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The purpose of the annual review is to reflect

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The purpose of the annual review is to reflect on the past year’s endeavors, as well as to discuss and set attainable, mutually beneficial goals for the future. It should be viewed as a vehicle to share ideas and insights based on your work in the firm this past year. In your review please address the following: 1. Project Contributions: Design, Management, Client Relations, Technical, Teamwork and Profitability. I had been requested to work on a project in New Jersey, which required the renovation of the Korea Telecom office building.

However, we could not accept their request due to our firm’s workload at that time. I have been making efforts at being a reliable team member by contributing my skills and knowledge in Auto CAD and other 3d program techniques to the current project and developing rapport among the team members. 2. Firm-wide Contributions: Leadership within firm, promoting firm to others, and business development. I have promoted the firm to potential international project partners and clients by giving out the firm’s brochures and my business cards to well-known and distinguished architectural firms in Korea.

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The purpose of the annual review is to reflect

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3. Growth: State how these contributions demonstrate growth from previous years’ performance. Even though I’ve had architecture practical experience for over 6 years in Korea, I started all over again in this firm in New York after finishing Graduate School last May 2006. 4. Improvements: How might improvements have been made – either in your performance or by the firm? When I first started working for the firm, I was confused with architectural unit and architectural drawings in terms of architectural drawing standard differentiations, which are different from the methods I was used to back in Korea.

However, I got rid of those difficulties by understanding practical knowledge and learning U. S. standard architectural drawing. Now, I’m working on a construction document for the Chapin school project team. 5. Goals: State your goals for next year. I definitely would like to become a more reliable and dynamic member of the architecture staff for this firm by improving my skills in practical drawing and creative drawing. I also hope to contribute to the success of this firm in becoming an internationally well-known design firm through my efforts in procuring international projects and/or partnership.

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