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Ceo Safety Policy Statement

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Safety Policy Statement a. Safety is paramount in all flight operations. Company X manages safety risks related to its operations to as low a level as reasonably practicable. Company X will manage safety through its dedicated commitment to implement and maintain Company X’s Safety Management System. This commitment includes the responsibility of both Company X’s management and employees to continuously improve the level of safety and never to become complacent when it comes to the safety of Company X’s operations.

It is the joint responsibility of everyone connected within the flight operation to be proactive and ensure all safety hazards are identified, analyzed and, where possible, eliminated or avoided. When this is not possible, mitigation is developed, implemented and tracked to verify that the level of the associated risks are acceptable. It will also be the commitment of both management and of all employees to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements when conducting Company X’s Operation. . The purpose of the safety policy is to manage safety proactively and effectively. This is attained by utilizing the Company X SMS to: i. Identify and manage safety risks specific to the company’s flight operations. ii. Encourage employees to report safety issues without the fear of reprisal. iii. Collect and analyze information and feedback through the continuous improvement system so as to continually improve safety management activities. iv.

When safety issues are discovered it is assumed that both management and the employees have shared responsibility and accountability in finding ways to fix the safety issues and in ensuring that the prescribed procedures to fix the problems are carried out and also to help notify the Director of Safety as to whether these procedures are working or not. v. Both management and the employees are expected to follow all safety procedures and policies of Company X including the reporting of all safety issues and hazards to the Director of Safety. i. The SMS program will also provide management guidance for implementing new procedures and processes to ensure that a high level of safety is maintained when these new procedures and policies are carried out. vii. The Director of Safety reviewing Company X’s safety objectives each month to ensure they are current and still applicable to Company X’s Operations. The Director of Safety will ensure that any safety objectives not meeting current safety standards and goals will be revised as necessary. c.

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Company X’s safety policy also requires the full support of safety from top level management. Flight crew members, aircraft maintenance personal and others involved in the operation of Company X will always have the full support of the CEO as long as they operate professionally in accordance with company manuals and procedures. All company personnel have a duty to openly and honestly report events and hazards using the continuous improvement system. The CEO will ensure that all such reports will be thoroughly investigated in a non-punitive manner.

The CEO of the company is ultimately responsible for: i. Sustaining conditions that promote the safe operation of company aircraft, ii. Ensuring that all safety related company positions, responsibilities and authorities are defined, documented and communicated throughout the company. iii. Define and publish which levels of management can make safety risk acceptance decisions in regards to company operations. iv. Providing the resources (in time and money) to assure the safe operation of company aircraft, and v. Actively supports the Safety Management System.

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