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In a turning economic system like UAE, there is a critical demand for legion Numberss of policies to modulate this growing and header with it. The direct consequence of this growing is increase in the figure of exiles compared to subjects ; those exiles are from diverse cultural backgrounds that have their impact on the educational system in UAE and the addition in demand for new educational policies to cover the job of cultural diversenesss in schools. Education policy refers to the aggregation of Torahs, regulations, and ordinances that run the operation of instruction systems. Education occurs in many signifiers for many intents through many establishments ( early childhood instruction, kindergarten through to 12th class, two and four twelvemonth colleges or universities, alumnus and professional instruction, grownup instruction and occupation preparation ) . Education policy can straight impact the instruction people engage in at all ages, it includes school size, category size, school pick, school denationalization, tracking, teacher instruction and enfranchisement, teacher wage, learning methods, curricular content, diverseness in category, graduation demands, school substructure investing, values that schools are expected to continue and pattern, globalisation challenges.

The ends of new educational policies are to supply all kids with an equal educational chance under the increasing force per unit area of diversenesss within schoolrooms. The ideal policy in general must include the `` duty are required alterations in our methods of thought and nearing instruction in such a manner that all people are respected. More intercultural apprehension and an consciousness of societal and planetary cognition will necessitate to be actively incorporated into our educational course of studies. Not merely is cognition of other civilizations required but besides originative and critical thought will be developed to make new policies affecting equalities in multicultural instruction '' ( Bennett, 2010 ) . In UAE, we ca n't state that there is one individual policy to cover with the job of increasing in diversenesss at schools in UAE, and each school has its ain policy to cover with this job.

The demand for policy

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Tharp ( 1994 ) states that `` The increasing diverseness of cultural and cultural groups in schools has led to a parallel addition in concern for the deductions of this demographic displacement for instruction '' .Most of the schools in UAE are concentrating on civilization in their policies ; they are discoursing how to make suited educational civilization in the schoolrooms and friendly atmosphere outside the schoolrooms to increase degrees of interactions between the pupils. Cultural diverseness is considered a major concern for many schools and it differs from school to another based on the types of pupils they have, and from what cultural backgrounds they come. Cultural diverseness and Multicultural instruction is an thought, an attack to school reform, and a motion for equity between pupils, societal justness, and diverse cultural acknowledgment that is needed in order to accommodate with the globalisation motion. Specialists within diverse cultural instruction stress different constituents and cultural groups. However, a important grade of consensus exists within the field sing its major rules, constructs, and ends. A major end of multicultural instruction is to reconstitute schools so that all pupils get the cognition, attitudes, and accomplishments needed to map in an ethnically and racially diverse state and universe ( Multicultural Education, 2010 ) . Good and idealistic policy will increase the focal point on cultural diverseness will assist schools in keeping educational equity for members of diverse racial, cultural, cultural, and socioeconomic groups, and to ease their engagement as critical and brooding citizens in an inclusive national civic civilization, but is there an being of such policies at schools in UAE? The consciousness of cultural diverseness construct in instruction attempts to supply pupils with educational experiences that enable them to keep committednesss to their community civilizations every bit good as get the cognition, accomplishments, and cultural capital needed to map in the national civic civilization and community.

Policies at private schools in Dubai

There are many policies related to cultural diversenesss at private schools in Dubai, but the focal point will be on the policy at DIS that is covering with the issue of cultural diverseness in and outside the schoolrooms. `` Social development culminates in its enlargement to a planetary magnitude, where pupils place themselves and their civilization in an international position, understands and accepts cultural particulars and differences, and presume the person and national duties towards international cooperation '' ( DIS, 2010 ) . This citation is an illustration of how private schools in Dubai are mentioning to cultural consciousness in their policies, but inquiries on the factors interfering in policy formation, like regulations and believes of the environing environment, execution and the relevant instruments lift instantly into treatment. This citation is the policy of how to cover with cultural diverseness at DIS, but it is considered short to show everything related to its values, excessively general, it lacks of execution techniques, and it is considered inexplicit. Who put the policy and who will implement it, are considered major issue for the success of the policy ; I will stand for a sample of Institutional position on educational policy and pattern ( figure 1, Scott and Meyer 1994 ) , and what are the major parties involved is any policy from scenes, execution, monitoring and responsible for giving feedback. Institutional theory offers a more nuanced lens for analyzing the organisational and institutional conditions that mediate these reforms, and how they do or make non do their ways into schoolrooms. Namely, as represented in Figure 1, institutional theory draws attending to the broader cultural forces that help specify the major parties involved in every policy ( Patricia Burch, 2007 ) . The major concern here is that the schools which refer to cultural diverseness and consciousness in their policies are non cognizant of it, and if they are cognizant ; there is no clear methods of executions and measuring. Each policy is affected by the milieus ( stakeholders ) , that may interfere straight or indirectly in puting the policy, schools in Dubai are confronting a job of cultural diverseness, but what are the solutions of traveling over this job. Mentioning it in the policy is a portion and resolution is another portion ( words vs. action ) , and it is allowed for individual school to take it ain action in work outing the job without governmental intervention. The policy is set by people in charge who may interact by either affecting others in implementing it, or force others to implement it. Those people in charge are responsible for any alteration in the policy.

Figure 1

How does the Policy position Culture?

`` You can experience it within proceedingss of come ining a school: the behaviour of the pupils, the attitude of the instructors, the attention for the physical works, the artefacts of find, acquisition, wonder, community, look and thinking that adorn the walls of the topographic point, it is obvious that this is a topographic point where immature people and instructors learn '' ( Bill Schubart 2010 ) . Good policy must include the features of good and learning civilization that is cognizant to pupils from diverse civilization and give them equal opportunities of acquisition, and increase their sense of consciousness towards each others. `` Good educational and learning civilization is non driven by high belongings revenue enhancements, intensifying school budgets, federal or province statute law, national testing, good edifices, nice categories or instructors ' brotherhoods. It is a sculptural behaviour set by leading in the school, followed by a critical mass of the instruction organic structure, all of whom are accountable for the civilization and spread it by their ain illustration and experience, their committedness to a community of acquisition, taking cultural diversenesss and barriers between pupils, their regard for one another and for their pupils '' ( Schubart, 2008 ) .

What is the instructor 's function in implementing and following the policy?

The diverseness in classrooms nowadayss alone chances and important challenges for learning. Students in UAE schools are with a broad assortment of accomplishments, abilities, and involvements and with changing potencies in assorted countries. The wider the fluctuation of the pupil population in each schoolroom, the more complex the instructor 's function becomes in, instruction, forming, actuating and commanding pupils to guarantee that each pupil has entree to high-quality acquisition. The ultimate end of any instructor is to happen suited attack to every pupil in the schoolroom, and seek to actuate him in a manner to acquire the best from him. To make that end, instructors need aid, preparation and good designed course of study that must suit the demands of all pupils. Many schools have prepared their instructors to cover with diverseness instances in their schoolrooms and leave it for the instructor to measure the state of affairs and happen the suited solution to extinguish those diversenesss in order to acquire the best from pupils, and increase their sense of belonging. The policy at DIS does n't advert any point related to the instructor function in the execution of the policy, how it will be applied, what other parties to be involved ( supervisors and parents ) , and the alterations in course of studies to ease the execution procedure. This inexplicit policy is considered excessively short to discourse every individual facet related to the job and set force per unit area on instructors to calculate out personal solutions to cover with diversenesss in their schoolrooms. Those solutions are non standard ; they vary from instructor to teacher and from category to category. Good policy does n't give border for such fluctuations ; it must hold clear values, good articulated, the action required from this policy must be stated, and the methods of execution must has to included in the policy.

Where are the mistakes of execution? ( Implementation Gap )

The policies in general are clear, written in a good professional linguistic communication, and they are considered portion of school 's mission. The jobs are non in the policy or its values merely, but in the execution of those policies, and the deficiency of communicating between assorted parts responsible for using the policy. There could be implementation spread as a consequence of many factors, which could originate from the policy itself, the policy shaper, or the environment in which the policy has been made. Implementation spread can originate from the policy itself when such a policy emanates from authorities instead than from the mark groups. `` By this, it means that be aftering is top-down. And, by deduction, the mark donees are non allowed to lend to the preparation of the policies that affect their lives, the mark groups could be the instructors, pupils, and households '' ( Makinde, 2005 ) . Another cause of execution spread is the failure of the policy shapers to take into consideration the societal, political, economic and administrative variables when analysing for policy preparation, as I referred in the beginning of this paper there is spread between private and public schools constabularies refering cultural policies, public schools that are merely attained by subjects with incorporate course of study all over the state, put less force per unit areas on those schools to recognize cultural diversenesss between their pupils.


Schools in UAE are considered runing pot of pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds that need a suited constabularies to accomplish equal educational chances that will assist them to recognize other civilizations, and increase pupils ' openness to diverse civilizations. Polices entirely without the suited instruments of execution is considered useless, good execution is considered cardinal success for any policy that put policy in action. Considering targeted group in puting the policy and affecting them will increase its credibleness and do the nidation easier to a certain extent. The policies must be clear, written in a good professional linguistic communication, and they are considered portion of school 's mission. The jobs are non in the policy or its values merely, but in the preparation and execution of those policies, and the deficiency of communicating between assorted parts responsible for implementing the policy.

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