Environmental and Business aspects of Nucor Corporation

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Nucor Corporation is a leading construction and manufacturing company based in South Carolina in the United States of America (“Nucor”). The company was initially known as Nuclear Corporation of America when it was founded in 1955. By that time, the company was involved in the nuclear equipment and electronics industry. The company later suffered major losses and faced bankruptcy in 1965. However, it was salvaged by a new management in 1966 (“Nucor”).

The high cost of steel in USA in the 1960s led the management of the company to believe that it would be more profitable to venture in steel production in order to avail its own steel products (“Nucor”). The steel company was set up in 1969 and was the first of its kind in South Carolina. It operated with the name Nuclear Corp. at the initiation of its activities. Later, in1972, the company officially adopted the name Nucor Corporation (“Nucor”). Today, the company has about 20,000 teammates who work under the goal “To take care of our customers” (“Nucor”).

The corporation is intensively involved in the production of steel mainly for the building industry while keeping in mind high standards of safety, quality, and ensuring that it operates on the lowest possible cost.

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In addition, the corporation is committed to being the most industrious and most profitable steel and steel product manufacturer in the world. In doing so, the company is committed to being an environmental and cultural steward among the communities who live near the company and work for the company (“Nucor”).

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