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Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Abstract Cloud computing is the practice of moving computing resources off-site, to be hosted remotely, usually by a third-party company. This article examines the pros and cons of cloud computing from the perspective of small businesses (defined to be those businesses with 50 or fewer …

Cloud ComputingOutsourcingSecuritySmall Business
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Cloud computing: effectiveness, shortages and prospects for small businesses

Abstract Cloud computing, in its present form, is a fairly new and evolving paradigm and as an industry it is showing huge growth potential. This is due mainly to the sheer attractiveness of providing very expensive server computing technology to smaller businesses that find it …

Cloud ComputingSmall Business
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Innovation In a Small Business Context

Abstract Innovation is essential in the modern day business environment in the quest to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers thereby driving their preference. Continual change and evolution in the business environment among several other factors exert unrelenting pressure on business firms to develop …

CapitalismCompetitionEntrepreneurshipInnovationSmall Business
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Case Study of Small Business In England

Introduction The business environment is constantly changing. Driven mainly by fluctuations in customer needs, changing regulations, new technological developmemts, falling profits, declineing market share and other internal and external forces has created a need for businesses to adopt new strategies so as to keep up …

ExperimentSmall Business
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A small business

A woman named heather wants to start a small business which makes and sells budget priced jewellery. She is aiming her jewellery to the teenage fashion market. In the following text I will firstly have to recommend where Heather should locate her business (either in …

AdolescenceCompetitionRetailSmall Business
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6 Do-It-Yourself PR Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, doing your own PR is all about crafting pitches and getting them to the right people. Creating buzz in your industry involves being authentic to yourself and your business. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, doing …

ConversationSmall Business
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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Survive the Slower Months

When I entered the small-business game as the president of , a self-storage facility, I knew to expect a seasonal slowdown. After all, fewer people need storage facilities during the busy holiday months as moving isn't exactly a priority. But expecting the slowdown and actually …

Small Business
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4 Top Mistakes Your Brand May Be Making When It Markets to Small Businesses

Having worked as an advisor for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 members and even global multinationals, I see the same mistakes being repeated over and over again for targeting entrepreneurs and small business owners.Related: If your company sells B2B, or you are part of a …

BrandEntrepreneurshipSmall Business
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4 Easy and Effective Email Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Email marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost. In fact, experts at Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company, estimate that an effective email marketing message has the potential to result in , for just $1 of marketing investment.Here are some …

EmailSmall Business
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Small Business, Innovation, and Public Policy in the Information Technology Industry

New firms have played a major role in fomenting innovation in information technology. A recent study by Greenwood and Jovanovic [1999] provide one dramatic illustration of these trends. These authors show that a group of “IT upstarts”—firms specializing in computer and communications technologies that went …

IndustriesInformation TechnologyPublic PolicySmall Business
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Why You’ve Got to Do Your Detective Work if You Want Your Small Business to Succeed

The following excerpt is from Wendy Keller’s book . Buy it now from  |  |Did you like math in school? I didn’t, but I sure do like it now. As entrepreneurs, how much you bring in (gross profit) gets reduced by what it costs you to attract that …

AnalyticsSmall BusinessWork
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Why Mobile Payments Aren’t Gaining Traction With Small Businesses

A year after the launch of Apple Pay and five months into Google’s Android Pay service, it seems like mobile payments have finally caught fire with the public. Thousands of banks and retail giants have jumped onboard, yet small businesses—which account for more than 90 …

BankingSmall Business
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This Unicorn Wants to Streamline Health Benefits for Small Businesses

An HR and financial services company that earned wants to be "the Kayak for health insurance."Only a third of the 500 businesses Gusto (previously ZenPayroll) surveyed said they were satisfied with the number of plans they had to choose from, and 57 percent said that …

HealthSmall Business
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Small Business Association

Every aspiring entrepreneur must visit the Small Business Association (SBA) web site to view its listings of how-to guides and online tutorials ( This website contains an array of information emphasizing the importance of business plans to legal matters. Actually, the SBA’s site was very …

EntrepreneurshipNursingSmall Business
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Small Business essay example

An advisory council is a panel of individuals that come together to discuss ways of improving on operations carried out in an organization. They are saddled with the responsibility of reviewing all processes being carried out and suggesting ways of improving on them, or outright …

Small Business
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How do you define a small business?
A small business refers to a privately owned partnership, corporation, or sole-proprietorship that has fewer employees but generates more revenue per year than a corporation.

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