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Writing essays is always a challenging task for students. It requires lots of concentration, conducting thorough research, providing relevant examples, adding credible references and all the other vital steps. One of the most widely used types of writing that teachers like to give their students is a problem-solution topic. In this article, you will find out about the problem and solution examples, their main steps in writing, and dwell more on the most complicated topics which can be a real challenge even for professional writers. Here you will also find possible ideas about what to write on the controversial problem solution topics. By reading this article, you will find out more about how to write better and get higher marks for your paper.

What is a problem-solution essay?

Whenever you receive the task description for your writing assignment, it is of the utmost importance to know everything about the type of essay. The answer can be hidden in the topic. Read it very carefully and underline all the keywords. If you see that there is some kind of a problem described in the task, and you are asked to provide possible way outs, then you should repeat the problem and solution definitions.

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First of all, it is that type of writing which revolves around one specific theme which is either a local or even a global problem. Your task is to explain this problem, tell why it exists, who or what are the most vulnerable when being under its influence, mention negative or positive consequences. After you have discussed the first part of the essay, which is actually the “problem,” move on to its second part – “solution.” You can conduct a real scientific research to find out the most realistic way outs.

However, do not rely on somebody’s thought all the time. The teachers are usually interested in your ideas and examples. You can use somebody’s point of view and develop it by telling how this solution can be applied on the local level. Only then you can conclude everything you mentioned and finish up your paper. In this article, we are proposing a solution essay topics which will give you lots of ideas to start off.

The most interesting questions for your problem-solution essay

The topic you are writing about is the core of your paper. It is true that there are so many variants of themes to discuss the composition, but why should you bother about which topic is the most interesting. Here we have prepared possible issues for the problem-solution essays. Moreover, we provide you with the possible ideas which will give you a necessary spur for inspiration. The following topics are divided into several main spheres: health, political relationships, nature and ecological problems, social issues.


1. Obesity

Solution 1: What are the common causes of obesity? Does this problem mainly refer to children or adults? Do eating habits change with the age?

Solution 2: Does the lifestyle influence the physical shape? Which activities should people take up to lose weight? Which are the most efficient sports for becoming slim?

Solution 3: Is eating unhealthy food the only reason for obesity? Does stressful lifestyle lead to obesity? What should people do to avoid stress? Should they rest more and pay attention to both mental and physical relaxation?

2. Abortions

Solution 1: What are the reasons which lead to abortions? How can each of these causes be eradicated? Is there a social pressure about early sexual relationships? How can this pressure be lessened? Do social media play a significant role in pushing youngsters to get involved in early sexual relationships?

Solution 2: Should this issue be raised on the level of schools or only at universities? Do families have responsibility for teaching their children that abortion is the same as murder?

Solution 3: How the youth can become better informed about the negative impact of abortions on their future health?

Solution 4: Should women who had an abortion which lead to negative consequences persuade those women who are about to get rid of unborn children.

3. Suicides

Solution 1: Is the problem of suicides more connected with personal traumas or social environment?

Solution 2: How can this problem be prevented? Should there be free psychological consultations available for anyone who needs help?

Solution 3: Are there Internet communities which provoke people to commit suicides? Should the instances with suicides be more discussed in the social media? Should this question be raised on the level of schools, universities?

Solution 4: If the country is undergoing inevitable economic crisis, should the government pay attention to the emotional state of the citizens? Should people organize public demonstrations, flash mobs which promote positive emotions and inspires people to live and create?

4. Euthanasia as religious and social issue

Solution 1: Which religions allow euthanasia and which aim for banning it?

Solution 2: Should the viewpoints of those who are seriously ill be taken into consideration or should relatives make a choice for the ill?

Solution 3: How can this problem be discussed at schools, universities? Does this issue require the governmental intrusion?

Political relationships

5. The risk of World War III

Solution 1: Which global organizations raise the questions of the world peace? What are their roles? Do they manage to meet the requirements of their core aims? Do we need more organizations which are responsible for avoiding World War III and local military conflicts?

Solution 2: Does nuclear weaponry increase the risks of wars? How can other countries be persuaded to abandon nuclear weapon?

Solution 3: Should citizens of all countries be more informed about the true political situations of other states? How can the information be checked on plausibility?

Solution 4: Does Information War exist in our modern-day world? What is the role of mass media in this Information War? How can people be taught to perceive any information they read or hear more critically?

6. Science is both an advancement and a huge threat

Solution 1: What are the most significant developments in science? Can they somehow trigger negative consequences?

Solution 2: Which scientific inventions have the detrimental effect on the world in general and each individual in particular?

Solution 3: How should scientists/ordinary people/government prevent the deleterious impact of scientific breakthrough?

7. Asylum seekers

Solution 1: What are the main reasons for people to leave their motherlands to find a better place to live? Should asylum seekers have the same rights as the native citizens?

Solution 2: Should governments allow asylum seekers have a job, study at universities and get scholarships? How can the government prevent social criticism of asylum seekers when they become members of a local community?

Solution 3: What are the main reasons for asylum seekers to be perceived as a negative phenomenon? How can the society teach others that when living in another country people have to be obedient and pay attention to the local laws?

Solution 4: Do asylum seekers need to prove that they will not break the law and become responsible residents? Must all of them get asylums and protection or must there be any restrictions?

Nature and ecological problems

8. Cars as the main cause of air pollution

Solution 1: What are the main reasons for air pollution? What are the causes of the greenhouse effect? What are the main occasions when people have to use cars? Are all vehicles equipped with the eco-friendly technologies such as electric cars? Should the government encourage and help financially other people to use electricity instead of petrol?

Solution 2: Why don’t people prefer public transports which are more environmentally friendly? Should the government spend more money on improving the conditions of public means of transportation?

Solution 3: Do all countries and cities have proper cycling infrastructure? Which competitions, parades, social events can be organized to promote riding a bicycle instead of using cars?

9. Endangered species

Solution 1: How can we raise the public awareness about the problem of endangered species?

Solution 2: Are there any organizations which provide special treatment for the animals in danger of extinction? Which organizations should be added? What types of aims should they have?

Solution 3: What is the role of hunting in influencing the spread of endangered species? Should the hunting be banned? Should people who shoot endangered animals be fined?

Solution 4: What is the purpose of zoos? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Should all animals be kept in zoos? What is the difference between zoos and nature reserves? How should the environment and conditions look like in the ideal place for keeping endangered species?

Social problems

10. Games with violence

Solution 1: What are the most popular games which include protagonists killing others, destroying nations, developing weaponry? Why do such games attract people? Should the government ban such type of games?

Solution 2: Are parents responsible for allowing their children to play violent games on computers? How can they persuade them to play more peaceful games? What can serve as motivation for children to change the type of their activity?

Solution 3: Can violent games become a hidden cause of bullying at school and aggressive behavior? Which more positive types of games should be encouraged to play? How can such games impact on children’s psychological development?

11. Bullying at school

Solution 1: Should teachers organize extracurricular classes which are about the main rules of pupil’s behavior, make such classes in a creative way with philosophical meaning?

Solution 2: Should parents be involved in discussing the problem of bullying?

Solution 3: Should children who behave aggressively be expelled from school? Should there be a punishment for those who trigger fights?

12. The Disabled people within the community

Solution 1: Is there a social pressure and discrimination towards the disabled people? In which situation this arrogant attitude can be noticed?

Solution 2: Do all countries have proper public transportations, elevators and other necessary equipment on the streets for the disabled? If not, how the community can attract the government’s attention to this problem?

Solution 3: Should the disabled people be encouraged to participate in sports competitions, talent shows? How can ordinary people help invalids feel more comfortable in public? Should this equal attitude be nurtured in kids since childhood?

13. Lack of interpersonal communications

Solution 1: How do modern technologies such as the Internet, social networks, mobile phones influence the way we communicate with each other? Is this impact negative or positive?

Solution 2: Should children be taught that interpersonal communication is more significant then online chatting? Who is responsible for explaining this to children?

Solution 3: Does social media influence the way we perceive modern communication? Which are the negative aspects of modern communication? Is it emotionless? What is the role of body language and is it neglected when using online chats?

Solution 4: How does face-to-face communication differ from online chatting? What does the modern means of communication lack? Which of the two options involve emotional devolution?

14. Divorces

Solutions 1: Do most divorces happen when people get married in a short time after dating? Do people have to take the notion of marriage more seriously?

Solution 2: What is the role of mass media, modern films, soap operas in the formation of family values? Do current TV shows promote happy marriages or state that divorce is a typical situation?

Solution 3: Should there be special courses for young families? What should be included in the curriculum of such family preparation courses?

Solution 4: What is the role of the parent’s personal examples? Are there any statistics which show that those couples whose parents are divorced don’t keep marriage for long?

15. The problem of racism

Solution 1: What are the historical events which triggered the problem of racism?

Solution 2: Should there be organizations which invite people of different races to live in another country? Should people try to put themselves in other’s shoes to understand how it is to be criticized only for a color of skin?

Solution 3: Is this problem discussed enough on the international level? Should the racism be banned in all countries? Should racists be fined for their prejudice?

Which topic to choose?

The aforementioned possible themes for your problem solution essay example with the offered solutions can serve as a good starting point for your writing. The enumerated solutions can be even a plan for your future outline.

Choose that topic which is the most understandable for you. Think of the examples which you can add, read the solutions to get the key idea what to write about. Don’t forget to do a bit of research to investigate the problem more thoroughly. Unless you have time, rely on the solutions, read them carefully, and write down the answers. You can try brainstorming technique when answering the questions. Having a brief outline, you will quickly write the whole essay.


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