is as a form of self-medication. When people are stressed, anxious, or depressed, they may turn to smoking as a way to cope with their emotions. Smoking can also be seen as a form of addiction. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and smokers may find it difficult to quit once they start.Another explanation for smoking is that it can be a way to socialize. In many cultures, smoking is seen as a way to bond with others. smokers may enjoy the camaraderie of smoking together, and the act of smoking itself can be seen as a way to relax and unwind.Whatever the reason, smoking is a dangerous habit that can lead to a number of health problems. It is important to be aware of the risks before starting to smoke, and to understand that it can be very difficult to quit once you start.
What is the conclusion of smoking?
The conclusion of smoking is that it is harmful to your health. Smoking cigarettes can cause many different types of cancer, as well as other serious health problems.

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