Walt Disney World versus Disney Land

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It is every child’s dream to explore a grand and mysterious castle, to experience flying with the fairy tale characters we knew when we were younger, and to witness fireworks display even if it’s not Christmas or New Year. It is a child’s dream to live his/her life in a world where carpets can fly and life’s worries would be about rescuing a princess from the fierce dragon or from her evil stepmother. A stressed adult can be a carefree child again if he/she enters the wonderful and enchanting worlds of Mr.

Walt Disney: his very own Disney Land in California and Disney World in Florida. Mr. Walt Disney has been a kid himself all his life as we see his works through these two delightful and captivating amusement parks. He wanted to create a family park where the adults can bring their kids and enjoy their time together. He wanted a family park where every individual would go for regardless their age. A day of wandering around to explore these parks wholly is impossible (Bennett). Disneyland is built on a 300 acre lot in Anaheim, California.

It has five major theme parks: Main Street, U. S. A. , Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. As regards lodging, the surround areas of Disneyland quickly became urbanized. Subdivisions were built and hotels were everywhere. The Disney Hotel was, as a matter of fact, not owned by the Disney Company not until the 1990s. Means of transportation as one wanders around are by bus, by train, by privately owned vehicles, or on foot (J&M). On the other hand, Disney World is constructed on a 30,000 acre area in Orlando, Florida.

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Like Disneyland, it also has the five theme parks mentioned earlier but with more themes and bigger of almost everything – streets, Main Street buildings, and castle to name a few. And as posted by J&M at Helpful Disney World Articles, the added themes include EPCOT, Disney’s MGM Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach. The last two themes mentioned are actually water park themes. Please take note that the audience can see live animals with their make-up natural inhabitant in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

However, it must be noted that it is not a zoo. One advantage of Disney World is the hotel availability within the confines of the said park which are said to be themed too (Perkis). Moving from one park to another would not be a problem because the monorail of Disney World can actually take you anywhere at any time. It is more convenient for those who do not have private vehicles. Coming to Disney World by ferry ride is also available (Huffman). Here are some things that I have concluded from these comparisons.

First, these two Disney theme parks are created differently from each other. Disney World shouldn’t be exactly like Disneyland because no sisters are alike. Furthermore, comparison of the two would somehow be inappropriate. Mr. Walt Disney contributed in the construction of Disneyland while he was still alive. Disney World is also Mr. Walt Disney’s dream. Unfortunately, he died even before its construction in 1964, so his brother, Roy Disney, delayed his retirement and worked on Mr. Walt’s Disney World.

In other words, there is a personal touch to Anaheim’s Disneyland. Second, the space of the two is incomparable. Of course, one could do bigger and remarkable structures of almost everything because of the land area. Nevertheless we should remember that not because it’s bigger, it’s better. Anaheim’s Disneyland and Florida’s Disney World have their own ups and downs. If one has very limited time, Disneyland would be the place to be. If time is not a constrain, visiting the bigger park first would do no harm.

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