Disney Corporation Environmental Policy Statement

Last Updated: 02 Aug 2020
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The Commitment

The Disney Corporation commitment to the environment outlines accountability that demonstrates practices and behaviors for the responsibility to conserve natural resources.

The Policy Applies To The Following

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The Disney Corporation Environmental policy applies to the internal business units that represent key roles to following the platform in conservation that entails the resorts attendees, cruise ships personnel, theme parks attendants, and outside venders. The environmental policy fundamental purpose is to infuse business units performance in the needed protection areas that are sustainable to producing negative affects to the environment.

The Guidelines and Principles

Therefore, the guidelines of the policy are for resorts to manage water and energy conversation that needs to use the updated technology system available to reduce consumption. The cruise ships are to operate with Disney standards with healthy and safety measures in utilizing food while at sea. In addition, the cruise ships as well as theme parks are to minimize wastes to reduce non-environmental friendly practices. The business units are to implement measures of either reusing or recycling in order to demonstrate the mentality necessary for complying too the environmental policy.

The guidelines are monitored by a conservation program to ensure each business units follows the priority on climate protection, energy conservation, green purchasing, waste minimization, wildlife and water conversation (Disney.com, 2008). The business units’ practices to performing acceptable environmental behavior will be accomplished by quarterly educational training. The Disney Corporation pursues exceptional practices for environmental friendly operations by demonstrating a cohesive effort towards implementing a proactive approach. The theoretical framework at Disney Corporation provides the mindset to transcend accountability by formulating a responsible environmental plan of action for positive results.


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